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  • posted a message on Burn
    Quote from magic geek »
    Path is less effective than it reads.

    * Not getting a white mana, blows
    * Getting Path to exile hit by Inquiz & Thoughtseize also blows
    * Them getting a second 20/20 also blows. (Now, sure, they absolutely should be dead before a second one)

    You have 8 fetchlands good chance in getting white mana. I'm playing with a splash of black, but I could play splash of white if necessary, and I don't get color screwed. To tell you the truth, I have more problems with Searing Blaze then I would have with finding the splash mana (more troubles as in holding a Searing Blaze and wishing I drew a land to drop)

    There is a reason why Thoughtseize was almost 50 dollars a pop... The card doesn't suck.

    Well I guess some players have all the luck... And I would fold if a second one enters the battlefield (the creature not land)

    Alpine Moon seems idea but is very narrow. If it works, then that's your answer... But discarding is a reality, especially for Legacy.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Quote from magic geek »
    Good catch on the powder keg.

    Surgical wont work. (pretty sure)
    Same with Traitor's roar. (too slow, and a sorcery, so no window).
    Grab the reins is too expensive

    Disharmony (&ActOfA) might work, but requires the 20/20 to exist in my main faze. And it often doesn't.

    Backlash is perfect. Except its a black card.

    As I said E-Bridge will get discarded, destroyed, or maybe be too slow. But it does have a definite plan.
    Pia and ornithopter are one turn wonders that slow me down too, and might get destroyed.

    Glacial Chasm will work, but seems strictly worse than Karakas, Maze of Ith and Island of Wak-Wak.

    Weird to think Bitterblossom would work too. (if I had Black)
    See how hard it is?

    A singleton Alpine Moon seems hopeful.

    Splash white for Path to Exile... You could have 2 shocklands and 8 fetchlands
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Quote from lord_darkview »
    $10 for a even a basic Burn deck is a pretty good deal. Even Bolts go for $2ish these days.

    We have some very powerful sideboard options against combo. The problem is that most of them are quite specific, and very few are unbeatable by a skilled opponent. Karakas and Ensnaring Bridge are the most flexible choices, having value against Reanimator, SnT decks, and Depths decks, but the former is often not quite sufficient and the latter is often too slow. Leyline of the Void, Surgical Extraction, Faerie Macabre, and Tormod's Crypt are options against graveyard-using decks, but they only work against these decks, and Crypt is the only one I find serviceable (Leyline forces you to mulligan far too much and leaves you with dead draws, while Surgical and Faerie often falter in the face of discard). Pyrostatic Pillar and Pithing Needle have some fringe utility, but often aren't quite powerful enough, or sufficiently effective in enough matches.

    At the end of the day, bad matches against combo will rarely change from that state. Your sideboard cards probably aren't going to beat them. You're just trying to buy time. If a sideboard card buys you a single turn, given your damage output, that's often enough.

    Burn is a fun budget deck. I wouldn't play mono-red burn in a tournament, because our options are limited. I don't think there is anything wrong with splashing a 2nd color, especially if your playing with 8 fetchlands. You can go very far with 8 fetchlands and 2 dual lands.

    I know a lot of players believe mono red burn is the best to play, because it's cheap and easy. But sometimes cheap is not the best solution, especially when your putting money into playing a tournament. And then again 8 fetchlands do make it harder for color screw.
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  • posted a message on Congrats everybody! We got WoTC onboard with format-bypassing cards
    I like this idea. I just hope that wizards pushes a newer set that's between standard and modern.
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  • posted a message on Could Fastbond be Unrestricted?
    Maybe you can play a first turn Amnesia, though back when Tempest/Urza was standard - I used to make a first turn Lobotomy Smile
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  • posted a message on Could Fastbond be Unrestricted?
    You would have 4x in drawing up a Fastbond on the opening hand.
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  • posted a message on Deck names
    Some players are very creative with the deck names, others are not and sometimes the name is created by opponents in general. Sometimes the names are based on when it was made, what inspired the maker, and what players thought of the deck.

    I like burn... I know the name is boring, but no matter how I want to change the name, players are going to see the deck as burn.

