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  • posted a message on Minimum Archetype Support
    Nice writeup - your writeups in the last weeks are really appreciated, like the ones from Vintage Cards!

    The points you make are good - while I think it is oversimplifyied to some extent, I also realise that it would be undoable to be overly specific while retaining the amount of generality this provides.

    One question: You apply a 0.5 penalizer for enablers that are unlikely to wheel, but assume that 60% of the enablers pass to the player drafting the deck. I don't understand why these modifiers would be unequal. Can you explain your reasoning?
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  • posted a message on Print This Wizards (so I can put it in my cube)
    Quote from allred123 »
    Been working on this one for a while in my mind.
    Not sure if the text would fit on a card, or how to simplify it word wise. The way the card functions is simple to understand I think (for a somewhat complex card).

    2 mana 2/W 2/U 2/B 2/R 2/G
    Legendary Artifact

    if ~ would ETB, for each color of mana used to cast ~ search the zone from which ~ is entering for a creature which shares that mana color and you may cast that creature without paying it's mana cost.
    if ~ was not cast, you may use the colors of the spell or the permanent that triggered ~ to ETB instead
    if there are no creatures in that zone, reveal all cards in your hand and that zone then search your library instead.

    ~ ETB with all abilities for each other creature that entered the battlefield under your control this turn


    Sounds interesting, but it actually is very involved in what it wants to do, since all abilities require more than one check (zone and mana color). A simplified version that comes to mind is:
    When ~ ETB, choose any number of cards on the Battlefield or in your Graveyard. For every different color among chosen cards, search your library for a creature of this color and put it into play.

    That is not quite the same, but much easier to digest.
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  • posted a message on [KHM][CUBE] Goldspan Dragon
    Quote from Breathe1234 »
    Thundermaw's 5th toughness is important for Wildfire.

    Unfortunately, every slot is is way too competitive. Its sad so many "almost good enough" cards are getting cut left and right.

    I actually think that's great! It diversifies even higher powered Cubes (maybe not the absolute top, but that is almost undoable) and so in most Cubes there is some card that reflects preferences of the playgroup or the curator that is defensible.
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  • posted a message on [KHM][CUBE] Goldspan Dragon
    It is a very sweet card indeed, but while it does save you somewhat on mana, I found the impact condensed into a single card of Glorybringer or Thundermaw Hellkite to be more appealing. The mana of Goldspan Dragon is only useful if you have cards to spend that mana on. Thus, while good, Goldspan Dragon shines when you are not out of gas or when you can comfortably wait for your investment to pay off later in the game. Glorybringer and Hellkite are insane topdecks and have big impact on the board, which is what I want out of my flying red 5-drop.

    Goldspan Dragon seems very good to me, but slots into a Deck I feel has no need for it, although it would be good. Hellkite/Glorybringer are more important to the archetypes in my Cube. All this is theorycrafting however, since I never actually cubed with Goldspan Dragon.

    PS: Am I the only one getting the impression that Goldspan Dragon is actually pet-size? Something in the artwork makes it feel super tiny, which is cute. Grin
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][KHM] Includes & Testing Thread
    Quote from SaucyFaucet »

    As others have noted, I added [Starnheim Unleashed] and [Doomskar] as a 2-card package because they present opposite survival tactics for the opponent, so guessing your foretold card incorrectly can cause a game-losing disadvantage for them. But Glorious Protector joins in because, as unlikely as it could be, they actually create a Rock-Paper-Scissors foretell game.

    Starnheim beats Glorious Protector. 4/4 > 3/4
    Glorious Protector beats Doomskar, a wrath.
    Doomskar beats Starnheim Unleashed, no matter the x.

