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  • posted a message on Commander legends speculation
    Nice slots plan.

    Dual colored rares :
    All missing paruns can be here!

    Dual colored uncos :
    Belbe for Golgari

    Red :

    White :
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  • posted a message on Commander legends speculation
    For now..

    Old characters getting a redo (6)
    Ghost of ?
    Sakashima ?

    Characters who hadn't gotten a card (10)
    Bell Borca
    Liesa (fourth sister)
    Tevesh Szat
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends Global Release moved to November 20 and Previews to October 26
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Shouldn't have postponed the previews though, this set will totally get leaks in 1-2 weeks

    we already know approximately a 3rd of the set

    I think half of the new characters from the set are already leaked so we still have about 35 commanders to see Smile
    (+ decks..)
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  • posted a message on Who’s coming for a card that doesn’t have one yet
    The fourth sister finally, and more.. Tevesh Szat!
    Tormod is a surprise, didn't expect him.
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  • posted a message on Commander legends speculation
    Ok Alena and Halana checked.
    I sensed pairs of characters so we could easily have WRebbec and UGlacian now.

    And since O'Kagachi and Taysir are 5 colored they are unfortunately not in the set, also since all mono colored creatures have partner we can pretty much scratch Yawgmoth, no way Yawgmoth God of Phyrexia will be a partner

    Yes Taysir, Urza PW, O'Kagachi v.2 and Karona v.2 are out but Yawgmoth can still be here if not monocolored :
    Gix too with Dimir colors.

    Hype is real.

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  • posted a message on Commander legends speculation
    So some cards revealed soon.. hmm.. updated wishlist with my guess in bold :
    (76 new legends for set & decks : probably 50% old characters is 38 legends)

    [Dominaria][Thran Civil War][-4795 AR]
    Dyfed, Mistress of Portals (Planeswalker)
    Glacian, Thran Artificer
    Rebbec, Thran Architect
    Xod, Thran Healer

    [Dominaria][Antiquities War][63 AR]
    Ashnod, Mishra’s Apprentice
    Hurkyl of Lat-Nam
    Kayla bin-Kroog
    Mishra, Argivian Artificer (Version 2)
    Ratepe, Son of Mideah
    Tocasia, Argivian Archeologist

    [Dominaria][Dark Age][64 AR - 450 AR]
    Jherana Rure, Commander of the Order
    Maeveen O'Donagh
    Oliver Farrel, Icatian Priest
    Tourach, the Dark One
    Vervamon, the Elder

    [Dominaria][Ice Age][450 AR - 2934 AR]
    Avram Garrison
    Gerda Äagesdotter
    Gustha Ebbasdotter
    Hurn of Clan Pearl
    Jason Carthalion
    Leshrac, Walker of Night (Planeswalker)
    Miko, King of Storgard

    [Dominaria][Legends][3000 AR - 4150 AR]
    Adira Strongheart
    Hazezon, Governor of Bryce (Version 2)
    Jedit Ojanen, Tiger Warrior (Version 2)
    Johan, Tyrant of Tirras (Version 2)
    Jorgan Hage, Ærathi Berserker
    Kolo Meha, Bogarden Seismicmage
    Marhault, General of the Kentsu (Version 2)
    Ramses, Imperial Regent (Version 2)
    Tetsuo, Imperial Champion (Version 2)

    [Dominaria][Planeswalker War][4195 AR]
    Adam Carthalion
    Altair of Coloni, White Mage (Planeswalker)
    Caliphear, the Nightmare
    Dakkon, Shadow Slayer (Planeswalker) (Version 2)
    Embereck, Ash Warlord (Planeswalker)
    Faralyn of the Shard (Planeswalker)
    Geyadrone Dihada (Planeswalker)
    Greensleeves, Archdruid (Planeswalker)
    Grenfell Mor of Golthonor (Planeswalker)
    Gull, Woodcutter
    Jared Carthalion, Shadow Mage (Planeswalker)
    Liana of Minorad (Planeswalker)
    Piru, Elder Dragon
    Ravidel, the Battlemage (Planeswalker)
    Sandruu (Planeswalker)
    Valthus, Segovian Leviathan

    [Dominaria][Nine Titans][4205 AR]
    Bo Levar, Interplanar Smuggler (Planeswalker)
    Commodore Guff (Planeswalker)
    Daria of Ulgrotha (Planeswalker)
    Kristina of the Woods (Planeswalker)
    Taysir of Rabiah (Planeswalker)
    Tevesh Szat, Doom of Fools (Planeswalker)
    Urza, Academy Master (Planeswalker) (Version 2)

    Afari, Jamuraan Writer
    Agnate and Thaddeus
    Astor the Upstart
    Crovax of Windgrace (Version 3)
    Fiers, God of Dwarves (Legendary Enchantment Creature - Dwarf)
    Gaea, Dominaria’s Protector (Legendary Enchantment Creature - Elemental)
    Gatha, Keld Researcher
    Grizzlegom, Hurloon Minotaur
    Jeska Ascended (Planeswalker) (Version 3)
    Kamahl, Heart of Krosa (Version 3)
    Karona, Dominaria’s Avatar (Version 2)
    Kreig, Witch King of Keld
    Lady Ana
    Lyna, Emissary of the Soltari
    Nevinyrral, Urborg Necromancer
    Orim, Weatherlight Healer (Version 2)
    Skellum, Dementia Master
    Tymolin Loneglade
    Unnamed demonic leviathan (Planeswalker)
    Vincent, Lord of the Pit (Token from Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar)
    Zagorka and Chester

