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  • posted a message on Magic General Forum Discussion and Helpdesk
    I just wanted to throw out there that I think mtg had missed an opportunity for to make some good cool fateful hour angles.

    I doubt they will go back to innistrad anytime in the near future, and even if they did I doubt we will see fateful hour make a come back. Honestly didn't seem like a popular ability. I'm the only one I know who has a deck built around it and it has its weaknesses.
    I made a black/white deck around it that I absolutely love. I like to call it my emo deck because I hurt myself to win, but its packed full of ways to keep me alive when my health is low. Fateful hour makes the deck really take off once my health is low.

    But with all the mechanics of that block I think mtg missed out on making an angel with fateful hour. It could be really bad ass and potentially game saving. Seeing as an angel could come in and save the day.

    Just a thought.
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  • posted a message on Violent storm
    So I always loved the idea of a rain wizard. Some sort of blue and red mage that controlled the weather to dangerous degrees. Possibly my favorite deck I've built is a blue and red burn draw deck. So I had a coupls of ideas. Mainly an enchantment, but just how to work it and name it makes me indecisive.

    Violent storm
    Enchantment 4-5 drop 1 red, 1 blue mana.
    Whenever you cast a red spell this enchantment does 3 damage to target creature or player.
    Whenever you cast a blue spell tap target creature, it doesnt untap at its next untap step.
    Whenever you cast a red/blue spell draw a card.

    Now I thought of a number of variations. Like dropping the tapping and making the blue spell the trigger for the card draw. Or dropping the ad draw and just making it a 4 drop enchantment. Or raising it to 6 mana and changing the creature tap to "tap target permanent," or adding in the effect of something that effects creatures with flying. Possibly giving flyers -1-1 or -1-0 or losing flying all together. Now if I was to fit it into my deck I think I'd prefer the original. Having it actually effect flying would be counter productive to my chandra's spitfires, but I thought it just sort of added to the flavor of the card.
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  • posted a message on Duel deck of legends
    I had an idea for a duel deck that I really want to see now, adding in a brand "new" planeswalker.
    Its Nicol Bolas vs the leviathan planeswalker. I know there's lore to their epic and long battle, in which nicol bolas ultimately wins. Seeing as magic has revisited the past several times for the sake of making "new" planeswalker cards and themed decks this doesn't seem like a stretch. How cool would it be to have a Leviathan planeswalker card! And to see the deck and abilities built around it! I imagine the planeswalker would be blue with possibly green and/or black mixed in. While green mana works best with sea monsters play wise, I think black makes a good mix, seeing as they could often be seen as deep sea creatures. I would hope a leviathan planeswalker card would rival the nicol bolas and ugin cards, seeing as it's an ancient and powerful being like them, and hopefully has a lot of loyalty points to buff its toughness in field.
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