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    Quote from thg ยป
    I used to play online poker, many sites were Windows only. These sites were bringing in much more money than Magic does for WotC; there was far more incentive to develop for the Mac. But they didn't. I imagine it is not quite as simply as it might appear to be.

    Quote from MTG-Fan
    THis is ridiculous.

    I can understand not being able to port a graphically advanced video game that uses custom API calls for speed, but how in 2013 has Wizards not been able to port something as simple as a CARD GAME to every other platform?

    Don't tell me it's the complexity of the game itself, because all of the rules-checking is done SERVER-SIDE. All the client has to do is put up pictures of the cards, take input from the user, and render some text.

    There's no reason whatsoever that the Magic client can't be on Windows, Mac, and Linux simultaneously and running on low-end computers and high-end computers at the same speed. Heck, a ten-year-old computer should be able to run a Magic game program with ease.

    I agree with their answer, so basically, always recommend highly configure the system for gaming purpose most important thing graphics card and RAM.
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