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  • posted a message on [Official] Custom Art Playmats
    Hi, I'm trying to make a custom trained orgg playmat, but so far I'm unable to adjust the poor quality image I found on wizards website. Can someone help me out this?
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  • posted a message on Hardened Scales
    Hi guys, I've been playing the deck for a while. Got through 58 online matches with the deck, 11 comp leagues and 3 queues.. Overall I am 42-16. That puts on a 72.4% winrate. I've made 1 5-0, 4 4-1 and 6 3-2.
    Although there's not much sample.. Here are the matches that I think are pretty favored so far:

    g tron and u tron, I'm 8-0
    Burn if you board in 4 claim, i think it's very favorable.. 6-2, the first couple I didn't board in cause I saw Sam pardee not boarding in, but after that was pretty much straight forward win.
    Grixis DS and probably humans. You can easily lose to humans if they have 2-3+ reflector mages
    ATM i think mardu is favorable if you can grind it, which should happen most of the time

    I'm mostly even against other matchups to favorable.. I'm actually favorable against storm and even on griselshoal and control variants..

    Also using one copy of cage on sb since there is a lot of vengevine builds on MoDo, which I think it's even to favorable, depending on their hate. I lost to a vengevine build that the player 5-0d couple of times now with anger on the sideboard
    Overall the deck has chance against most, if not all of the meta, also the deck rewards cause many players don't know they are about to die and make wrong plays..
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