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  • posted a message on [Primer] MonoU Tron - "The well-oiled machine"
    Question time: how you guys feel about playing a couple of gemstone caverns in your 75?
    The thing is, while i am pretty happy with my list (previous page), i always feel like mainboarding a single or even two caverns would give me a very nice shot of winning against fast decks while being on the draw. I am very debated between leaving buried ruin or snapcaster for a single copy and put the second copy in the sideboard.

    What you guys think about gemstone caverns? Is it worth running considering that there are quite a decent number of fast decks in the current meta?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] MonoU Tron - "The well-oiled machine"
    Quoting @uenot47, i always found an eot gift game winning at untap. With so many oneofs you can always get a wincondition.
    It is fairly dependent on the matchup, but usually i like to get coil, ugin, tks and slaver. Against more grindy matchups it is even worth getting a snapcaster, forcin your opponent to either give you the wincon or just too much ca with a second eot gift.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] MonoU Tron - "The well-oiled machine"
    Hello everybody, i am a long time player of U-tron. While in the past i never got interested in posting here i always found this little community very informative, providing me enough ideas to bring this deck to success.
    Since i recently i re-started playing, i wanted to give back some knowledge and contribute too. I had quite a good success playing with this list:

    The list slightly evolved in the sideboard, while leaving the mainboard essetially the same. Bringing it to my local store (about 24 to 30 men tournaments) got two times 1st place and one time 2nd place. Some insight i gathered during this period:

    • TKS in the mainboard is somewhat absurd against any kind of deck, providing a solid blocked against aggressive decks (i.e. burn) and some hand-control against control and big mana, setting the scene for something much bigger, usually being a coil.
    • The classic shell with Angel, Titan, Simulacrum doesnt work anymore. Too slow and most of the times very situational. More walking ballistas and more coils along with tks fight back really well aggros, while still getting pretty easly over control decks.
    • Mainboard chalice of the void feels too good. May it me bocking 1 cmc draw engines or paths or discards, Locking somebody out of taking easy care of your coil is just too good to drop.
    • Dropping a thrist for a Gift ungiven is probably the best thing i could do. Whithout talismans the artifact count is a bit low, and generally an instant speed Gift that resolves is most of the times a free win.
    • 2x snapcasters are mandatory, re-cycing both draw engines and removal, while providing a solid 2 power blocker vs those pesky burns.
    • Nimble obstructionist can counter the storm trigger?? Yes please! Also being a 3/1 flier might force your control- opponent to use a hard removal post side against it Smile

    All in all i am pretty happy to be here and finally contribute to the community that inspired me with this deck.
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