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  • posted a message on Edric vs Derevi EDH, whos better?
    Yos, I'm having trouble deciding between which of the 2 decks to play with next. My meta is pretty causal (4 player commander), no [[mana vault]] and [[mox opal]] and stuff like that. Currently, I have 5 decks: Prossh, Meren, Atraxa (Infect), Ezuri (Sage of hours), and Breya. I am looking for something without infinite combos. Edric, Derevi non stax and Derevi Stax seem interesting so far

    How would you rank these decks: 1) Edric vs 2) Derevi stax vs 3) Derevi non-stax? Best being the one that wins the most in 4 player pods

    My take on the 2 commanders from looking through forums and videos:

    • bashing with small creatures: while i dont playing political cards or commanders, I play politically. I usually wait until its 1v1 and finish the last guy in one turn. Small creatures HOPEFULLY will make me less of a target, and that's pretty good

    Dont like:
    • There seems to be only one way to play: attack, draw your deck, extra turns, repeat
    • it seems edric might be a bit weak defensively? If edric does become the target early on, there isn't too much you can do, since you gotta keep the tiny 1cmc on board to keep getting you card draw

    • deciding what to tap/untap seems like a nice puzzle. It's probably fun and challenging to navigate this dec

    Dont like:
    • stax will obviously get hate
    • if i dont run stax like [[winter orb]], and [[stasis]], is derevi even good?

    How do these commanders compare with each other? what are your thoughts on 1) Edric vs 2) Derevi stax vs 3) Derevi non-stax?

    Which one of the decks would do the best in 4 player causal games? Feel free to suggest other commanders to look into as well
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  • posted a message on Best Commander Precon Deck VOTE NOW! SEE RESULTS!
    Hi, I know this question has been raised before. Thought it would be alot easier to just do a massive poll. What's the best commander precon deck? With NO modification

    Here is the link to the poll:

    You can check the updated results instantly once you're done. To just view results, just skipping the voting and hit DONE at the bottom of the page

    (I'm using a rating system rather than a simple check the box multiple choice for now because I think the former is the most informative)

    Thanks in advance!
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