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  • posted a message on Noob in edh need help to build a lavinia stax deck
    Hi guys im fairly new to edh and i love control hence why im trying to build a stax deck. I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me cut the extra cards in the deck u seem unnecessary or to add cards you think is a staple in the deck. i want the deck to be able to interact protect my combos while slowing them down and allowing me to get my combo peace without getting beat to death. theres a lot of card i didnt put because of the budget but when im going to upgrade it i will get them. some exemple are : pact of negation , force of will , land equilibrium , teferi protection etc... the deck has hard locs with pool of knowledge and omen machine decree of silence with solemnty i also have infinite mana combo with isochron scepter and dramatic rever and krark , scavenging station and flayer husk i win by having infinite mana and playing walking balista or by the blasting station ,krark clan iron work , flayer husk or by opponents conceding due to the lock if anybody has any suggestion feel free to let me know thank you! Here the deck : https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/2714776
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  • posted a message on i need help for my commander memnarch commander deck
    Hi guys im building a commander deck memnarch is the commander i allow myself everycard as long as its 10$ or less heres the deck list : https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/2602274#paper i currently have too many cards and im unable to remove any as i think they are all strong can someone help me cut the list to 100 it would be much appreciated also im open to suggestion as long as the card cost 10$ or less thanks in advance!
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  • posted a message on What Deck Should I Play Since I'm on a budget?
    Cards you already own
    i own a lot of bw aristocrat cards a lot of pirates cards and a lot of saproling fungus cards
    Colors you like to play
    black/green/white i can play red and blue but the deck mechanics have to be appealing
    Style you like to play (control, combo, aggro, midrange, tempo, ramp, rogue)
    mid range aggro and combo btw i love sacrificing creature and draining my opponents life but u need board protection to do that and except heroic intervention i dont have any idea
    Budget you have
    50-100 but if the deck is really nice and can be upgraded i can go up on the budget
    Level you want to play at, or aim to build up to (causal, fmn, ptq)
    casual and fmn
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  • posted a message on need help to upgrade deck!
    the goal of the +1 counters is too be able to sacrifice undying creature 2 3 times in a row per turn because or marauder and he can be a real threath with all the counters he take but i would like to keep it as it is like i said to be able to sac the undying creature multiple times but what would you suggest me to do i built a bw aristocrat deck but i really enjoyed the combo in this deck
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  • posted a message on need help to upgrade deck!
    Hi Guys i made a GB Sacrifice token drain deck and i need help to upgrade it i started magic not a long time ago so i dont have a lot of card knowledge especially in modern since theres so much card but i searched card effect manually and came up with this https://www.mtgsalvation.com/decks/5864-gb-sacrifice-drainr can you guys give me tips or card replacement that could be better and stay in budget thanks in advance!
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