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  • posted a message on Dredge
    hi dredge fans! may i ask for help, how do you sideboard against mirror match or vs bridgevine? thanks in advance!
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Zoo [Video Primer]
    @el_snoope, hi! just a suggestion for your list, you may want to consider dryad militant over wild nacatl, the militant benefits more with liege and it's ability is very much suitable in the current modern meta.
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  • posted a message on What Deck Should I Play Since I'm on a budget?
    Quote from kysg »
    -Cards you already own
    Cards I own just ones from M19 and GRN
    Cards that I used for GW midrange that I don't think translate to modern.

    -Colors you like to play
    These are listed in order of preference.
    GW / UR / RGW / RG

    -Style you like to play (control, combo, aggro, midrange, tempo, ramp, rogue)
    I play midrange.
    but, I think aggro/combo I think are the cheaper choices.
    I don't mind tribal either.

    -Budget you have
    Budget 50$

    -Level you want to play at, or aim to build up to (causal, fmn, ptq)
    casual, I think I want to go low just to get it built and then add onto it to try to get to FNM/Ptq levels.
    probably have to treat it like a project deck.

    Appreciate it thanks

    you may want to check this:
    a friend of mine is using this GW budget deck, it's good especially if it curves out properly, there are many cards already printed out since the posting of this article and you can upgrade it's pieces using some GRN cards such as knight of autumn, pelt collector, also temple garden is currently at a low price due to reprint.
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  • posted a message on Dredgevine
    wow thanks for sharing! its difficult nowadays to check for dredgevine list since we are also tagged as a dredge deck.

    on the decklist, i would prefer to have 4 stinkweed imp and cut other card for a singleton golgari thug if we need the thug. i find turn2 gurmag a very good play and it is highly to happen with stinkweed imp rather than golgari thug without delving our other graveyard treats (crawler, amalgam, vengevine, looting, dredge cards).
    turn1: fetch > loot > discard 2 (including 1-dredger)
    turn2: dredge > gurmag
    *less probable to have multiple dredgers due to few dredge cards in the list.

    i find darkblast to be very good, it has so many target in the current meta, i'm currently using a 1-of but i'm already considering to make it 2.

    for bloodghast: the deck has a few slot to squeeze for it, and most probably the first to be cut upon sideboarding. i think supplier + gravecrawler / vengevine are already enough to trigger amalgam. *btw i'm also bot using amalgam.
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  • posted a message on 8Rack
    hi! had the time last night to try xmage and did some playtesting for experimental frenzy.
    *note: decklist is budget (without lotv). this is based in my real life situation that i can't afford it. Frown

    initial thoughts are:
    -smallpox is not good with frenzy as we need to have 4-lands to cast frenzy.
    -bontu, not good with frenzy already in the field.

    thoughts after playtest:
    *i think we want 1~2cmc spells in order to cast multiple spells in a turn once frenzy is out in the field.
    *frenzy might work with a budget list (w/o lotv).
    *had difficulty deciding whether to retrace raven's crime or play the land to get a high chance to cast frenzy at turn4.
    *racing is much easier with frenzy. able to cast multiple spells after hellbent is really what im wishing for in 8rack.

    in 8rack, it's common to be in a hellbent situation wherein we are racing our opponent and we are relying with lady-luck for a good topdeck either we lack few rack effects in the field or looking for a discard spell / land (retrace) in order to manage our opponent to stay within rack range. from my very limited experience playing the deck i feel experimental frenzy is the card i'm looking for to make the situation to be more favorable on our side.
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  • posted a message on Dredge
    hi! dredgevine player here, im testing risk factor there and it seems not a good fit, but it looks to be good here in dredge. maybe a 3/1 split with mom hug (3), risk factor can be looked as a mom hug in the yard that can be cast via jumpstart, this will be helpful midgame for a x3 dredge to hit creeping chill or 4-dmg for extra reach
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  • posted a message on BridgeVine
    darkblast seems not a good fit in the deck. the deck lacks discard engine, mill is good but how will we do it with darkblast?

