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  • posted a message on [M21] Radha, Heart of Keld
    Quote from HighHolder »
    Still way better than the previous two versions. But the question is, why does such a boring legend warrent three iterations?

    In all fairness, I thought she was pretty critically important to the Time Spiral storyline, right? A would-be planeswalker who had her spark taken in order to close one of the time rifts, and now leading Keld in existing Dominaria?

    Jeska/Phage used her to seal the Zalfiran rift in particular, so, yeah.
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  • posted a message on Don’t know if this is the right place to put this.
    To bring this back to talking about the actual game (and I hope this point wasn't addressed already, I only had time to skim through the pages):

    When a player plays a card that depicts horrible actions or concepts, does that make you think that player condones such actions or concepts in real life?

    I believe that's the question it comes down to in this game, as well as in the entertainment industry as a whole.

    Can we view the depiction of horrible actions or concepts within the framework of *escapist* mediums as a benign, or at least harmless, form of artistic expression? Or is every depiction of horrible actions or concepts automatically an endorsement of those things?

    The Lorwyn Elves were essentially an entirely racist society, yet we are still fine with playing cards like Eyeblight Massacre, right?

    Murder is a thing in the real world, sad as that is, and still we can acknowledge that a player playing that card isn't automatically okay with actual murder, right?

    As a long time D&Der, I have to say that people who do horrible things in "escapist" fantasy are often morally questionable IRL. "Escape" for some people doesn't mean escape from just the 9-5 grind or from the burdens of being an adult (assuming they are one), or from the tedium of dealing with the real world. For some people, and this is entirely IME, "escapism" also means escaping from rules, morals and laws. Doing the things that, assuming there were not laws against them, they'd do them IRL. Of course this is not every player who does a terrible thing in a game, and arguably RPGs are much more "direct" fantasy escapism than TCGs.

    But it is one of those which may cause one to raise an eyebrow. Why did they choose that card? What was their emotional reaction to its effect? We're not trained psychologists, but we are humans, and humans are designed to examine those around them in search for commonality, community and safety. We are social animals after all. To that end, we're equally designed to look for danger within our social groups as without. There's a reason psychopaths set off little alarm bells in the back of our mind precisely because they don't react to certain stimuli like those little herd-finding parts of our brains expect, and that part of our brain is designed to warn us of danger.

    So no, not every person who plays a card with terrible implications is a terrible person. But it can certainly be used as a way to see if they are.

    In the end, I believe most of us agree that addressing what WotC wanted to address as well as trying to make a real difference in that regard is good and necessary.

    Magic was heading in a good direction there, ramping up the diversity in characters depicted in their product. They also have a long history of doing so in regards to black people with great characters like Teferi, Sisay, Crovax, Agrus Cos, Alexi or Jolrael and I believe many of us liked the expansion of that inclusive direction in general.

    In short, is it possible for us to acknowledge the good in WotC's proclaimed goal while still criticizing their chosen method do achieve that goal? Or will we always automatically claim that whoever has a problem with the action is automatically also against the intended outcome of those actions?

    As good as it is to critique WOTCs actions and their intentions, such critique should equally be applied to the critique-er. If we are to question why WOTC says a thing or does a thing, then that critique can just as readily be leveled on us by others, or even by WOTC. Knee-jerk reactions are problematic in any direction, but "Are the actually against this action?" is a fair question to ask when someone starts critiquing someone else's actions.

    I have no attachment to these cards. I don't think I've ever actually seen anyone play them. There are better cards, with better effects, cheaper costs, better art, more creative flavor text to be used. Noone's going to come into your house and burn your cards, and you might be able to make a quick buck off some collectors who want to get their hands on them. IMO it's good that WOTC is addressing some of these older issues, and I think they've done a good job being forward-facing about including more diversity.
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  • posted a message on [c19] K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth
    Well...that's a thing. Gaping
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  • posted a message on where to go for rumors after this site closes
    Got into D&D and quit Magic huh?

    Seen that happen a lot.
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  • posted a message on Scuttling sliver
    I mean, it really depends on what you're doing with it. This thing + Hivestone + any other creature with a nifty tap ability could be a lot of fun. If you've got plenty of mana to spare This + Ameboid Changeling = all your base are belong to us.

    Whatever combo this thing gives you is unlikely to be game destroying, but it'll be that other thing we play MTG for, "fun".
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizon will have 2 Planeswalkers in total, and the other one is a new character
    That...seems like a poor way to get people to spend more money, I mean unless everything is absolutely smokin hot.
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  • posted a message on Ugin **NOWCONFIRMED ** :)
    Yay! Eldrazi decks can be even more obnoxious to play against!
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  • posted a message on Feather the Redeemed!
    Wow. O.O That is a crazy good ability.

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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 4/5 - Massacre Girl and Tomik
    Massacre Girl! Ha! That's awesome.
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  • posted a message on Brand new world after Core 2020 confirmed
    They've been trying to do it for a decade, so we can cross out planes they've already done.

    Personally I'd like to see an Hindu-mythology styled plane.
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  • posted a message on Angrath, Captain of Chaos
    "Captain of Chaos" OMG. That's just too much man. I want to play this guy for no other reason than saying "Captain of Chaos!"
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  • posted a message on The Banding ability is not in War of the Spark
    But what about horsemanship? /sarcasm
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  • posted a message on No DFC in War of the Spark
    Frankly, I liked the old Kamigawa flips better anyway. More often than not, DFCs just mean I need an extra of the card and if they're expensive or hard to get, that's just annoying.
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  • posted a message on No More MSRP
    Is that really such a bad thing? If a store decides to be greedy and demand more money for a product that isn't worth the new price, the only group that's really going to be hurt by this is the store itself. If Walmart and Target can offer better prices for packs and decks, why wouldn't you want to shop there?

    Walmart and Target don't offer anything other than sales. And there's a lot more to MTG (and other gaming hobbies) than just buying cards. That's why I buy my CCG/TTRPG/etc... at my local store, because they offer things like tournaments, a friendly environment, tables to play at for free, and so on.

    While yes, a store that drastically marked things up would probably not meet the "friendly" definition of a FLGS, we do have a store in town that already radically marks things up, and it's still strongly in business.

    The reverse is also a problem, big-dollar box stores can mark down product to a level where FLGS stores simply cannot compete.
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  • posted a message on Rise of the Gatewatch
    "Concerns" aside, red is a good eye-grabbing color. That's why hot-rods are red and not blue. You want to get attention? Paint something red.
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