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  • posted a message on Plot mechanic question
    So reading how the wording of the "Plot" mechanic when you casting them from exile are you treating the card as a sorcery. I seen they meant for it "cast it anytime you could cast a sorcery." There are plenty of old cards that are worded as cast it as a sorcery speed like in the previous sentence. So based on how it is worded on the helper card and text reminder sounds like you are casting them as sorcery card. So my question is would casting plotted cards from Exile cause effects like Archmage Emeritus's Magecraft or cards like Talrand, Sky Summoner's effect to trigger?

    Was working on a commander deck that would plot cards to use later for Storm count for cards like Chatterstorm though if they are treated as sorcery card I would have secondary strategy for the deck.
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  • posted a message on [SCD] Mycosynth Lattice
    Well I am using it in my Kruphix, God of Harvest deck. The ability to use the mana as any color increases his value as a commander. Though the card itself is broken and probably should be banned. There are just so many cards that combo with it that can win you the game. Vandalblast overloaded, that tyrant that allows you to win the game if control 20 artifacts are examples in red. I am also using it to turn cards like naturalize and cards like that into spot removal. Not going to lie, I will abuse it in combos for win conditions, but even without the combo pieces the card still has value in my deck.

    So go for it, use it so you can touch enchantments, it is very much worth it. Though it will most likely make you a target.

    Also, PinkFreud, you are right. Mycosynth only makes cards not on the battlefield colorless. When they are on it, they have their color.
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