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  • posted a message on Combo Masters
    The last post here was in August? Dang this forum's dead. Probably time to give up on this site. :/
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  • posted a message on Ultimate Masters - common & uncommon wish-lists
    Quote from Hawk7915 »
    Circular Logic at common (make U/G Madness in Pauper great again!!!)
    Oubliette (I'm sure it'll be upgunned to rare...but I'm praying uncommon)
    Arrogant Wurm (at common, to alleviate any concerns about paper pauper legality)
    Ash Barrens (the still too high!)
    Quote from leslak »
    About concerns about pauper legality, we need Battle Screech reprinted at common.

    Plus Chainer's Edict, False Defeat, plz
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  • posted a message on Combo Masters
    Quote from Manite »
    I could see a Combo Masters product having cards like Splinter Twin, Bear Umbra, and Panharmonicon. But, rather than a set full of just reprints, what if they did a supplemental set dedicated to combos, much like Battlebond was dedicated to 2HG?

    But I thought Hasbro regretted Urza's block?

    Skimming back through those sets. I can't even joke - they were just so, so good.
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  • posted a message on Ultimate Masters - common & uncommon wish-lists
    Same thing I pray for with every reprint set:
    Pauper-legal Ajani's Pridemate
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  • posted a message on Time Walk/Timetwister/Moxes
    Moxen determine games randomly by opening draws, and don't really care what archetype they're jammed into. That can be bad if the goal is interactive games. It can be good if the goal is a cube where all archetypes can win games randomly with their opening draws (like if you're already running Channel, Entomb/Reanimate or Time Vault combo). They get especially good if you're running draw-7s and trying to make storm or spell-based combo a thing.

    Time Walk is usually really good. Even at its worst-case-scenario when people complain that it's just a 0-mana Explore, 0-mana Expore is really good. Then there are times that it doubles your mana and gets extra value from Planeswalker and 1/turn effects and turns into a cantripping mana-positive Burst of Speed, and it's just crazy.

    Timetwister is fine. Of the "Power 9" it's definitely the worst; I think there are 40 or so cube cards I'd first pick over it. EDIT: After sketching it out, 40 is still overselling it. Card isn't great.
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  • posted a message on Ultimate Masters
    I like Through the Breach, Ancient Tomb and Goryo's Vengeance arts more than the originals, and Dark Depths and Tarmogoyf are neat alternate takes.

    I haven't bought any sealed Masters products, and don't expect to this time either, but Masters sets before have pushed their non-Mythic single prices down, so there's a good chance I end up with a copy of Through the Breach, as well as any Pauper downgrades or expensive low-rarity reprints like Serum Visions, Fatal Push, Darkness, Eldrazi Temple or Lightning Greaves
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  • posted a message on [UMA] - Ultimate Masters & Box Topper Promos + PSA regarding sealed Box Topper Boosters
    Eldrazi titans were in MM2. And Daybreak Coronet, for that matter. Support isn't guaranteed.
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  • posted a message on [UMA] - Ultimate Masters & Box Topper Promos + PSA regarding sealed Box Topper Boosters
    It doesn't hurt me for WotC to publish a product above my price point, but if anyone's opening packs with cards I want, I stand to benefit from the secondary market.

    Given all the cheap Masters singles I've gotten over the years, I'm pretty sure somebody opens all these overpriced packs. Even the ones with trees.

    I'd love to see Through the Breach or Demonic Tutor hit a price where I can replace my proxies, even if Snapcaster and Goyf won't.
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  • posted a message on [UMA] - Ultimate Masters & Box Topper Promos + PSA regarding sealed Box Topper Boosters
    Eternal Witness and Kitchen Finks at uncommon sounds pretty dece. Not in love with Snapcaster or Cavern at Mythic, but Ancient Tomb, Urborg, Demonic Tutor, Through the Breach, Goryo's Vengeance, Noble Hierarch and Fulminator Mage are welcome surprises
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  • posted a message on Deck help
    I would start by upgrading the lands. ETB Tapped lands set you back a full turn.

    I would go down to 10-12 creatures that cost 2 mana or less and move the TITI and Chandras to the sideboard. I'd also round out to a full 4 TITI for a sideboard plan. If you're running creatures that rely on casting spells, you need to have spells to cast.

