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  • posted a message on Gates Archetype
    Gates in standard spawned quite a few iterations in the last year. Is this a deck that ports over to multiplayer with any ease? I realize you can try and win off I Win or Zombie Overrun but is the archetype now able to truly challenge for games?

    When I searched Maze's End I found 3 relevant threads that were all 5+ years old. Does Gates Ablaze, Golos, Tireless Pilgrim, Primeval Titan Hour of Promise Gatebreaker Ram Guild Summit Arboreal Grazer Explore and Consecrated Sphinx among others make this deck playable?

    I realize that crackling perimeter and Seedborn Muse or prophet of kruphix was a way to damage the table if the card stuck.

    I feel like if I want to win via Maze's End it's all about ramp and early defense, if I want to win via Field of the dead it's ramp, a doubling action like Panharmonicon and Scapeshift to swarm

    If I want to beatdown, cards like Gatebreaker Ram and Gate Colossus are worth entertaining, although I feel the beatdown path could be almost ANY good creatures for that matter.

    My meta is four players, it's not cutthroat (as in turn 1-2 combo), but at the same time, every deck can absolutely take control and just win games if left unmolested. We follow Vintage B&R list for the most part but any card can be played as a playset if it's legally a playset in ANY SANCTIONED format (example, 4 sol rings need not apply)

    What does the community have to say about the Gates archetype and what sort of decks could you envision playing?

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  • posted a message on Discussion: Recent Mulligan Changes and their Impact on Multiplayer
    Quote from Prid3 »
    That being said, all the mulligans in the world aren't always able to overcome variance and multiple opponents.

    What does bother me is when both Green players at the table open with turn 0 OuAT, turn 1 Elf, turn 2 three drop almost every single game. And I'm absolutely including myself in there so this isn't a "screw everyone else" complaint. I don't enjoy the fact that I have to build my decks that way but I'm still going to do it if it's optimal. When multiple people are making the exact same openers game after game it no longer feels like you're playing unique games of Magic. Rather, it feels like you're stuck playing the exact same game. That's what really bothers me about the free MP mulligan, the London mulligan and OuaT combined.

    I actually find this interesting. You often propose green decks that are x4 Primeval Titan and x4 Sylvain Primordial as finishers. I assume when you do this it is because in the majority of your brews these are the optimal cards for those CMC costs unless another niche card is needed (like Avenger of Zendikar or Craterhoof behemoth in token decks). Realistically, if you want to play the optimal build each and every time, it is relatively few cards that make the cut. The only difference now as I see it, is you have to find 4 slots for Once upon a timein the majority of green decks because the card has become the defacto go to in the early game.

    It is not lost on me or anyone else around here that you almost always showcase alternative options for those who have deck building restrictions, whether because of financial or playgroup rules. This is much appreciated. To go back to my point I made in a previous post, I think this is why some people like to build different types of decks, think Elves, Devotion, midrange stompy, ramp etc, so they can play different cards in those decks and not have to play the same cards over and over again.

    I have friends who build like you, pure brewers and just take decks apart and move cards around. They love it and look to play optimal builds which frequently include the same cards with few variations. I have other friends who build a deck, tweak it if it under performs, if a new card released obsoletes a current one, or if a new card enhances a strategy.

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  • posted a message on Boros Fires
    I hate to say it, but BOROS is the ghetto guild of multiplayer magic. Nothing has changed and unless R&D shakes up the color pie, I suspect it always will be. Blue, black and Green are just far superior and the trend continues.

    Jeskai colors probably turns this deck from a deck that is consistently inconsistent, into a much smoother playing experience where you actually haven't lost if you don't get your nut draw.
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  • posted a message on Discussion: Recent Mulligan Changes and their Impact on Multiplayer
    Once upon a time is a bad design pure and simple. It may as well be a Demonic Tutor for anyone playing green or splashing green since odds are you want a land or creature anyways. That being said, when I play black I always run a demonic tutor and a vampiric tutor along with two other tutors. I recognize that you still have to pay for those but it's not like smoothing draws hasn't been around since the beginning of Magic. The problem with OUAT is that it is free, BEFORE you do anything.

    I agree that changes to the mulligan rule are in an awkward state especially if you follow it to the letter in MP. Being able to see 1/3 - 1/2 of your deck BEFORE you play is obscene. That being said, all the mulligans in the world aren't always able to overcome variance and multiple opponents. After all, the same benefits apply to your opponents as well. The best sculpted hands still lose enough that this hasn't become an issue in our meta yet.

    What it does do, is pigeon hold people into only playing 3 of the 5 colors of Magic (black, blue and green) because they are CLEARLY multiple steps up in terms of consistency, draw and power over red and white, that IMO opinion is the bigger problem. My personal meta doesn't run serum powder only one guy runs Once upon a timein one deck and we allow "even more" friendly mulligan rules if you show a hand with 1 or 6+ lands.

    Is EDH really any different. Lots of tutors in that format, tons of redundancy too, with slightly different card choices. I am not a huge fan of tutors, but I recognize the power and consistency they bring to decks so I use them at times. If you are a brewer, there are certain cards that are pure staples and those same cards go in all your decks as you build them.

