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  • posted a message on The [Pack]: Transforming One Wolf at a Time.
    * Weaver appears in a burst of lightning magick, sits on his throne and packs his new Glass piece

    How's it going? Just dropping by to say that I'm not dead, nor indefinitely detained(though since the NDAA is law, I very well could be)

    Loving the Flashback Shenanigan's, but I still have no drive to play anymore, it sucks.

    Hope all is well.

    * Weaver disappears in a cloud of smoke with a crack of thunder

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  • posted a message on The [Pack]: Transforming One Wolf at a Time.
    Happy Early Birth of Zombie Jesus Day.

    I'll be MIA for a week to ten days. Hope ya'll enjoy your holiday and new year.
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  • posted a message on The [Pack]: Transforming One Wolf at a Time.
    Quote from rawrmeows
    Yea! I'm finally on winter break!!!!!!

    Whats new guys?

    and anyone here play dredge or manaless dredge?


    New? Well, reading an interesting PDF about the openings of FEMA Camps and Blue Forces being trained. It's actually very scary.

    I have played dredge since it was Standard legal, why do you ask(Yes my Bazaar's are for sale, if you were wondering.)?
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  • posted a message on The [Pack]: Transforming One Wolf at a Time.
    Quote from fluffyn00b
    check the DCI list. You can't play Wild Navatl. Nacatl is fine.

    I literally laughed out loud when I read this. it was epic, I scared half the people in the house.

    Quote from Zephynoir
    *shrug* The wizards banlists are all a joke, and they have no real common sense.

    This is a truly ignorant statement Zephy and I'm surprised to see you say that. Very surprised.

    Wild Nacatl is a one drop that is too powerful for it's own good., swing for 3 on turn 2, with two mana open to drop more aggressive creatures, or powerful and efficient burn spells, Wild Nacatl is a creature that made Zoo even deadlier.

    Punishing Fire was a constant recurring burn spell, that was very difficult to make it go away. It had the ability to kill any and all small annoyances that were in Wild Nacatl's way, and pretty much any deck that played red, ran it. It was an easy, and highly abusive way to control a game.

    Wizards felt that it was detrimental enough to the format and I agree with them, with something new like modern, they want it to be as fun as possible, once the format establishes itself more, especially this coming season, I expect to see unbannings and so on.
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  • posted a message on The [Pack]: Transforming One Wolf at a Time.

    Wild Nacatl and Punishing Fire were banned in Modern. Which pretty much just killed Zoo.

    With that being said, I can foresee a surge in RDW, and possibly a BRBlightning Aggro. I'm calling the Blightning Aggro Now.

    Punishing Fire gave Zoo a lot of reach because of it's recurring engine, it was a form of card advantage that was quite difficult to beat.

    My reccomendation, buy Jund cards, Bloodbraid Elf, Raging Ravine and so on(the main shell from when Jund was in standard is a good place to start)

    With aggro crippled, control will start to take over, a deck like Jund can be aggressive, but yet lock down a game if it needs to. It plays both Archetype's easily.

    Gifts Ungiven based decks just had their boogie man eradicated, expect that to jump up as well.

    My $0.02

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  • posted a message on The [Pack]: Transforming One Wolf at a Time.
    Quote from silence_dais
    That's not too bad, I recommend some restoration so that you can fight dragons a little more easily.

    Ok not sure how you did that but that is interesting. Personally i kill the dragons alone simply because I made my own armor and weapons as I went along. It was just easier especially since I can improve my own armor and put on enchantments that helped. Plus a really good

    Don't bother unless your able to aim properly with a bow and have great timing with moving targets. You should put time into learning "Marked For Death". It weakens everything that was in the blast of the shout and even does some minor damage over a period of time. Plus there is only one Black Dragon...Alduin. You're basically fighting plain ole dragons, frost dragons, and blood dragons. Alduin though was sadly not a challenge...then again I put in a lot of work into my character so that he could specifically take down dragons:

    One Handed (with perks into Dual Furry), Light Armor, Smithing (Maxed), Enchanting (Maxed), Lockpicking, and Archery. However I dropped the bow as soon as I maxed out my enchanting and was able to put two enchantments at once so of course I made two specific swords:

    A Blades Katana that was sharpened into legendary and has both Absorb Health and Stamina (both maxed). One swing basically cripples my enemies.

