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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.
    I would cut Goblin Banneret or Village Messenger.
    I like Fervent Champion quite a bit - especially with equipment, which isn't unrealistic to show up in your aggro-deck
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  • posted a message on Realms Primer: Hyperportable Multiplayer Magic
    A bit late, but after playing some games with it my friends and I really like the concept and playstyle! The ability to start playing without any deck-construction time is perfect. Exactly the niche I wanted to fill between Cubes and a set of ready-made Decks.
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.
    Quote from rantipole »
    Looking to make a little room for persist combo. Cut two of these:

    Sword of War and Peace
    Sword of Truth and Justice
    Lightning Greaves


    Interesting choices. From my experience, the Swords have a quite different role than Lightning Greaves. The Swords transform every insignificant creature in a dangerous threat, so they function as "steroids". Lightning Greaves however are meant to be attached to creatures that are serious threats on their own, making them both very resilient due to shroud and unpredictable due to haste.

    Lightning Greaves are more versatile than the Swords and can see play in more Decks. I might pick up Greaves in a Tinker, Reanimator or Oath Deck, but also in random midrange decks.
    Swords shine the brightest in Aggro Decks, but I don't think they are reasonable cards in most Decks where Lightning Greaves are useful.
    On the other hand, this means that Swords are more likely to be available to the Aggro-drafters, which is nice.

    From those three cards, I would cut Sword of War and Peace for sure. The second card would depend on whether I felt like Aggro needed a good equipment more than finishers from other decks the protection.
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  • posted a message on [720][Powered] wtwlf123's Cube
    Quote from wtwlf123 »
    New design change:

    WARNING Cards that reference "Outside of the Game" as a zone have been banned. WARNING

    I am curious as to why you didn't ban the mechanic itself, leaving the cards legal. Especially since Lurrus and Lutri seem like decent cards on their own.
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  • posted a message on Card Æsthetics Evaluation Thread

    What do you mean by masterpieces? Do you mean extended art cards? If so, Elspeth, Sun's Nemesis, Calix, Destiny's Hand, and Ashiok, Nightmare Muse have great Chuck Lukacs art.

    It's not that they have weird frames or weird text in the case of the Ahmonkhet ones, it's that they have that soulless new card look to them. It has nothing to do with the fact that they're masterpieces.

    One of the reasons I play with so many COK Block cards in my cube is that they're from what I would consider the golden age of this game's art. Look at Wandering Ones or Day of Destiny or Nim Replica or Gutless Ghoul or the original Imperial Recruiter or Hana Kami. The cards don't look like this anymore.

    I think I get your point and agree mostly. There are some gems now and then but on the whole, I like artworks from around Kamigawa-, Lorwyn- and first Mirrodin-blocks the most. I have to say that I like the artwork of the Daze-Masterpiece quite a bit and hate the Nemesis one.

    Quote from Cythare »
    I'm going to revive this and ask for people's opinions on the aesthetics of the Ikoria alt-arts.

    However, so many of the cards having alternate versions calls to me. I'm probably going to try to get the Mothra version of Luminous Broodmoth, even though it's a bit goofy, as well as the comic-book versions of the triomes, Vivien, and Sea-Dasher Octopus (but probably not end up actually getting all of them due to cost issues).


    I'm not really into most artworks of the Ikoria alt-arts. They are too close-up for my taste, without using this fact to weave mystery about the thing they are depicting. Just like someone taking a photograph of you being too close. I won't get any of those I suppose.
    This in turn makes me like the alt-arts for the Triomes, since they offer some perspective, so I may snatch one up if I get the opportunity.
    Luminous Broodmoth is a tough card for me, since I think the original art is just plain ugly. Mothra however will be too expensive for me, so I have to figure that out.

    In general I think if you want to represent this artstyle in your Cube, the Triomes are most worthwile!
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.
    Quote from MagicFever »
    Since I am rebuilding my cube I lack the experience with some cards from the previous sets and would be very happy if you can get me some (short) input for the following cards (my cube will be unpowered moden-frame only and will have a size of 405 or 450). Since the list of cards is on the larger site, just a ranking from A to E would be enough. For reference, this is my preliminary list, Thanks

    The experience I have with a 540 card unpowered Cube.

