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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Quote from PMX69 »
    Thus far I don’t think anything spoiled is better than just running an extra threat in it’s stead.

    Agree! These Cards seem, as mentioned before, as a late game tool, which automatically excludes them from our Primary gameplan. These look more like Sideboard Solutions for grindy Matches, but even for those I think there are better Solutions, e.g. Lead the Stampede.
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Thanks for all the thoughts guys! Some more questions based off feedback, no particular order, feel free to only reply to some and thanks again! Smile

    I'm usually a pretty big fan of redundancy, and running 2 ofs always throws me off, is 2 removal spells enough to get it done?

    Depends on the matchup, but 3-4 in the 75 seems alright. There are games where you just simply can't survice without killing an opposing creature (Death's Shadow, Counter's Company).

    Do you mulligan if you don't have a 1-drop creature?

    Generally yes, a 1-drop on turn 1 generally applies the pressure you Need. But of Course there are exceptions, e.g. the Hands that involve Treetop Village, where you are Kind of happy to start with a tapped land and then go on with 2- and 3-drops.

    Is Tusker preferable to Ooze if you don't anticipate seeing many graveyard decks?

    Yes, I guess so. I definitely have lost game before, where the 1 extra damage was missing. Don't get me wrong, Ooze is the strictly better Card in a vaccuum, but there are lots of game where it is just a Grizzly Bears. Personally, I run only 1 in the maindeck, another one in the sideboard. Also, it provides only 1 Devotion.

    The Oasis seems a bit strange to me, what's the appeal over another Village/Forest?

    Oasis gives you some extra value from your lands in the "lategame" (after turn 4). You will quickly hit the Point in the game where you enter topdeck-mode, and in this case you Need every help you can get. In this case, Oasis is basically an extra pump spell, just like Treetop Village is an extra creature. The lifeloss is hardly relevant.

    The non-Budget Option here is Horizon Canopy. Smile

    Would the deck run any banned cards if they were available? Deathrite?

    Yes, actually I played 2 Gitaxian Probes, when they were legal - free Information and increased redundancy, great! But the Card is definitely banned for a reason (even in Legacy).

    Deathrite Shaman would not help the deck in my opinion, for the same reason that Noble Hierarch is not played in the deck. Mana creatures just do not provide enough extra damage and tempo to be relevant here.
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    Quote from thatmarkguy »

    Has Titanic Brawl supplanted Prey Upon for our purposes? Instant speed is very useful to make it an opponent's-turn or mid-combat trick, and we run lots of creatures that get +1/+1 counters and for those creatures it's as cheap as Prey Upon as well.

    Good Point, I am actually testing that one right now. Seems good so far, but somehow I forgot that one. Smile
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  • posted a message on Stompy

    I guess that makes for a fine start. You might want to cut 2 Leatherback Baloths (since 6 3-drops seem to be the Maximum to be aggressive enough) and 2-4 Pelts or Experiments (since more than 4 Evolvers might be too many to use them adequately).
    I would suggest "investing" these free Slots in some removal, which is missing completely - Dismember or even Prey Upon could do the Job here. In the Manabase, I have to disagree with Mtgthewary, in my opinion 20 lands is more than enough. 1-2 Treetop Villages might be a good idea there, to ensure a little lategame power.
    Also, 2-3 2-drops could be good to smooth out the curve, maybe Kalonian Tusker or even Garruk's Companion or Scavening Ooze (if that's budget-friendly enough).

    But as I said, an absolut solid start, just needs a little Tuning. Have a look through the former 10 pages of this Thread, there you'll find some more lists for Inspiration. Good luck!

