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  • posted a message on [ZNR] Zendikar Rising Preview stream
    Wow so hyped for Forgotten Realms in MTG, been a huge fan of the setting for 20+ years from D&D and the novels and can't wait to see the crossover! May make a speculation thread about this but will be very interesting to see which characters and settings are included. The obvious ones would be Elminster, Drizzt & friends, Jarlaxle, Blackstaff and Volo but hope they bring some lesser known characters to the fore. For settings I hope it's not just all in Waterdeep - would be too much like Ravnica and there's just so many interesting locations. Even if they're just covering places that have been featured in 5th edition there's Icewind Dale, the jungles of Chult, Baldurs Gate, Avernus and the Underdark.

    Don't you dare mess up my favourite fantasy setting WotC I'll be watching!
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  • posted a message on [ELD] lovestruck beast
    Reall wotc, disney? Is this what mtg really needs?
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  • posted a message on {C19} Mystic intelect full deck list + command zone preview card - Elsha of the Infinite
    So much worse reprints than the Sultai deck, which wasn't amazing either, total miss. I mean just the lands alone Sultai has 7 rare lands this has 2...

    So much for wotc bringing the Commander sets back to C17 and before in terms of value. Will just grab singles of the new cards again like last year for sure.

    And how they've missed obvious reprints like Past in Flames for a flashback deck is crazy...
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  • posted a message on Full spoiler up
    Let's all agree not to buy this overpriced mess, grab the singles we want from ebay and then maybe things will improve next year!
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