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    Just wanted to post my list I'm on right now. Tweaking it all the time and trying new things. Been lurking since the beginning first post.

    3x gemstone cavern
    2x zhalfirin void
    2x ramunap ruins
    1x scavenger grounds
    13x mountain
    4x goblin rabblemaster
    4x simian spirit guide
    4x chandra, torch of defiance
    2x sarkhan, fireblood
    1x koth of the hammer
    4x blood moon
    4x ensnaring bridge
    1x bottled cloister
    4x desperate ritual
    1x pyretic ritual
    2x slagstorm
    4x lightning bolt
    4x faithless looting

    4x chalices of the void
    4x eidolon of the great revel
    1x boil
    1x banefire
    2x torpor orb
    1x damping matrix
    1x anger of the gods
    1x hour of devastation

    I just took out 2 ramunap ruins for 2 zhalfirin void. Not sure if I want to take out 2 mountains to go back up to the full 4. Also not sure how many ZV I will want in the end.
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