    If you are thematic, sometimes you play less optimal choices for flavor, art of whatever. This gives you the option to play different cards (sometimes, not always) which is a good thing. As much as I want to win, I like to win in certain ways and with different cards.

    The power creep in Magic cannot be understated either. OUAT is clearly part of the latest power surge, for better or worse

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  • posted a message on Midrange Henge deck
    The Great Henge has become a kill on sight spell when I play it, unless people are doing anti lifegain stuff (which is increasing in our meta), either way, it neuters some of it's effectiveness for me. That being said, the card is a pure bomb and playable in so many different types of decks.

    I would like to see JUND list as I play a GRUUL one that is ever evolving

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  • posted a message on Elk/Deer deck

    On an unrelated note Kenrith's Transformation is an extremely powerful card and I've been loving it in EDH. It's worse in MP since it doesn't have Commanders to neuter but "killing" a creature and drawing a card is a Hell of a rate at 2 CMC. Oko has also been insane in EDH for the same reasons but Kenrith's Transformation is a legitimate removal spell in Green.

    I second this. The card isn't as good asBeast within but I love that this comes down a turn earlier allowing me to really punish those turn two Moat or their birds of paradise especially if shutting off their ramp stymies them because they become land screwed. The fact that the card replaces itself really makes the card strong. The creature you give them is mostly a moot point.

    Oko is simply kill on sight or fall behind miserably.
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  • posted a message on Financial Musings of 2019 Holiday Season
    I know I stopped buying from Card kingdom because customs was opening all their packages and dinging myself and many others with a handling fee of $10, plus taxes on the entire order. This is verified by a simple google search and talked about on Reddit by other fellow Canadians. So unless something has changed, this is exactly where it stands (tariffs are a bitch).
    https://www.reddit.com/r/mtgfinance/comments/cnt8uu/tcgplayer_order_having_to_pay_customs_in_canada/ check out the comments
    https://www.reddit.com/r/mtgfinance/comments/cbm9h8/fyi_cardkingdom_duties_ordering_outside_of_the_us/ more confirmation here

    This made them a poor buy opportunity for me, even with free shipping. A shame, because I quite liked Card Kingdom and had many orders.

    I am not sure how you are trigger free shipping at $25 because I can't trigger free shipping UNTIL i hit $100 or more, which is what I used last time I ordered. My $106 USA order was shipped free, but I had to pay 22.76 in fees and taxes.

    Happy to be proven wrong, but as far as I know, nothing has changed since early in 2019

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  • posted a message on Financial Musings of 2019 Holiday Season
    Good review.
    Fabled Passage for me, is one of the better cards in the set, simply due to it working for so many decks. I really like this one.
    Quote from Prid3 »

    All that Glitters.....
    In terms of Commons Mystic Sanctuary is going to be the most sought after card in the set
    Field of the Dead ... is about to get banned in Standard

    All that Glitters is better than it looks. I've seen Smothering Tithe fuel this thing to epic proportions. And most of the time,
    I disagree about a ban-hammer coming for Field of the Dead. Aggro decks are strong enough right now. Gruul is definitely favourable against Field decks. .

    Field of the dead was banned. Don't get me wrong, card is fun and is a great pay off for some creative land inclusion, but the card should have been made legendary OR they needed a few more answers, be it land destruction or ways to deal with the horde.
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  • posted a message on Fires of invention deck
    Quote from Kain123 »
    Speaking of enchantments, you can do this:

    Turn 3: Transmute Dimir House Guard to fetch the card you need
    Turn 4: Fires of Invention + Infernal Darkness
    Turn 5 and after: Gray Merchant of Asphodel, Phantasmal Image, Clone, Dack's Duplicate, Vesuvan Doppelganger, Phyrexian Metamorph and friends

    ...you won't run out of life to pay the upkeep but they might =)

    ...and it's hard to deal with enchantments when all you can produce is black mana.

    Are you casting those blue spells after you play infernal Darkness with mana rocks?
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  • posted a message on Financial Musings of 2019 Holiday Season
    Quote from Prid3 »

    Fabled Passage will be the most played card from the set and "special" versions (foils, extended art, etc.) won't be getting much cheaper since most of the Collector's stuff has already been opened. It will dip as rotation looms a year from now but not by an insane margin. If you can get any good ideals (20% off etc.) this will probably be a decent time to grab them.

    Not sure that I am as bullish on this card as you are. The card is all over standard so the price just continues to soar, currently $12+. I am not disputing its use in Standard because it is the perfect storm for it to shine (slow format, checks just rotated out and Field/Golos decks dominating). Some of that is going to change very soon.

    I don't like the card in competitive eternal formats since decks that want to play this effect already havePrismatic Vista if needed and other off color fetches (landfall triggers aside of course). Modern, Legacy and Vintage players can't afford to waste time on an effect that could potentially wreck their tempo.

    I don't see it being anywhere near as good as people think it is for EDH as it falls into a weird no-mans land price wise. It's current price is too much for the casual player to upgrade their 10 cent evolving wilds. Competitive players will just play their Dual/Shock/Fetches (including off color fetches and Prismatic Vista before this card), virtually ignoring it except in some niche applications.

