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  • posted a message on Looking for help with Varina Token/Control list
    (New to forum so apologies if formatting is off)

    I started with roughly 220 cards and narrowed the list (painfully) down to its current form. Note: The land ratios/cards are something Im planning to work on after solidifying the list but Im pretty sure 36 is a good number for what Im trying to achieve.

    I designed this deck with the idea of having a Token/Control gameplan that doesn't depend on going infinite and can stand toe-to-toe with other slower value decks. As far as power-level goes I guess Im aiming for something slightly above 75% and could be seen as a casual pub-stomp deck in 4 player games. Thats the goal at the very least.

    Early Game: Use artifact ramp, Land Tax, Sad Robot, and draw engines like Rhystic Study to put us in a good enough position to cast Varina.

    Midgame: Use Luminarch Ascension, Curse of Disturbance, and Anointed Procession-esque abilities to make critters.

    We use our 3 board wipes, 5 counter spells, Anguished Unmaking/Swords, and our 3 Oblivion Ring-style enchantments to answer threats when need be.
    Late Game: We either punch out our opponents with mass tokens or EXTRA THICC bois thanks to Coat of Arms. Or drain everyone with life-loss effects that come from Last laugh and Blood Artist-type effects.

    Synergies Im fond of and would like to retain:
    Crested Sunmare + Clone seems good against things token decks typically struggle against.

    Aminatou and Venser seem very freakin good at bouncing our things. I am running a LOT of eta effects that seem good at supporting our Control/Token play style. Rewashing Evil Twin and Karmic Guide seem like good fits in this deck.

    Animatou Ult + Teferi's Protection = dank

    I have this fantasy where my creatures are indestructible with [[Eldrazi Monument]] or [[Selfess Spirit]] and I then generate a mass die-off of things by either shredding my graveyard with [[Varina]] + [[Ashnod's Alter]] or sacrifice. Then the ensuing death triggers would then end the game.

    Specific Questions:

    Am I running enough ramps and card draw to stay relevant with a non-green deck?

    Should I be running more [[Blood Artist]] Effects? Im hoping [[Sun Titan]] and [[Karmic Guide]] blinks help the little guy stick around.

    What underperforming cards should I cut? What amazing cards should I add?

    Are Dovescape and Gilded Lotus things I should make space for?

    Im planning on blinking Detention Sphere as a way to keep commanders of the field if I have access to blink. Is this a smart strategy or should I opt for different forms of disruption?

    People who like blinking Duplicant and Massacre Wurm, how was your experience? and who hurt you?

    Is Teferi's Protection worth running? The card is on the high end of what Im willing to spend. (I will dig deep for dank but only if its reasonably possible)

    All comments and advice are welcome, have a good day and happy brewing.
    Posted in: Commander (EDH)
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