    Asha, Bant Hero
    Sifa Grent of Grixis (Planeswalker)

    Nakht, Acolyte of Tah-Crop

    Corliss the Wanderer
    Marawen, Barrow Witch
    Princess Hazel Kenrith
    Syr Alora, knight of Garenbrig
    Syr Bragi, knight of Garenbrig
    Syr Branigan, knight of Ardenvale
    Syr Grenphir, knight of Garenbrig
    Syr Layne, knight of Embereth
    Syr Roki, knight of Garenbrig
    Syr Tasdale, knight of Ardenvale

    Alena, Trapper of Kessig
    Halana, Kessig Ranger
    Runo Stromkirk
    Unnamed fourth angel sister
    Vronos, the Grey Fencer (Planeswalker)

    Aclazotz, Bat God of the Night
    Adrian Adanto of Luijo
    Captain Brandis Thorn
    Emperor Apatzec Intli III
    Itzama, the Crested
    Ixalli, the Verdant Sun
    Kinjalli, the Wakening Sun
    Queen Miralda, the Pious
    Tilonalli, the Burning Sun

    Vatti, Shadowblayde

    O-Kagachi, the Great Old Serpent (Version 2)
    Sisters of Flesh and Spirit
    Snow-Fur, Kitsune Poet
    Urami (Token)

    Colfenor, the Last Yew
    Illulia of Nighthearth

    The Magistrate

    Kaldra (Token)
    Ushanti, Leonin Seer

    [New Phyrexia]
    Azax-Azog, Demon Thane
    Kraynox, Deep Thane
    Malcator, Executor of Synthesis
    Roxith, Thane of Rot
    Thrissik, Writhing Thane
    Vraan, Thane of Blood

    Abcal-dro, the Overseer
    Belbe, Phyrexian Princess
    Croag of Phyrexia
    Gix, Yawgmoth Praetor
    Kirril, Phyrexian Priest
    Sitrik, Birth Priest
    Yawgmoth, Father of Machines (Legendary Enchantment Creature - Horror) (Version 2)

    Davvol, First Evincar
    Takara en-Dal

    Araithia Shokta
    Azor, Parun (Planeswalker) (Version 2)
    Bori Andon
    Cisarzim, the Lord of Chaos
    Damir, Voidwielder
    Kallist Rhoka, Blademaster
    Mat'Selesnya, Parun
    Ritjit, Ogre Jailbreaker
    Ruzi and Kuma
    Senka, Stealer of Secrets
    Simic, Parun
    Svogthir, Parun
    The Cozen
    Unknown, Lotleth Troll

    Bani Bakur of Ardestan
    Kenan Sahrmal (Planeswalker)

    Arel, the Whisperer
    Gvar Barzeel, Krumar Commander

    Agnomakhos, Archon Tyrant
    Cacophony, God of Cities
    Perisophia, the Philosopher
    Unnamed third Titan
    Unnamed fourth Titan

    Feroz, Ulgrotha’s Protector (Planeswalker)
    Ravi, Grandmother Sengir (Planeswalker) (Version 2)
    Sengir, Dark Baron (Version 2)

    Numa, Joraga Chieftain

    Baltrice of the Consortium (Planeswalker)
    Ramaz, Shamanic Human (Planeswalker)
    The Raven Man (Planeswalker)
    The Unluckiest (Planeswalker)
    Unnamed creator of Phyrexia (Planeswalker)
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  • posted a message on Commander legends speculation
    Quote from Melriken »
    Quote from illidqn »
    Crovax of Windgrace (Version 3)
    sorry to be super nitpicky... but that should be version 4...

    Ascendant Evincar
    Crovax, Ascendant Hero
    Crovax the Cursed

    speaking of which, what do you want out of a fourth version of Crovax?

    Because I don't count Crovax, Ascendant Hero when it comes to alternative reality.
    For the fourth version I suggest human Crovax or a new version of him vampire.

    Yawgmoth as God of Phyrexia card (supplemental likely)- Little When

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  • posted a message on Commander legends speculation
    I know it Wink

    So in my opinions the Father of Machines card must have:
    - Phyrexian black mana costs and maybe blue mana cost for some abilities like Phyrexian Infiltrator.
    - A sacrifice cost for the use of the black god.
    - Power and toughness each equal to your devotion to black like Theros demigods, look at Tymaret, Chosen from Death.
    - Graveyard abilities like Yawgmoth's Agenda and Yawgmoth's Will.
    - Artifact creatures abilities like Phyrexian Scriptures.
    - A flip option to a Death Cloud.

    And finally he must be killable only by the Legacy Weapon.
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  • posted a message on Commander legends speculation
    Oh nice:

    magicmanaproducer777 asked: If yawgmoth as a phyrexian gets a card I know he’s mono black but would he end up with the loophole of being 5-color with a ability of some sort (It’s new phyrexia’s fault for this question since the phyrexians go beyond black in that plane)
    The Phyrexians that Yawgmoth led were primarily black and artifact creatures.

    Two answers in a short time.. that's good!
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  • posted a message on Commander legends speculation
    Yes, I was pleasantly surprised that he answered me, he made my day!
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