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    Hey guys,
    Sorry if I ramble. I’ll try to make this as short as I can!

    Been playing kitchen table casual magic off and on since Onslaught. Only building “flavor” decks and never anything that could be considered efficient. Never been to FNM or anything like that. I’ve recently dusted off my old cards and started playing with my girlfriend. Now I’m thinking about going to something like FNM.

    I don’t think standard is for me. I want to be able to use my old cards and don’t want to have to invest in cards that will rotate out. But I wouldn’t mind investing in a budget modern deck and trying out the format.

    There are a few local game stores in my area, but I think the only one that holds modern events is channelfireball Game Center. I went in to check it out and buy some lands for my casual decks at home. I was amazed, overwhelmed and indimidated. The place is huge and it seems like they take magic very seriously! I asked if they had the lands I needed and they told me they have EVERY card in standard available plus more. The staff was really nice and let me look through the catalogs of cards they had. It felt like I was at the “Mecca” for cometitive mtg

    I was just looking for some advice..
    Could this be a good place for a complete beginner/casual like me to start? Or should I look for somewhere on a smaller scale? I don’t mind losing at all, but can I still learn and have fun at a place like this with a budget low-tier deck? Is the modern format less beginner friendly than standard?

    Sorry again for the long post. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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