    An Ebony Sword that was sharpened into legendary and has both Absorb Magicka and Soul Trap. One swing and you'll be absorbed into my Black Star or other soul gems.

    It's ironic that you and I have extremely similar characters.

    I'm still using my Upgraded Nightingale Armor, while I do have better Armor, I love how the Nightingale Armor looks, and it's buffs.
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  • posted a message on The [Pack]: Transforming One Wolf at a Time.
    I'm mobile so no multi-quotes for me today.

    I'm done with mtg because I've generally out grown it. I find myself becoming more and more bored with it. Asfor the dsi, well I need some quick cash badly and unfortunately that's one of the first things to go.

    As for the NDAA Law, I say law because it has been passed. It's being made now because of the occupy everywhere movement. People are starting to wake up and realize what's really going on, so why not be able to detain them indefinitely and secretly? They've done this all along, now it's merely legal. So with the military being used as a police force, an uprising becomes weaker.

    As for the Internet censorship bill, that's being voted on this week. There is a huge backing for it, using anonymous as a figurehead, they're making it look like they're Al-Queda.

    Ideas that are straight out of 1984 are starting to come alive, many of you will probably see this as senseless paranoia, and I expect that. But I've been following these bits of news for awhile now, especially with whats been blacked out by the media.

    There is so much I could write pages, I just don't have the time.
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  • posted a message on Leaving MTGS
    I don't blame you, and with recent promotions, all I can say is **** this site.

    I'm with you, time to go dark.
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  • posted a message on The [Pack]: Transforming One Wolf at a Time.
    I'm alive. Just hating on this site worse than ever. I've officially quit magic. I have a small binder I'm tying to unload quick, also a Pokemon black edition dsi, case, games and action replay. If anyone is interested pm me for the deets.

    I've also deactivated and deleted my Facebook. In light of the National Defense Authorization Act being made law, I'm going dark.

    My issue with his site is a recent staff member who was promoted. Now that said member is an admin, I will frequent here less.

    Life sucks and all that, no point in ranting for no reason, it would only be a bother.

    You can still contact me via aim, email, and technically skype. If any one here wants to get ahold of me via cellphone, pm me(unlimited text ftw)

    I'll probably check in every so often, but if I disappear for a month or more, it's nothing personal.

    Hope all is well.

    Ave atque vale.

    EDZ: I should also mention that The US Gov't is attempting to pass a bill to censor the internet, AND attempting to pass another bill that will give congress the ability to over rule our presidents veto power. Add in the NDAA bill, and the sheer media blackout lately, plus anti-semetic/racist politician, oh and Newt Gingrich wants to get rid of child labor laws. Now throw in the ever growing corporate greed, and add a dash of Occupy everywhere.

    Can we say Civil war?
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  • posted a message on The [Pack]: Transforming One Wolf at a Time.
    Quote from rawrmeows
    Happy Birthday Anubis!!!!

    I guess I'll cast my vote as well.

    @Weaver what world you in for maple?

    I have three characters. I used to play all the time when I was a kid, now I restarted with new characters.

    I have a dual Blade, a resistance Battle Mage, and an Evan.

    EDZ: Ironically I'm trying to find a party/Guild who will help me level by killing high powered monsters with me in a party.
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  • posted a message on The [Pack]: Transforming One Wolf at a Time.
    The Poll for Clan Member of the Year is up, Seth is in the running, I just cast my vote.

    Skyrim addiction is being mixed with my love for Maplestory. I dunno why, its a good game. 2D side scrolling RPG, awesome.

    How's everyone?

    Oh and Happy Birthday Anubis!
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  • posted a message on The [Pack]: Transforming One Wolf at a Time.
    Quote from Seth Dracovitch
    A random update appears!

    The Sixth Clan Contest of the year is officially underway! Which means we need to start finding songs. Apart from our Clan theme song, I still have a couple of Within Temptation songs that fit. Given our werewolfness I'm sticking with The Howling.

    Votes for Clan Member of Year are being taken now! so go and support whoever you think deserves it!

    * Weaver sends out Haxorus

    "Haxorus, use Dragon Pulse!"

    It fails.