    That is a pretty good point you are making! Why though do good new cards have to be CMC 4 in white so often Frown That is the most contested spot in my Cube.
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  • posted a message on Low powered Cube list suggestions
    Exactly what I was looking for! Many thanks!
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  • posted a message on Low powered Cube list suggestions
    I'm leaving my hometown for studies in a few months and I want to tidy up my collection a bit, looking to make the bulk-rares I accumulated a bit useful or just throw them in the bin.
    There are a few friends that this year picked up MTG via Arena, and I thought I might leave them with something nice to play with that is not Commander, since I really dislike the format.
    Also, I want to protect their early MTG days from an arms race and thought a low powered Cube might be the perfect environment for that, since it also gives some fresh life to the cards that have become useless to me.

    Are there some lists of low-powered, but not necessarily Peasant or Pauper Cubes that are not too big? 360 - 540 cards would be optimal. I just need some guidance since playtesting is really not an option in the current state, otherwise I would just trial and error to find the sweet spot.
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  • posted a message on [C19][CUBE] Sevinne's Reclamation
    After playing this card twice in an Abzan Deck with Stax and Persist Combo sprinkled in, I completely fell in love with the card! Targeting Eternal Witness, Strip Mine, Kitchen Finks, Marsh Flats, Oblivion Ring was always very valuable - doing it twice was insane! Together with Yawgmoth, Thran Physician this card got me so much control over the board while also refilling my hand.

    If you haven't given this a whirl yet, it is definetly worth a try. For reference, I play a 540 unpowered Cube without restrictions beyond fast mana (Crypt, Vault, Monolith, Sol Ring) and obviously P9, and the card did perform.
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.
    Seems like it is very en vogue as of late to question the viability of Fireblast. It is still a premium spell in my book. Narrower than CMC 2 and less burn, but with a higher ceiling.
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  • posted a message on [[SCD]] Undiscovered Paradise
    On the lookout for some interesting lands to try out in cube, I stumbled over this one. The arguments here should still hold up after all these years, since Aggro didn't really change. Anyone still playing it and having success with it?
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.

    The first bunch. So much more synergies with fetching lands! You could choose Thriving Grove over Shimmerdrift Vale in the first group though, since it seems like a strict upgrade. Your question however makes me think you are uncomfortable with a non-complete Landcycle. If you can't bring yourself to play Thriving Grove without the other 4, then simply take the first group as is.
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  • posted a message on [KHM][CUBE] Karfell Port
    ~ enters the battlefield tapped.

    T: Add U.

    3UBB, T, sacrifice ~: Mill four cards, then return a creature card from your graveyard to battlefield tapped.

    This card seems to be very close to useful in cube. Reanimation, albeit expensive, strapped to a land and at instant speed sounds quite nice to me. With the ability to play/return lands from the graveyard this gets amazing and reminds me of Volrath's Stronghold. It's not a very good comparison due to several key differences, but I like the design and will try it out.
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  • posted a message on [KMH][CUBE] - The World Tree
    Quote from wtwlf123 »

    Maybe it's just me, but I don't really see this one for my cube.

    I feel the same way - I don't see anything in this card for cube and don't see myself picking this over anything.
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  • posted a message on [KHM] [CUBE] Varragoth, Bloodsky Sire
    Where would one want to play this card?
    It's not aggressive, since you lose a lot of tempo investing 2 Mana on turn 4 for no immediate payoff - it's not really helping control vs aggro, since you wouldn't want to disable a blocker.
    Midrange? Or control mirror?
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  • posted a message on Cube from Mirrodin to Eventide (General)
    If you are willing to stretch the definition a bit by saying the core of the Cube should at least consist of mechanics that originated from these times, you could definetly import a Persist-archetype. Use Kitchen Finks and Murderous Redcap and maybe some other Persist-creatures as payoffs and Blasting Station, Spawning Pit and maybe some other sacrifice outlets - the only thing you then have to include from outside is something that closes the loop like Renata, Called to the Hunt, Grumgully, the Generous or Good-Fortune Unicorn. The last three are not really from the sets you like, but I'd say Grumgully is very defendable as a Goblin that would fit into Lorwyn and the Unicorn is kind of okay.
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