    I would run around 8 0- or 1-mana cantrips, at least 8 1-mana burn spells that can go to the face, probably 6 counterspells (preferably Daze, Remand, Force of Will or Spell Pierce depending on land selection and budget), filling remaining slots with additional cantrips, burn and Vapor Snags.

    Prowess wants cards that you can reliably proactively cast on your turn; if you need to wait for the opponent to cast a spell on your turn or play a creature, you're going to have a harder time getting triggers.
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  • posted a message on Atraxa be nice edh
    All-in Infect is interesting, right? Sneaky
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  • posted a message on Need a nudge in the right direction..
    You'd probably be okay with the big Eldrazi and even the bomb 6-drops, as long as you keep their enablers in check. Like Grave Titan isn't unfair if it comes out through natural land drops on turn 6-8, and is even probably fine if you burn some resources to play it Turn 4 off a Diabolic Servitude, Dark Ritual or Worn Powerstone, just be careful with effects that outright disregard normal Mana limits.

    I won't speak for LayShade, but when I talk about tuning Mana curves, I'm not as worried about the mean as the skew - I want more spells that can be cast/cycled/suspended/evoked at 2 Mana than 3, more at 3 than 4, and more at 4 than 5, with as few as possible over that.

    Then, the harder part is tweaking & making sure that same curve is present and appropriate within my archetypes.

    The easiest way to test is just to do some drafts - actual or simulated - and see what cards your decks want, and what kinds of cards they flood out with.

    Some examples I waste a lot of time with:
    -4 drops: These slots are insanely competitive; it's easy to overload on any of them, but a lot of the time, a good card needs to be replaced with a worse one at a lower cost, or for a different style of deck
    -Aggro high-drops: Most aggressive decks want one 5 Mana spell at most. No need to dedicate more than 1-2 EDIT:Aggro 5-drop slots/color. Cards over 5 Mana that want to be aggressive need to be handled deliberately
    -"Cheat" targets: There's a balancing act to have enough uncastably expensive fatties to reward your ramp/reanimate/etc drafters, but not enough to weigh down other players' decks
    -1 drops: Almost every one is a low-impact card that transfers badly to other archetypes. But without maintaining enough to keep aggro healthy, cube turns into a draw-based mid-range slugfest.

    Edit: All these are super subjective, and vary a lot by your goal. If you want to play up tribal synergies, Millstone strategies, etc., you'll probably want more tribal-based aggro, and more expensive/less impactful ramp and reanimation targets

    Edit2: ^Thanks for the callout! But as a quick disclaimer, I haven't gotten around to sorting my main 540 on cubetutor, so the analysis results are a little funky
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  • posted a message on Need a nudge in the right direction..
    Checked in on the cube again, and it looks like it's getting structured well.

    Just keep in mind that expanding our cube with "Top 360" sorts of cards is going to turn the weird archetype additions into blanks - cards like Doorkeeper/Doomed Dissenter/Wolf-Skull Shaman/Waste Not/Wort, the Broodmother could have homes somewhere, but it's not in a world with turn 2 Grave Titan/Wurmcoil Engine/Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre

    I'd keep an eye on these cards, which I think could corner out your Tribal/Mill/etc plans:
    Balance, Armageddon, Mana Drain, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Reanimate, Exhume, Recurring Nightmare, Channel, Rofellos and the Swords
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  • posted a message on New to magic, is my deck any good?
    Quote from Schutzwald »
    $200 huh? Blood moon is under $20 right now

    ...I chose the wrong time to build monred cEDH :[

    But another consideration in 2HG - If the partner's proactively playing threats in WG, it's probably more advantageous to run disruption like counters and discard than sweepers or overcommitting with more creatures.

    Wildfire could work if the WG deck is also specifically focused on non-Creature ramp and Wraths

    But would want to hear more from OP in terms of what type of deck they want to play, since at that point, there are just tons of assumptions being piled up
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  • posted a message on New to magic, is my deck any good?
    If everyone else is playing budget decks with a lot of basics, Blood Moon could easily be a $200 playset of 3-mana Darksteel Relics
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