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  • posted a message on UW Mill Discussion

    This is my current take on the mono U version of the deck. I'm seeing some success on arena but that seems to be a coin toss whether i'm going against a 90 card casual deck or not it seems. I'll try to raise my rank and get some real test results but I think that classic bounce and counter could go the distance. I struggle against Izzet more than aggro decks because I can go down to low life and still kick the board back.

    Anyone thought of trying to use that sea monster with traumatize on a stick? Fleet Swallower? Probably way too slow but if the idea is outright control then is it worth looking at again?
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  • posted a message on Mono Blue Mill
    The goal of this deck is to be a classic mill deck that controls or stalls the game to relieve the opponent of all their cards. Obviously there are not a lot of mill pieces in standard right now but this deck also has the advantage making all creature removal dead. In my area there hasn't been a lot of enchantment removal being played aside from Knight of Autumn. My current build is what I am practicing with on MTGA and I would like some help refining the list or sorting out what is not helpful to my goal.

    If you would like to suggest another color, I'm all for that but I still want to work on the mono list as well because it holds a special place in my heart.

    My goal, is to take a mill deck to my PTQ that is going to be played one month from today, December 1st. I'm not great at this game but I'd like to learn and I love playing it.

    The Mill Engine:

    Psychic Corrosion is the main mill engine of the deck, the only mill engine. This relies on an enchantment that must resolve on the battlefield and must also be defended once on the battlefield. Since this is the 'working class' card of the deck it means that the game needs to be controlled until it is safe to play this. Makes for a slow game regardless of the match up because aggro and midrange have to be held in check and control has to be held off so they don't know what is coming.

    1. The Countermagic: The main way to defend and control the game is going to be by using countermagic. The mainboard holds 11 counterspells. Only 3 of them are hard counters but they are the best ones because of the surveil mechanic. There is flexibility in the sideboard to move 2 more in or swap Unwind around for what may be less useful (maybe disdainful stroke is pretty dead, so Unwind replaces it). Not sure if Syncopate should be in this list as well, it's not exactly mana leak but it can be a good early counterspell.

    2. The Bounce: There are seven bounce spells in the main board with 4 more that can be sided in to help disrupt the game plan of creature based decks. I'm not using disperse because the bounce is being primarily used to slow down and stall the creatures instead of other permanents plus the surveil mechanic seems to be helpful in controlling what I draw. There is once mass bounce in the mainboard while the other 4 spells in the sideboard can hit multiple creatures, selective snare is specifically helpful in tribal matchups or places where there are lots of 'elves' or 'knights' or 'soldiers.'

    3. The Draw: There are 13 cards in the mainboard that can be drawn. The most flexible draw spell that I have in the list is Chemister's insight because it can still be chucked to surveil and used later in the game if it is not helpful to my current hand. Sift is also very powerful because Psychic corrosion triggers off of the individual draws, so three cards plus a discard is very good for me. Chart a course is also strong being 2 mana for 2 cards before a discard. Blink of an Eye qualifies as a bounce spell but lategame it can bounce and draw a card for an extra trigger on the engine.

    Patient rebuilding is painfully slow but when it comes to a board that I have under control and have access to enough mana it becomes very strong, refills my hand and ensures that the game is all but over. The same goes for weight of memory, which I have had to discard a few times due to being clunky.

    4. The Stall: Murmuring mystic is the only creature that I'm running. I've found three is working so far on arena because when he comes up he is safe from most burn (not fight with fire obviously) and he makes a ton of birds to help block and clog up the board. With all the instants and sorceries in the deck, some of which have jumpstart, it is easy to use this as a stall tactic or as something to put pressure on a control deck. The sideboard has additional stall that can transform the deck into a traditional control deck if the mill aspect is completely out of the question for the matchup. Surge Mare is a great blocker and easy to defend, a couple of deep freeze can deal with a couple of problematic creatures and eliminate any abilities, the giant blue creatures give me an attainable win condition.

    Like I said, I'm not good at this so if you have any opinions or like the idea of a mill deck of some sort then please leave a comment Grin
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  • posted a message on UG OmniStorm
    Have any play test results? I'm guessing this deck gets punched in the face a lot by creatures but the idea looks fun.
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  • posted a message on Jund Midrange
    Have you considered Underrealm Lich for deck control?
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  • posted a message on UW Mill Discussion
    The lifegain seems to really help this deck out. Have you considered the Ajani's Pridemate package? I think I recall the deck that you are being inspired from and he was running a pridemate package so that he had some lifegain synergies and a secondary win condition.

    Weight of Memory may be a good card to consider as a mill finisher too because of the Psychic Corrosion synergy. Seal away also seems like really good removal that you are currently passing up. Bounce is nice but getting rid of something if they can't answer enchantments seems worthy of a spot, sideboard for game two if it doesn't work in the matchup but it should see success against midrange.
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  • posted a message on Jund Dragons - Standard (M19)

    So, with those suggestions then these would be the differences in lists I'm looking at. One has improved mana base for elves because I think that a five drop turn 3 is just infinitely better than a five drop on turn four if it is possible. Because of the simple fact that the five drop is still going to drop on turn four or five sometimes even if you have the ability/plan for it to come on turn three... so planning to have it later leaves more room for error to fall even further behind.