    I wouldn't say Paul Sligh created the red weenie deck with a splash of burn, but because he took that deck to the tournament level, the deck happen to be called after him... Sligh. Is it creative?

    On the other hand, I think 187 was a creative deck name. It was a standard deck that used creature coming in play effects (such as Man-o'-War and Nekrataal) and named it after the California Penal Code for Murder.

    Then again, I think "The Deck" was a very least creative name, but that name was given by players who played against it... such as "That kid is playing 'The Deck'. I hate 'The Deck'. 'The Deck' was a solid control blue deck that I believed gotten noticed with Force of Will.

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  • posted a message on Burn
    Is Risk Factor playable? Similar to Browbeat.

    I think browbeat mana cost is too much for today's Legacy Burn. If the mana cost was 2cc, I can see it worth playing. And the same applies for Risk Factor.

    Quote from ox4 »
    I've been playing with the new cards online the past few days. My unscientific first impressions are pretty good on both cards. I took out 3 risk factor (which i like better then browbeat for a number of reasons that are now moot) 3 price of progress and 1 land (I'm running 19 mountains now) to add 3 skewer and 4 light up the stage.
    I like both cards individually, but im feeling like so many cards im counting on casting for the spectacle cost are kind of slowing my roll, and they dont play well with swiftspear. Plus I really miss my pop. I'm going to take the skewers back out for the pop.
    I'm really enjoying the light up the stage. Its letting me play 19 lands with more consistancy, and it makes it easier to get out my vortex, which has really been a powerhouse for me.

    I appreciate the suggestion about chrome mox, it just makes me so nervous to dump cards. Is there a trick I dont know whith the mox ? Or is the card you imprint to it really gone?

    Swiftspear is a good creature but she don't work well for me with Eidolon. And because I value Eidolon of the Great Revel so high, I focus my attention on each card that interacts with Eidolon.

    And the two new spells skewer & stage seemed to be designed as Anti-Swiftspear cards - You need to play a 1 mana burn spell first, before casting skewer and/or stage to pump up Swiftspear. That perspective is more limited than casting a Reckless Charge on swiftspear.

    I'm not saying that skewer & stage are bad, I don't think they should be used in a Swiftspear build.

    I play 2 chrome moxes because I'm playing 4 vexing devils. I love vexing devils especially with Eidolon! I don't want to get into the vexing devil debate because I'd figured out that there are two burn players: Those that had played Vexing Devil with an open mind, and those that saw Vexing Devil as a Browbeat card. The power play I like with Vexing Devil comes after Eidolon is in play. Anyway, I'm willing to remove a devil from the game to drop a first turn Eidolon. Sure it's not often because most of the time I'm holding other burn spells or other creatures. So pitching for the Chrome Mox is mostly based on common sense. Would I pitch a Goblin Guide - No. Would I pitch a second Eidolon - Maybe. Would I pitch a Lava Spike - Sure. Once you pitch the spells for Chrome Mox the spells are gone!

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  • posted a message on The Magic Online/Arena problem
    Wizards is going to drop MTGO.

    Why? Once the cost of running the service cost more than the people paying into the service. I think it's going to happen within a year or two. (Alpha Investments (Rudy) thinks Wizards is going to drop MTGO in 5 years - I think he's wrong)

    Why I think a year or two? If MTGO was doing well wizards wouldn't make Arena. I think MTGO was not as profitable as they said.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Quote from ox4 »
    Quick update to my thoughts on skewer....

    People loose life regularly...most notably with fetch lands. If this card were an instant it would be awesome.

    As it is, it's still another 3 for 1. Throw in some shard volleys and that's 24 bolts, one way or another. (Are there more?)

    shard volleys is not good, because we are playing 4 fireblasts. I wouldn't play shard volley in modern. The cost of 1 land is painful, especially in a deck like burn (we have no draw fixes)

    Right now the issue seems to be getting enough mountains down fast enough to unload all of this cheap damage all over someone....
    Gauntlet of might is too slow,
    Fast bond is too green...