    *discard to neonate or looting: i wont keep a hand without neonate or looting plus the payoff card. thus darkblast be unlikely to be put in the graveyard at turn1.

    *target supplier: i think sacrificing to gargadon or seer would be the better play here

    *target opponent's creature: i'm less likely inclined to exchange my bridge with an X/1.

    darkblast is good as it has many target in the current meta but i think its not a good fit in our deck.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Goblins
    hi! i'm currently looking for a goblin decklist and saw this one from mtggoldfish:

    i'd like to ask if they know what match up does kari zev expertise is good at? thanks!
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  • posted a message on 8Rack
    Quote from Mtgthewary »
    Forget please chalice. It was 2% metashare last time i looked. If you ever face them so it happens...go on and waste no time frightening about in this meta

    thanks mtgthewary! but i'm playing in a small LGS, there's a mono u-tron playing there in which he had a chalice in the sideboard and experienced it first hand hehehe! it's my first time playing there, the decks i saw were: mono u tron / bw tokens / stompy / burn. since there's a token deck i might go with ratchet bomb. i need to play multiple events there until i can figure out the meta.

    @Blue_Dragoon89, thanks! yeah i think ratchet bomb is great i'm playing the mono black 8rack but a budget version (without the lotv)
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  • posted a message on 8Rack
    hi guys! im still new to 8 rack and would like to ask your expertise to evaluate vampire hexmage as a sideboard card, i'm looking for a sideboard answer to chalice of the void and i got 2 candidates which are ratchet bomb and vampire hexmage. i'm leaning towards ratchet bomb since it can also answer lingering souls token. but i'd still like to ask for your opinion and what are the problematic planeswalker that 8rack encounters for vampire hexmage to have a shot as a sideboard.
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  • posted a message on BridgeVine
    leyline of the void protects your bridge from below from opponent's dying creature
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  • posted a message on BridgeVine
    at first i also thought chamber sentry is good because of the single X manacost but after reading it carefully X depends on the color of mana that we use to cast it so X would only be 2-3 in our deck which is not impressive for me.

    i also agree with TyrantRevolver, we as an aggro deck would be at a disadvantage if we give our opponent a ramp for them to use. but maybe i would try to use 1-2 in the sideboard and only use it in matchups against BGx deck to have a universal answer for the problematic cards that i encounter which are: ooze, rip and leyline outside of those matchup i think i won't be using trophy
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  • posted a message on Chamber Sentry and Dead Weight
    thanks for the quick response
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  • posted a message on Chamber Sentry and Dead Weight
    hi! just want to ask whats the answer in this scenario:

    my turn: cast chamber sentry for X=5 (*5 diff color)
    opp turn: opponent cast dead weight targetting chamber sentry, resolve.
    my turn: i would like to use the ability of chamber sentry (deal X dmg)

    in this scenario what is the maximum damage i can deal with using chamber sentry ability? is it 3 or 5?

    thanks in advance!
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  • posted a message on Dredgevine
    hi Slarg232,
    i think firemane angel is to narrow as a sideboard card, collective brutalityis a much flexible sidebaord card and all of it's modes are relevant against burn deck + it synergizes with the deck as a discard engine.

    hi everyone,
    has anyone here had a lot of experience playing cathartic reunion?
    also just like to ask for your opinion about discovery // dispersal as a replacement for mom, i got a few experience playing cathartic, i really dont like cathartic and it's a bad topdeck card i much prefer using salvage effect. the current meta in my LGS is full of ponza/bloodmoon deck that's why i'm thinking of increasing my basic swamps (2-3) and maybe using discovery // dispersal (2-3) instead of cathartic or salvage to simplify my manabase and also to take advantage of path to exile, field of ruin, assassin's trophy.
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