    @Mtgthewary: You might want to be a little more specific when making such suggestions, I guess otherwise this Person might not learn why these changes could be relevant.
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    For those of you interested in the Gruul theme, you might want to check out this Video from LegenVD (really good content creator, by the way):

    Not really fitting this Thread since it is not a Mono Green build, but still a nice Approach on the multi-Color variant.
    I also think this list is a great example how you can replace Aspect of Hydra with a decent other mechanic, which provides a nice power boost (in this case, the multi-Color mechanic of Boartusk Liege).
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Looking at your list, considering Lightning Bolt is the only red card so far, I would definitely disagree cutting Aspect of Hydra!
    You still have all the Green creatures necessary, so I think it is still more than worth it.

    Of course, if you decide to go on the "full splash" plan, Aspect might be wrong at some point, but so far I can't see any reason for that. All the cards mentioned do not seem to be a reasonable improvement to the deck, in my opinion. Maybe Atarka's Command might be worth the try, but that also does not hurt your devotion plan.

    So putting it together, leave the list as it is. Remember Aspect is one of the key reasons why this deck can be competitive, so you would have to find a really great replacement in Red when you cut it.

    The only thing to consider of course would be an upgrade in the Manabase, namely Stomping Grounds and Wooded Foothills. This inclusion would also allow you to play Narnam Renegade, of which I am a big fan. But this is of course also a matter of Budget.
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Quote from binmaa10 »
    Thx for the report. For which records do you use Lead the Stampede and Dungrove Elder from your sideboard. I guess Lead the Stampede is against mass removal?

    If yes, how do you like it?

    Yes, Lead the Stampede is against any matchup which requires you to load back up resources at any Point. Mass removal in control is a good example here, or any midrange strategies with a lot of spot removal, like Jund, Abzan or Mardu Pyromancer. Dungrove Elder is actually for similar situations, cause it dodges that removal. Not the mass removal, but still hard to deal with.

    I have to admit that I cannot a 100% evaluate these 2 Cards, since I didn't draw them in the Tournament and I also haven't been able to use them in a while. They can be Kind of awkward sometimes, since they often require you to tap out, while not adding that much pressure to the board, compared to the Default Options (e.g. Steel Leaf Champion). But in the type of games you Need them, they both allow you to turn the game around.
    Dungrove Elder is especially impressive against any decks that use Path to Exile.

    So, still some testing to be done, but so far I do not see better Sideboard Options for the grindy matchups than these two.
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    I would like to share a Tournament experience (5 rounds, ~30 players) with my beloved archetype, which I had at the Weekend. After a little pause I came back to Stompy after my recent Delver Experiments turned out to be quite complicated.

    I started with this list:

    Not a lot new here - I tested the new Instand-Speed fight spell Titanic Brawl, and added Hooting Mandrills as my 6th "3-drop", since I can Support it with 6 Fetches and it cannot be hit by Spell Queller or Fatal Push, AND doesn't trigger Eidolon.

    Matchups, in short:

    Game 1: 8 Whack, lost 1-2
    Not a lot to say here. The games I lost, I lost to direct Burn to face, just after stabilizing the board. Being on the Play is extremely relevant here, because you can Close the board really fast, and the Goblins won't have any good attacks. Renegade as 2/3 on Turn 1, Geist on defence and Baloth were the Key Factors.
    But if you don't draw Feed the Clan, you still loose to triple Goblin Grenade. Smile

    Game 2: BW Tokens, won 2-0
    I managed to draw more threats than my Opponent drew answers, and he never got to assemble a board. So I could just stomp him twice. Of Course, Steel Leaf Champion is the MVP here. After Boarding Rec Sage against his Enchantments and a Little more protection against his Removal was relevant, also playing around a Settle the Wreckage helped.

    Game 3: Burn, lost 1-2
    Quite a copy of the 8 Whack match, lost both games on the Draw without drawing Feed the clan, and Ooze was too slow. The Searing Blaze / Searing Blood effects are brutal against our deck. The game on the Play was easy, however - especially since my Opponent left Eidolon in.
    Still feels like a very Close matchup, which definitely could have gone either way.