    The other list that takes elves out completely for more kill just seems like I'm asking to get punched in the face. Sure, I'll burn/kill a few things off but it feels vulnerable when my only permanents finally come on turn 3, being a 2/2 and an artifact.
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  • posted a message on Jund Dragons - Standard (M19)
    So it is better to play cast down rather than the Assassin Trophy? Trophy hits a lot more and I already opened them through drafts, so I thought they'd be more useful here.

    If I still wanted to play the elves for turn 1, what suggestion would you have to make my mana base stronger for that?

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  • posted a message on Jund Dragons - Standard (M19)
    Newest take on the list since the Ravnica stuff came out. Wish this was a deck that could play vraska but that isn't happening. I'm wondering if the Liliana in the sideboard will be helpful in matchups with a lot of removal, while I have one big threat that is hard to kill I do need some of my big guys to stick in order to win. The detection tower in the sideboard should also help if my opponent has hexproof so I can get maximum value from Sarkhan's unsealing but I don't know how often I'll run into that.

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  • posted a message on Bad at Deck Design

    Quick Info
    Green/White focusing on the convoke mechanic that takes advantage of vigilance creatures, beat down opponent or create a stable board state and swing wide or trample over.

    Key Cards:
    * Sigiled Sword of Valeron

    * Vivien's Invocation

    * Any huge creature (Ghalta, Impervious Greatwurm, Aboretum Elemental)

    * Declare Dominance

    * Ledev Champion

    Side board is a work in progress to push through control, I'm inexperienced with this and would like suggestions or help.

    Early Game
    Set up the board state, attack only if able to and use creatures that will have impact for the convoke mechanic later or not leave you screwed if bigger creatures are removed or countered. Weak to flyers currently.

    1. Llanowar Elves, basic ramp and good turn one play. They can tap for green mana, convoke and add to the count for something like might of the masses.

    2. Conclave Guildmage, 2/2 body so nothing spectacular but has the ability to give a creature trample which is relevant for larger creatures that hold the sword of valeron like the ledev champion. Can also make creatures if the game has inexplicably stalled.

    3. Emmara, 2/2 body that makes a creature any time she attacks OR any time that she convokes which is relevant because the token has lifelink and can be used to convoke immediately.

    4. Shieldmates, 2/2 body with vigilance. Efficient 2 drop that I wish had first strike but can hold the sword of Valeron in a pinch and just make another token to replace itself if the game is in grind mode.

    Mid Game
    If our key artifact is present, start attacking aggressively to generate advantage by grinding down the opponent's life total or trading creatures that they are forced to block. If the game is at a standstill then creature creatures that threaten to hit hard if any opening is created or hold the board until lategame arrives. Particularly weak to board wipes aimed at small creatures.

    1. Sigiled Sword, gives a creature +2/+0 and vigilance and creates a 2/2 vigilance token that is attacking when the holder attacks. Aggressive card, synergies with the convoke mechanic because those creatures can attack and then be used to pay the cost of something after the fact.

    2. Ledev Champion, ideal creature to hold the Sigiled Sword. At worst when this guy attacks while equipped he will be a 6/4 with vigilance that creates another body. When he attacks you order the triggers so that he creates the token from the sword and THEN you tap both himself and his token to pump him by +2/+2. This makes use of the vigilance trigger and is in a scenario where you have no other creatures to tap for him, so that's my 'worst case' scenario. He can also make tokens at a high cost.

    3. Conclave Cavalier, great creature to be equipped with the sword but also a great creature for the cost. 4 mana for a 4/4 body with vigilance that replaces itself with 2 bodies that also have vigilance. This creature is strong to conventional removal and combat. Vigilance synergizes with the convoke mechanic.

    4. Conclave Tribunal, the answer to 'everthing' card. Uses convoke so all of our creatures up to this point can assist with removal that hits any non-land target. The deck doesn't use much so I wanted to use something that synergizes really well and can technically be played for zero by convoking almost all of the early to mid-game creatures.

    5. Gore-Claw, creature that helps us play any lategame creatures that we may have drawn up to this point and gives them trample if they do not already have it while pumping them. Dies to lightning strike so I'm, running the one copy for utility purposes.

    6. Vivien Reed, planeswalker support to put pressure on the opponent and help with removal against things we struggle with from early to mid: enchantments, artifacts and flyers. One copy at the moment because I'm trying not to focus too heavily on her.

    7. Trostani Discordant, Anthem for creatures is good for the tokens we make and she makes some herself so she synergizes with our convoke mechanic the plan for early to mid game. Seems thematic to have her in a deck like this.

    Late Game
    Blow the opponent out with a huge creature that is easily cast if the game is going well, best case scenario is to hit one of our big targets with Vivien's invocation so that a huge threat destroys something on the field and lands for cheaper that its casting cost. Force opponent to deal with a declare dominance play if possible and swing for lethal. Relies on the convoke mechanic, lategame is very weak without creatures on the field.

