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  • posted a message on Phelddagrif deck help
    Pretty consistent win con thanks to green being the best creature search and blue/white being good enchantment search:
    *Bloom Tender/Gyre Engineer
    *Enchant with Pemmin's Aura/Freed from the Real
    *Suture Priest
    *Phelddagrif uses 3rd ability (pay G, gain trample, opponent gains a 1/1 hippo) infinitely to kill everyone on the board unless someone Interdicts or Trickbinds Phelddagrif.
    Flash Hulking can get you both Suture Priest and Bloom Tender/Gyre Engineer. Loads of things let you find a 3 drop aura enchantment.
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  • posted a message on Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker (Combo-Wombo)
    This deck definitely needs a Krenko, Mob Boss and Skirk Prospector added to it. While yes your deck isn't goblin tribal, Krenko doesn't need much to ramp, especially with the combo pieces you have. And combined with Skirk Prospector, mana will never be an issue.
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  • posted a message on Good commander to wear Helm of the Host
    Sorry if this is a necro of the topic but i just recently pulled a Helm of the Host and want to know if it pairs well with Sen Triplets as Commander and Celestial Dawn to pay for casting all opponents spells. Throw in Grand Arbiter Augustin IV as a regular card in the deck to clone after you have enough Sen Triplets on the field for every player and basically all hands are your hands and only you may use them. Iona fits in as well due to being a white creature. Honestly i think Esper has the best time with this card besides the obvious endless combat phase cheesing of Godo.
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