    Game 4: Mono Red Prison, lost 1-2
    That was hard - my Opponent started with Chalice on 1 AND Bridge, and then slowly killed me with Chandra. Really not a lot I could do about it. Game 2 was decided by my removal for Bridge, and I even won through an Anger of the Gods - threat Management is really important against those type of strategies. In Game 3, he had it all - Chalice, Bridge, and even Spellskite for Blocking and Protection.
    I guess this matchup is decided Game 1, whether your Opponent starts with the right Piece of hate. If it is Blood Moon, you are ok, if it's Chalice into Bridge, it can get tough really quick.

    Game 5: Bant Spirits, won 2-0
    That was not really interesting, my oppponent kept medium Hands, missed his land Drops and got overwhelmed twice. Nice match for me, but no significant learnings here.

    Not the result I was hoping for (2-3), but in a way, still an ok day. The Matches I lost were quite close, the Matches I won definitely were not. Smile

    To the changes, I cannot say a lot because the data set is still small. I drew Mandrills only once, and at a time were it wasn't relevant in any way. I was however quite impressed with the instant fight spell. It simply gives you a lot more Options inside combat, and the +1/+1-Counter clause is actually not that hard to achieve. I will leave it in as a 1-of and see how that feels.

    On future tests, I am planning to cut Ooze and the 6th 3-drop from the main, and maybe add 2 more 2-drops to gain a little more tempo. Although my first Impression was negative, I might give Kraul Harpooner a second Chance. In my LGS, Spirits is quite a thing at the Moment, and I am also looking at Crackling Drake here.
    No plans to implement a splash Color so far. To me, the deck feels good the way it is.

    To the discussion about Dryad Militant, I can a 100% confirm the Card is unbelievably good against Dredge. In testing, I had my Opponent several times concede against a turn 1 Dryad. It basically shuts off that many mechanics inside the deck, that the Opponent is left with just the creature part of the deck, which just isn't that impressive against our board.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Delver
    I guess there is a threat for this Deck in the Deck Creation section, not very large, but still existent:

    I actually built something similar for a friend as his start into Modern, it definitely has its Moments.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Delver
    How are you guys seeing the Pteramander as a replacement for the Delve-Threats? Or maybe in Addition to them, in a reduced amount?

    I will definitely give it a try in my Esper Shell, since I was just thinking about adding 1-2 Tombstalker to the deck, since there is a lot of Phoenix and Spirits in my Meta.
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  • posted a message on Rakdos Control/Midrange
    I agree with Dennis on a lot of points here. You also might want to have a look at this list for inspiration:

    Besides, I think there are a few Points to optimize.
    - I guess 20 creatures is a little too much for a Midrange/Control deck, you might want to go down to about 16.
    - Dragonlord and Figure of Destiny do absolutely not work with Basic Swamps, so I would cut both. They are fine cards in these Shells, but as soon as you have to fetch Basic Swamps (e.g. against an aggressive deck, to cast Nighthawk), you're going to have a Problem.
    - With Bloodghast and Lilianas you should definitely Play 4 Faithless Lootings, which have good synergy with Collective Brutality, which is also a great card.
    - Looting also makes the 4 Leylines in your Sideboard much better, because you can discard redundant copies.
    - Dreadbore and Kolaghan's Command should also be in this deck. I'd suggest 2 Commands and a single Dreadbore (instead of the 4th Terminate).
    - You do not need Skullcrack in this Deck, because you will hardly be the aggressive deck that needs to race, and which looses to Lifegain.
    - Please play 4 Lightning Bolts. Smile
    - Maybe Manlands can be a consideration here, e.g. Mutavaults or even Lavaclaw Reaches. In a 2-color Manabase there is also the Option of running 1-2 Ghost Quarters/Tectonic Edges/Field of Ruins.
    - You could also consider going on the Blood Moon plan, either Mainboard or Sideboard, both is possible.