    1. March of the Multitudes, blow out card that lets us swing wide or make full use of the convoke mechanic. Can help us from behind if we only have a few creatures to work with by filling up the board so we have a chance to come back into the game. Also provides immediate defense or turning offense because this is at INSTANT speed and we have a lot of creatures with vigilance to convoke.

    2. Vivien's Invocation, this will allow us to reach deep into our deck and grab a 'win' condition which means Ghalta, Impervious Greatwurm, Arboretum Elemental, Aggressive Mammoth, Serra's Guardian. A creature comes out, deals a lot of damage to another creature and stays on our board.

    3. Declare Dominance, either when we have a big board state or when we have dropped a 'win' condition onto the field is the time for this card. Pretty simple, force all blockers to block a specific creature and swing for game.

    4. 'Win' Conditions, There are a lot of 'one of' cards in the deck on the high end that either take advantage of the convoke mechanic in some way or are a large creature with an upside. The reason I am not running 2 Ghalta at the moment is so that I can have some of these creatures on the board at the same time if the game is going in that direction.

    Going through these in order:

    * Ghalta is tied for best here because he has trample, easy to cast in our deck and is a great Invocation target.

    * Impervious greatworm is tied for best in our deck because of its' immense size and the fact it is indestructible. We have 3 ways to give it trample: Conclave Guildmage, Goreclaw and Aggressive Mammoth.

    * Arboretum Elemental is an okay target, large body with hexproof that we can easily give trample and can help us swing for lethal if we use a declare dominance play.

    * Aggressive Mammoth, undercosted body with trample that gives other creatures trample.

    * Serra's Guardian, gives our other big creatures vigilance so this is just a 'win more' card and is a suprise win condition for us in the air if we use Might of the Masses lategame. The weakest of the 'big' invocation targets.

    5. Might of the Masses, lategame card that can make us kill if we swing wide of the opponent at the right time or if we just apply to a large trample creature.

    6. Assure/Assemble, lategame defensive card that can give us more bodies or protect something if we need it to. Have the foil promo so I'm trying it for a tech card that can be sided out. Would plan to use it in case of a board wipe to either help us or something we can draw after a board wipe to have a board again.

    7. Angel of the Dawn, not sure about this card yet. Gives us another flyer that could help us swing for game on the turn that it is played. Gives everything vigilance and an anthem, overcosted but good effect lategame or with a boardstate where we are swinging wide, sideboarded out in most situations I think. Overall weakest card of the lategame.

    I would like some help with a few cards that are currently in this deck.

    1. My one drops are conflicted, I don't know if I need to run the mana elves or if I should run pelt collector or if I should run healing hawks because it gives me more presence against flyers and is early lifegain.

    2. Angel of Dawn seems like a card that 'could win' but I'm wondering if I should just do another Ledev Champion or another sword, may be cut.

    3. Assure and Assemble is a cool defensive card I think but I'm not sure if it is worth running just one of or if I should have 2.

    4. Sideboard is currently full of things to help vs enchantments/artifact and vs control or to be more aggressive in the case of vinemare. They each have a 'corresponding' mana curve slot that they could go into. Would like suggestions on this and I can talk through my choices if it helps.
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  • posted a message on Jund Dragons - Standard (M19)
    Good point, I'll look at adding the contempt to the sideboard and switching out the glory bringers. Rotation is definitely a concern.
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  • posted a message on Jund Dragons - Standard (M19)
    Ok so here is the list I'm thinking of running now, it doesn't require me to go searching for many cards. I like the verix bladewing for being a flexible play if the game is grindy but I don't think the kicker will really ever come up. So, I'm thinking of trying it at one. I decided to include the other two Jund dragons that you pointed out, upped the forest count but 1 because the elf play on turn one seems to be really good if followed by a dragon's hoard.

    I'm also thinking of trying to tech in the Sigiled Sword because giving a dragon vigilance seems really good and it synergizes well with Glorybringer because I can exert for free.

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  • posted a message on Jund Dragons - Standard (M19)
    Quick Info
    Just getting back into magic, m19 specifically. This deck is focused on trying out what I remember from old Jund when I was in highschool. The goal of this deck is to ramp to big fliers while still having midgame board presence through burn and some sacrifice mechanics.

    Trying to use only m19 and forward except for the Angrath that I had. However, with what I am learning it will be best to expand that board and use things from older sets. I'm here to learn.

    Here is the list I'm thinking of running now, it doesn't require me to go searching for many cards. I like the verix bladewing for being a flexible play if the game is grindy but I don't think the kicker will really ever come up. So, I'm thinking of trying it at one. I decided to include the other two Jund dragons that were pointed out, upped the forest count by 1 because the elf play on turn one seems to be really good if followed by a dragon's hoard.

    I'm also thinking of trying to tech in the Sigiled Sword because giving a dragon vigilance seems really good and it synergizes well with Glorybringer because I can exert for free.

    Best case scenario would be to open up with llanowar elves on turn 1, follow it up by a dragon's hoard on turn 2. Use spells to clear any threats turn three or drop Sarkhan to accelerate to the dragon threats.
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