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  • posted a message on Ultimate Masters & Box Topper Promos + PSA regarding sealed Box Topper Boosters
    I think we need to keep in mind that this is going to be the last Masters set that we'll see in the foreseeable future.

    I doubt that will make the set any better.

    We've already seen there won't be fetchlands in it, for instance.
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  • posted a message on Ultimate Masters & Box Topper Promos + PSA regarding sealed Box Topper Boosters
    Quote from Dontrike »

    The only hype I've seen so far are from places trying to sell the set. SCG does their usual song and dance, but the odd thing for me is that one of my LGSs is hyping this set SUPER hard. They are saying this "is the best set since Alpha" and really all I can do is laugh at how insane that sounds. I mean they still have every Masters set still on the shelf.

    There's really only two things an LGS can do in regards to this set - hype it like mad or basically ignore it. Keep in mind, this has a lot more issues than just set makeup for an LGS. The biggest issue for them is that they found out about this set at the exact same time we all did, and their order window is that much shorter for it. For perspective, the sanctioning window for RNA opened one week before UMA was announced. Stores have to either go all in now or miss out, especially with a limited print run product.

    I suppose for an LGS whose focus is mainly MTG, that's a no-brainer. But stores who only deal with MTG as a smaller part of their overall business have a much tougher decision, because they're currently stocking up for Christmas and might not have room in their budget for a surprise product from WotC of that high a cost.
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  • posted a message on Ultimate Masters & Box Topper Promos + PSA regarding sealed Box Topper Boosters
    So instead of breaking up their sponsorship with Star City Games and Channel Fireball in order to avoid more insider trading, Wizards of the Coast decided to release Ultimate Masters in another attempt to devalue Modern legal cards to the point where Magic becomes more of a consumer friendly game when the problem is that it wasn't enough to tank the value of these cards within the Secondary Market. There's simply not enough supply to meet the actual demand for these cards since the more high value reprints they cram into a supplementary product like Ultimate Masters, the more expensive the MSRP and booster pack price point becomes.

    The only way for the LGS to be able to turn a profit on these supplementary products is by reducing the amount of high value reprints in order to lower the MSRP and the cost of a booster pack. What we continue to see time and time again with these Masters sets is that Wizards of the Coast is trying to put all their eggs in one basket in the hopes that it will sell when it doesn't. This is why a lot of their customers cater more toward Singles Sellers where they're not paying as much for the cards they need even though the demand for the cards say otherwise. I think the Spellbook series was a step in the right direction for how they should be distributing high value reprints in small quantities.
    Quote from JenovaWitness »
    Worth noting--boxes on TCGP have been falling by $10 each day since the announcement. Stores either know something we don't or are very pessimistic.

    Well, I mean, they COULD consider not basing the MSRP on the secondary market value of the reprints, and just not make it a limited print-run product. That'd be another way to not have an insane MSRP.

    As for stores, well, they know this:

    Product got announced this week.
    Product releases in December.
    Product has a ridiculous MSRP.

    I know my store's management is just absolutely confused/irritated by this product and doesn't know how much or even if they should order any. It likely won't sit, but it's not going to be flying off the shelves, either. Stores have to order this basically now, based on knowing nothing but the Box-Topper cards, and that it has a ridiculously higher MSRP just in time for the Christmas shopping season.

    I also think it's quite amusing to see people surprised that the MSRP has gone up.

    MM1, $8.00/pack MSRP, people bought it out
    MM2, $10.00/pack MSRP, people bought it out
    EMA, $10.00/pack MSRP, people bought it out
    MM3, $10.00/pack MSRP, people bought it out
    IMA, $10.00/pack MSRP, people bought enough
    M25, $10.00/pack MSRP, people bought enough
    MED, $10.00/pack MSRP, people bought it out
    UMA, $14.00/pack MSRP, people will buy it out

    Why would WotC/Hasbro have any incentive to start reducing prices?

    MED is the Ravnica Mythic Edition? That doesn't count.

    They may not need to reduce but there's no real need to increase, either. There's no progressive increases in MSRP. Maybe if they climbed over time, sure. But it went from 8 to 10 and sat there for years. Then suddenly 14.

    Not to mention there's a huge difference between what stores order and what people actually buy. I guarantee there are stores still sitting on Iconic and M25. Saying "People bought it out/bought enough" is kind of pointless.
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  • posted a message on Fall 2018 Announcement Day
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Ok besides the ravnica part 3 set and the next core set

    Maybe another battlebond/conspiracy esque set I would love for them to do one actually focused for commander or the next master set

    I think new phyrexia might be potential the next visit I can expect them to attempt to help Karn end them for good base on what he said on dominaria (as a matter of fact the good old professor is predicting that’s are next storyline after bolas story is done for now)

    I expect people will be disappointed with the Ravnica 3rd set announcement. I don't think it's going to be what anyone expects.

    Also, my guess is Theros for the next setting, given all the heavy devotion setup they've done so far in GRN and Dominaria, which is likely to continue in Allegiance. It'd be weird to NOT have a return to Theros with this much buildup.
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  • posted a message on Tezzeret’s purpose on New Phyrexia
    It could be that Bolas picked Ravnica for revenge. He was depicted as petty and jealous in the Core 2019 story, so maybe it's happening on Ravnica because he wants to destroy something Azor built for his part in trying to trap Bolas.