    And because I'm a renegade

    Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon

    EDZ: Werewolf by Figure
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  • posted a message on The [Pack]: Transforming One Wolf at a Time.
    Quote from Ravarshi
    it's apparently guards that get shot in the knee, they say something like. "I used to be an adventurer, like you, but i took an arrow to the knee."

    In that case, i think it's more Bethesda ****ing around, because if you get shot in the knee, without surgery, you're not walking. so how can they be guards?!

    On another topic, Anyone like GTA:San Andreas? because i'm seriously looking forward to GTA:V just because it's in los santos and i loved the enviorment, And the story. My next major game purchases (whenever they may be, because i still need to build a new computer (Windows XP or something, because 7 wont run Arcanum :() Still need to either upgrade my PS3 to a newer model so i CAN play games such as Skyrim and GTA:V (or just get the PC version of Skyrim for the mods, because it's always fun to have mods (like the superman mod my cousin showed me in GTA:SA)

    I still am going to need to buy a damn Wii U (which i hate because it's not GC compatible, and i cant use the goddamn Wiimote to fight) For Super Smash Brothers Universe (working Title, not official) And Skyward Sword for my current Wii.

    So that's 4 games if you didn't catch them; Skyrim (although i've never played any of the Elder scrolls games, cept oblivion and i never could figure out how to level up properly, so i quit) SSMB:U, Skyward Sword, and GTA:V

    Yeah, I think the Arrows to the Knee remarks are jokes by Bethesda, though the arrows in Skyrim do stick out of funny places at random intervals.

    I loved GTA:SA, I thought Los Santos was a nice change from Liberty city, so I am looking forward to GTA: V

    I'm pretty annihilated, and on a deftones kick, so I'm gonna listen to them and just relax.

    Later Days...
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  • posted a message on The [Pack]: Transforming One Wolf at a Time.
    Quote from Seth Dracovitch
    Now, now. Let's refrain from murdering each other.

    So, anyone doing anything for the Holidays?

    Personally we're probably going to do anything special, perhaps a feast, but nothing more really.

    It's not Murder if they agree to a Battle Royale beforehand. Wink

    My abilities aren't really magical in origin... divine > magic.

    Translation: You're ****ed. :p

    If anyone tried to set me free, I could just possess them and use their energy and flesh to recuperate.

    That is if they didn't chain you first, so seal away your abilities. All it would take is to summon you into a specific area, like say, in the middle of a sealed circle used for Suppression

    And as Silence said, you could be sealed into a weapon with a limiter woven into it, or even a tattoo(though Magick of that caliber is highly dangerous for almost anyone.)

    Quote from Ravarshi
    what you dont understand anubis, is everything "gods" possess is Magick. So Silence is right. you're boned.

    This^ Not saying it would be an easy battle, nor would you merely roll over without a fight, but with the amount of Magi here[Some of us are Locke's :rolleyes:] you would be hard pressed to eliminate all of us.

    As for the holidays, Since Lei's gone, and not coming back. i'm dead in the water. So i've got nothin to do cept watch TV shows/anime Play MTGO. I'm sad in that regard. i hate spending the holidays alone.

    That sucks man, no one should ever have to spend the holidays alone.

    Quote from silence_dais
    And this is through reading constant manga, comics, and literature as well as watching countless movies, t.v. shows, and anime. =3

    This as well^

    Magick is the very essence of all things that can be manipulated. In theory because there are some things we can't explain through science, which is hilarious because science was once alchemy which was once considered magick. So if you think about it, the things we can't be explained are probably scientifically possible, we just haven't figured out how to make it happen. Also some things that science has explained still are magical because really, even after you hear all the terms and see how the mechanisms work you still have to question why does it work that way.

    Magick is also apart of the life force(as you put it, the very essence of all things) so that's the reason why Death Magick is so damning to a soul.

    And why Lich's are so strong, yet cursed beyond belief.
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  • posted a message on Clan Member of the Year 2011 Nominations!!!
    I nominate Seth Dracovitch

    The Pack had a lull in activity, Castle was busy with life and his family, and with a unanimous(or darn close too it) vote, Seth was given the role of Clan Leader.

    Since then we have been booming with Clan activity, both on and off of MTGS. He is calm, level headed, and an excellent example of what not only a clan member, but Clan Leader, should be.

    With his creativity and positive attitude he keeps things on an even keel, and makes sure that things remain that way.

    Sounds like a great candidate to me. Grin
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