    Sram's Expertise: Decent. I prefer Spectral Procession, but Expertise is a more memorable/unique card. Without the free card it is a bit lackluster though.
    Legion's Landing: Decent. Flipped it is amazing and potentially game-winning. Flipping it is hard though, but with go wide-strategies, I think it is worth it.
    Elspeth, Sun's Nemesis: No experience with it.
    Force of Virtue: No experience with it.
    Clever Impersonator: Good. I really like this card. Much more than Phyrexian Impersonator, which never did much for me. I like copying Planeswalkers.
    Will Kenrith: No experience with it.
    Asylum Visitor: Decent. 3/1 flying for 1B is nice already, so the ability does not have to carry the card completely.
    Custodi Lich: Amazing. Great impact on the board.
    Wretched Confluence: No experience with it.
    Dreadhorde Invasion: Decent. Much worse than Bitterblossom, but very playable.
    Liliana, Dreadhorde General: Goodstuff card. I think it is good, but I actually don't like it.
    Robber of the Rich: No experience with it.
    Rampaging Ferocidon: Decent. I like the playstyle of the card. Playing blockers brings the opponent closer to losing.
    Ilharg, the Raze-Boar: No experience with it.
    Fiery Confluence: Very good. Plenty of problematic artifacts around, even in unpowered. Other modes are great as well.
    Ramunap Excavator: Without the cards you excluded I would never play it.
    Questing Beast: Amazing. Super strong.
    Finale of Devastation: Amazing. Crazy finisher, even able to reuse already disposed threats.
    Vivien's Arkbow: No experience with it.
    Golos, Tireless Pilgrim: Nice for fishing out utility-lands or fixing. Don't think there is too much utility in the modern-frame though.
    Dovin, Grand Arbiter: Decent. Cool Tempo-card.
    Ugin, the Ineffable: Very good.
    Retrofitter Foundry: Decent. Nice Manasink.
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  • posted a message on [SCD][C14][CUBE DAGNABIT] Containment Priest
    With the uprise of persist-combo, mostly thanks to redundancy in enablers such as Grumgully, the Generous, Good-Fortune Unicorn and Renata, Called to the Hunt, I intend to give this card a test-run in my cube. This card now hoses Persist-Combo, Blink, Reanimator, Sneak and Show and Oath of Druids, so maybe it is not as niche as it used to be. Alternatively Hushwing Gryff comes to my mind, which has increased incidental use against midrange creature decks.
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  • posted a message on [IKO] [CUBE] Song of Creation
    This is one of the cards I look forward to the most! It is exactly where I want my Cube to be, in a position where I can have the Lands-matter archetype as a competitive archetype. Just like The Gitrog Monster or Titania, Protector of Argoth, it is not the best for the slot, but it allows me to calibrate my Cube nicely.
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  • posted a message on Softcore Magic (a working title)
    Quote from WizardMN »
    Your mantra isn't "you will get to play". Your mantra is "I will get to play". You don't seem to care about what makes a good game; you just care about yourself and not getting stopped.

    I would legitimately be interested in hearing if you can ever get something like this off the ground. And, then, how long your group plays with these rules. I know I wouldn't come near it because I think these rules are terrible but maybe you can find enough like-minded people who have fun with it.

    This reflects my impression of the intention of such rules quite accurately. I don't play competitive Magic, only Limited and Cube. A piece of advice I can give you from the perspective of having a Cube with most of the mean things in it (Tinker, Control Magic, Treachery, Hymn to Tourach, both Emrakul, Armageddon, Strip Mine, Smokestack and so on) is the following:

    If you encounter a strategy you don't know how to beat, play it yourself. You'll learn much about the game and the weaknesses of most strategies. When you understand how to beat a strategy, you adjust your deckbuilding to the possibility of having to defeat said strategy, making your decks and decisions better overall.

    I like Magic exactly because of the plethora of interaction it provides. I wouldn't take anything away from it (even though mana screw and mana flood are actually annoying). If I were to decide, I guess I would even like to bring back Manaburn.
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  • posted a message on Realms Primer: Hyperportable Multiplayer Magic
    First of all, thank you for sharing this format in such a detailed manner. I've been on the verge of constructing a fourth Cube (after a Legacy-, Artifact- and Unstable-Cube) with the cards I always wanted to play but which are simply not good enough. However, I changed my idea to having something ready to play without a drafting process, but not requiring constructed decks. This way, I could lure friends into the game and eventually to drafting my cubes :p I found "The Danger Room"-format, but after some theorycrafting came to the conclusion that the cardpool would not be to my liking, since I could not incorporated fleshed-out archetypes. Your idea combines the idea of the shared deck from "The Danger Room" with the possibility of choosing synergistic cards in the deck. I never thought of parting ways with the 5 color balance of Magic to create the format I wanted - a good idea! I'm planning on trying it out this weekend with a friend. Will report on how it went, but my friend is very sceptic^^
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][IKO][C20] Includes and Testing Thread
    Quote from Goodking »
    Quote from Niphred »
    The Companion mechanic seems like a judge nightmare. Is the player using the companion supposed to present the contents of their deck to their opponent beforehand? How do they prove they are eligible to use the companion? The same seems true for casual environments to a degree. Will pass on everything but Lutri for this reason.

    Good question, I guess if your opponent is running Lurrus in Companion mode and then throws down a 3 cmc permanent you bring it up then?

    Wouldn't this issue also arise with banned cards or multiples beyond 4? In a tournament, every decklist has to be checked, so I don't see an issue there.
    Admitted, for Cube it is a bit annoying.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][THB] Nadir Kraken
    Could you elaborate on what makes this better than Chasm Skulker? Skulker gets counters for free and gives you wrath-protection.
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  • posted a message on [IKO][CUBE] Narset of the Ancient Way
    I am shocked by how bad this card is. Nothing relevant on any mode. No real advantage gained, not on hand nor on board. How can this card be real after the insane two-color Planeswalkers of 2019? I mean, tricolor is HARDER to cast, still I can't remember any worthwile tricolor walker not named Bolas.
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  • posted a message on [IKO] [CUBE] Lurrus of the Dream-Den
    I like that I can play it via Companion in a Deck with Stoneforge Mystic and Umezawas Jitte :p
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][WAR]- Blast Zone
    I like it as well.
    I have to be honest though, my utilityland-section is a mixture of my gut-feeling and personal preference. I don't have a number limit there, so as long as a land is good its in, I wouldn't cut another utilityland for it.
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