    Gauntlet is a EDH card. And it's costly card (money value) that was remade better - Caged Sun. One time ago players would use Koth of the Hammer and in some cases he's like a Gauntlet of Might. But I wouldn't use it.

    Fastbond is banned in legacy...

    But something that let's me play my cards faster is what I think I'm missing now.

    Chrome Mox - I play 2 in my burn deck Smile Great card for a first turn Eidolon of the Great Revel...
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  • posted a message on Burn
    wow I totally forgot about Harsh Mentor.... I was looking at Immolation Shaman and was wondering if he's playable, but I guess he's worse then Harsh so the answer is no...

    I did like Dangerous Wager for a short time, and in some builds 2 Dangerous Wager was fair in a burn deck. But the 2cc casting cost moved me away from using the card because I was playing 4 Eidolon of the Great Revel, 4 searing blaze and 3/4 Price of Progress.

    Skewer the Critics looks good but I'm not sure if I could fit the card in my deck. I'm not into playing 1 card in a burn deck because I would be playing 1 Thunderous Wrath. I'm considering in picking up 8 copies to test them in Legacy and Modern. I strongly believe Skewers will find a home in my mono-red modern burn deck.

    I currently don't play Rift Bolt in my burn deck because suspend is slow and at one time Rift Bolt was good against countertop control decks (at least for me). If I was playing Rift Bolt in my legacy deck, I might drop them for a playset of Skewer the Critics.

    I do think a lot of players might not be into Skewer the Critics because they are playing with Monastery Swiftspear and they like to maximize the punch of swiftspear, so it would suck to attack with swiftspear before casting 2 Skewer's. So not all builds could use Skewer.

    Light Up The Stage I agree it can be a good card, especially with fireblast I'm not sure where to put the card in my current burn deck.

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  • posted a message on Burn
    I like it. I don't play with Rift Bolt because it's too slow and Skewer the Critics seemed to make a good alternative to that card. I'm not sure what I'll drop or replace in my current burn deck.

    On the other hand I'm building a mono-red modern burn deck and I believe Skewer the Critics is a card that becomes the missing chain lightning.
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  • posted a message on Selling MTGO Collection
    Quote from idSurge »
    Quote from R_Lancer »
    A few weeks ago I was watching on youtube that some guy spent 20,000 dollars on Magic Online Cards. I feel that wizards is responsible for keeping the site active and has value since it was wizards who pushed Magic Online.

    I think wizards should do 1 of 2 things.

    1, allow players to merge their Magic Online cards to Arena.
    2, Buy back all the cards based on the market cost.

    To tell you the truth with all this micro transactions happening, I feel that this is a good example for not buying into micro translations. That one day the money you put in becomes worthless. And Magic Online cards are not cheap.

    I also feel that Magic Online players has a lawsuit.

    I highly doubt it, its not Wizards that sets the price on cards. Who are you going to sue? MTGO Traders?

    Not true. Wizards set the price of cards based on 'virtual' booster packs sold and mislead people into thinking that Magic Online would be the future of magic. And they failed by adding a newer system and Online don't have the support it originally have. Yeah, there's a law suit here. All because Wizards is looking into playing the micro transaction game.

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  • posted a message on New Masters Set.
    How much is a penny master going to sell?

    I think a cardshop could randomly pack 30 commons and sell it for a bulk price of 10 cents each. 3 dollars.
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  • posted a message on How is the Amulet Titan combo legal?
    Quote from Rezzahan »
    When the land enters, the game checks all objects wether they have any triggered abilities matching that event. All objects that do have such an ability trigger. Since there are two Amulets, meaning two objects with an appropriate ability (actually three, since the land itself also has an appropriate ability), you get two triggers. They both go on the stack at the same time, neither one waits for the other to do anything. So now you have two triggers on the stack, each one waiting to resolve and do its thing, in this case to untap the land. They don't care about wether the land untaps before they resolve or how often that status changes before the trigger can resolve. All that matters is, that the land is tapped at the time the trigger resolves, and then it gets untapped.

    Thanks, I didn't see it like that and it helps. I had not played against this combo or used this combo yet, but I want to make sure that I'm not getting BSed or that if I do play the combo that I could explain it correctly to my opponent.
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