    Also, I expect this to end with Bolas trapped alone on the Meditation Plane with the Immortal Sun, probably after killing a few planeswalkers and trying to kill Tezzeret too. Because everyone would be expendable with that plan.
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  • posted a message on [GK1] - Guild Kits - Full Deckslists via the Mothership
    The date is in the link.
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  • posted a message on (GRN) Guilds of Ravnica General Discussion
    Quote from Ninja Bob »
    I've skimmed through the 9 pages in this thread... and I'm usually just casually into lore... but I didn't see this discussed:

    Elspeth's return?

    Since Elspeth is included in the masterpiece planeswalker series for Guilds of Ravnica, that means her escape from the Underworld on Theros will be a side story? (She's still stuck in the Underworld, right?)

    I mean, that was the natural launching point for Return to Theros block.

    I guess they're skipping that altogether?

    One line of speculation I've heard is that a return to Theros is next up after we're done with All This Ravnica. Based solely on the idea tbat all the colored mana symbols in Ravnica are pointing towards a return of the devotion mechanic. That would explain Elspeth.

    Though another possibility is that Bolas "rescued" her "off-camera" to install as another puppet Guild Leader in Allegiance.
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  • posted a message on Experimental Frenzy - MTGGoldfish Twitter
    Quote from darrenhabib »
    Mana -OR- your second land are always going to be your bottleneck. So "instants" don't change the speed of your deck as far as I can see.
    Also there are not a lot of efficient instants and socoeries within 2-CMC, where as there are a lot more creatures in the 2-CMC or less that feature significant advantages and synergies with top deck manipulation.
    If you point out what cards you'd think would be good in the instant and sorcery stake then I'm open to suggestion.
    However it seems like the better instant and sorcery spells are creeping up to be at the very least 3-CMC and more like 4 or more, which is going to cause bottlenecks in truly efficiently cycling through your cards.

    But there is definitely some Goblin Electromancer build that could be used to offset the slightly overcosted nature of trying to run Experimental Frenzy with an Izzet instant and sorcery shell.
    But one thing you are trying to do is avoid cards that have "draw" in them as they don't help you much under Frenzy and will be mana costed more because of the draw portion. The draw portion could be relevant if you're looking to get your second land off the top, but I personally don't think this will be the most efficient line for this type of bottleneck.
    I could see Runaway Steam-Kin being a big part of that plan.

    I'd go with burn - Shock, Wizard's Lightning, Lightning Strike, maybe even Risk Factor for when you ditch Frenzy.

    Creature-wise, Electrostatic Field looked interesting, along with the Steam-kin and Electromancer. And maybe Adeliz.

    I also thought Perilous Voyage and Release To The Wind might be good, the first for removal and possible scry and the second for getting rid of your Frenzy at EoT, dumping your hand and then bringing it back for free.

    Toss in Nexus of Fate too, and if your deck really hums you might pull off chaining several turns in a row.
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  • posted a message on Experimental Frenzy - MTGGoldfish Twitter
    Would you really want to go creature-heavy with this, though? Seems like the real value would be in throwing out instants as fast as possible. Each creature you hit off-turn would just stall you as much as a land, flash aside.

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  • posted a message on Experimental Frenzy - MTGGoldfish Twitter
    Quote from thatmarkguy »
    So in burn deck it's pay 4, wait a turn, draw, shoot all the spell on top of your library until you hit a land?

    Pretty much until you hit two lands. The first land you hit, you play as your land drop for the turn.

    As mentioned above, you can also use fetches to trigger a shuffle when you might be otherwise locked up.

    Also works nicely with the old Lantern buddies, Pyxis of Pandemonium and Codex Shredder (I suspect standard combo with this is why they printed Wand of Vertebrae). Don't like your top card? Mill it away.

    It'd be three lands, though - the first land would actually be your draw for the turn.

    On top of that, multiple copies of this would effectively also be lands, as there's no real good reason you would ever want two of these in play at the same time. Still, looks like it could be fun in the right build, if you have enough manipulation.
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  • posted a message on (GRN) Guilds of Ravnica General Discussion
    Quote from Perkunas687 »
    This storyline seems ripe for planeswalkers to die. I feel like this would be a decent vehicle to knock out some walkers we see all the time, and give us a bunch of new walkers to follow. Kind of taking up the mantle of the Gatewatch, in memoriam.

    But, Wizards is also really into merchandising and love their main five walkers and Bolas. How likely is it that more than one long-term walker dies by the end of this story?

    My guess is at least one, possibly two - Jace and/or Vraska. I know people will disagree with that, but the promo for the upcoming Chandra comic book puts it after Ravnica and describes it as Chandra dealing with the "recent tragedy" that happened there, or something to that effect. This would indicate to me someone she cares about is killed or hurt in some way. And with Nissa out of the picture at the moment, that doesn't leave a big list of possibilities. It could also be Liliana or Gideon, but they still have Stuff To Do storywise.
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  • posted a message on Who are the Guild Leaders for Ravnica Allegiances???
    Ral isn't brainwashed. He just doesn't know who's manipulating him.
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  • posted a message on Citywide Bust (First Strike Podcast preview)
    Are you effing kidding me? I JUST built mine a few days ago.
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  • posted a message on (GRN) Guilds of Ravnica General Discussion
    Dovin Baan isn't the only UW Planeswalker we've seen recently. There's also Azor, whose mind was crushed by Jace and left behind on Ixalan. It wouldn't be too far-fetched for Bolas to have gone back there to take a look once the Immortal Sun was gone and undo enough of that to make Azor a useful pawn. Especially given how motivated by revenge his actions seemed to be in the M19 story.
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