    I hope this might help you in your deckbuilding process. Wish you much success!
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Spoiler Season, and Happy New Year to everybody. Smile

    What do we think of this guy?

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  • posted a message on Esper Delver
    Dear Esper Friends, I'd like to awaken this Thread from its long sleep. I came across the Esper combination while brewing a Delver which was supposed to be a Jeskai build, but it simply never felt good. Considering my experiences with Mardu Pyromancer, or to be specific the Poer of Lingering Souls and Discard Spells, I came up with this iteration:

    There is still a lot of things under construction here, just to name a few:
    - 20 or 19 lands, how many manlands, Shambling Vent?
    - Is Geist in the mainboard correct, could be Thalia, Heretic Cathar or more Nimble Obstructionists
    - Far // Away instead of Echoing Truth or Spell Snare, in general: How many counterspells?

    But at the same time, the Deck feels incredibly powerful, with a decent mix of answers and threats. Especially the Discard/Removal package enables the deck to compete with the fast metagame. Also, the inclusion of Lingering Souls as a threat while being a sorcery makes flipping Delver really easy (27 instants/sorceries) - this was always the problem with the other Delver builds I tested, which ran about 23.
    Last but not least, Guilds of Ravnica provided a nice piece of SB tech in Unmoored Ego.

    I would love to hear some opinions on this, and maybe you want to give this version a chance.
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Welcome to the Stompy-Community! Smile

    In my experience, anything regarding non-interactive Combo can be really hard for this deck, because we do not have the Tools to interact with These type of decks, and we are on average a turn slower than decks like burn or Bushwhacker Zoo.
    So decks like Grishoalbrand, Counters Company, Infect and Elves are really hard. Storm and Dredge are an exception, Dryad Militant and Scavenging Ooze allow us to interact with the graveyard. Ad Nauseam is also not that bad, because they Need a Little more time to go off.

    Quite good Matchups are Midrange Decks, especially Mardu Pyromancer, because our protection spells and Cards like Strangleroot Geist let us push through their removal, and Steel Leaf Champion ignores their chump blockers. Other Aggro variants can be good too, since they are not able to build up a board as big as we can. So if we survive the first waves of decks like Burn, Zoo and maybe Humans, we are able to outclass their creatures and push through their Board with Trample and Aspect.

    Control can actually be favorable, our protection spells and the Dryad against Snapcaster really help us out here. Also the Geist, which trades 2 for 1. I've seen multiple Control Players Play Jace on Turn 4 and then die on the next attack. So, Planeswalkers can be a Problem, but more in a way that they give your Opponent a way back into the game while stabilizing. There is no Planeswalker which can handle our whole board at once, and sometimes we are even able to ignore them.
    Terminus is actually a Problem, just like Settle the Wreckage. The only Chance here is to Play around it, and to not commit to much material to the board. I guess it's a matter of experience. But These Cards made our matchup definitely harder.

    So far, I can't think of that many pitfalls to avoid. Here it would help to see the list you want to start with.
    Just as the primer suggests, you should avoid anything above three CMC, which is just too slow. And there are always People suggesting Nykthos and a Devotion plan for the deck, which is simply nonsense for this strategy.
    And of Course there is the playstyle which you just have to learn - Sequencing and Role assessment are the Key factors. Smile

    I would love to see your first attempt on a list, do you have any ideas so far?
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    That's some great results and a very detailed Report, thank you for the insights!

    I see a pattern which I already saw when Golgari Grave-Troll was legal, which is: Dredge is actually a pretty good matchup for us. Bloodghast can't block, Amalgam Comes into Play tapped, Narcomoeba is just a chump-blocker, and with Dryad and ooze we have quite decent graveyard-interaction in the maindeck.
    Since the deck is now on the rise again, can you confirm this based on your tournament? I actually haven't played the matchup in a while.

    I am also very interested in the UR Drake/Phoenix matchup, which seems to be the new Thing in Modern - how is that one going?
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