    It's ironic, the card is an apparent budget attempt at prismatic vista that isn't really budget at all. Like other standard cards, if you don't need it for standard, your best bet is to wait because this card will eventually come down in price once its standard shine wears off.

    I do LOVE the art!

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  • posted a message on (Spoiler) Throne of Eldraine favourites so far?
    Prid3: A shame that they are no longer fun for you anymore. When it becomes work, it definitely becomes less fun. Thanks for the wealth of info. I know EDH is the defacto MP route that most go, but there are a lot more of us who really enjoy 60 card MP

    Would a subreddit dedicated to 60 card MP be an option? You could host all your reviews there? Perhaps even continue them. Reddit gets a ton of traffic.

    I know people like real-time Discord, but the problem with Discord is it doesn't really host info well. It's here today, gone in a few hours.

    Forums like this are pretty much a dying breed
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  • posted a message on Vampire deck help
    Are you playing it standard only, or is this this an "anything" goes build? Makes all the difference in the world. Plus I assume it's duels only and not multiplayer
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  • posted a message on Multiplayer Mill with Psychic Corrosion
    Quote from Prid3 »

    Why would Dark Deal or Whispering Madness be an issue? Neither card is banned or restricted?

    I've yet to see anyone maintain a consistent opinion when it comes to multiplayer banned and restricted lists so it's unsurprising that people get confused. Unless the cards are banned in your playgroup then you're fine. It didn't magically become illegal just because another group banned its use in theirs.

    I agree with what you are saying, there are a ton of different house rules out there but I don't think the other poster is saying his groups way is the only way to play. I think he is saying that 4 windfall is akin to playing 4 sol ring or 4 demonic tutor. After all, you yourself talk about how busted waste not into windfall or smothering tithe into windfall all the time. You also frequently state that you yourself are not a fan of house rules b/c of the slippery slope it creates when it comes to peoples magic cards.

    Ultimately, every group should play the way they want and adjust their decks according to the power level of the group. If someone was going to play 4 windfall against me, I would assume the deck is optimized to abuse the card and I would break out my illegal decks as well. I mean at that point, no list is being followed so whatever.
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  • posted a message on Big Pig
    Made some changes to the deck, which performed fine but didn't win. Always looking to tweak, here are the upcoming changes for this weekends play
    4x Rhythm of the wild - Were seeing an uptick in counterspells in the meta, haste is important.
    2x Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger - double mana, trampling beater, deprives the opponents of mana if not removed.
    3x Primeval Titan - Never again do I remove this card. Just too useful

    2x Leatherback Baloth - I found I wasn't really in danger of not having a blocker any more so than my opponents
    1x Nylea, God of the Hunt - Mainly a victim of the numbers game, which the deck is still way over
    2x Sprellbreaker Behemoth - Rhythm stacks but most importantly grants haste and is cheaper at the cost of a body
    2x Xenagos, God of Revels - Card felt bad on an empty board and it never did alpha strike.
    1x Sylvan Primordial - love this card but I am going to try a 3/3 split with Primeval Titan.

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  • posted a message on Big Pig
    I saw the card Amplifire and after watching it along side thud on MTG Arena I was hooked. As janky a deck there is with the caveat that win or lose, it is a stomping good time. A mere set later and we are treated to another fun card in Ilharg, the Raze-Boar

    With that in mind, here is what I came up with.

    I copied the deck name from a Youtube video IIRC or from an article I really don't remember. Either way, love the deck name.

    The deck is all in on attacking, like any fun gruul stompy deck should be. Yes, I know there will be games where I eat Wrath of God and suffer.

    So, here is where I have a few issues. As you can see, I am 6 cards over and I don't have any copies of Chandra's Ignition in the deck, I thought about playing 2 copies to potentially close out games, although I am not able to generate a ton of mana quickly so maybe they aren't needed. Thud wasn't strong enough, Fling was better because of instant speed, but it still only hits one player. Ultimately I dropped all of them and also Mana Geyser

    The ramp is enchantment based so it won't dilute my Amplifire or elemental bond when those are on the field. I don't have many early turn plays, so the deck really needs to run out one of the baloths or Champions to block and/or attack as needed.

    I settled on Elemental Bond for card draw because it hits every creature in the deck except for Amplifire.

    Prime Time is back in. Vorinclex is also in and if he proves himself, it might lead to the return of Worldspine Wurm
    Verdant Sun's Avatar is a necessary evil but sometimes I think Thagtusk is the better choice. Without lifegain I just can't live long enough.

    My meta is a 4-6 player FFA (generally closer to 4 players) with very limited infinite combos flying around. We allow four copies of any card that has four copy legality in a sanctioned format (makes no difference if the legality comes from Vintage or Legacy). Otherwise we restrict the card to one copy, think Demonic tutor and sol ring as examples of the usual restrictions. No other weird house rules.

    Help me tune this deck or tell me why my card choices suck (if it is the latter, please offer me some card choices)

    Deck updated May 14th

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