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  • posted a message on Keyword mixes
    I really don't know if the rules would cover this but I tried anyway.
    Grove of the Nyxborn
    Enchantment Land (R)
    (~ isn't a spell)
    Bestow G
    T: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool. Activate this ability only if you have devotion to that color of five or more.
    Enchanted creature has "T: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool. Activate this ability only if you have devotion to that color of five or more."

    Warborn's Chosen RR
    Bloodrush - R, Discard this card: Target atttacking creature gains Double strike until end of turn.
    Madness 1R
    Double Strike, Haste
    If ~ is cast with its madness cost during your combat phase you may put it onto the battlefield tapped and attacking.

    I also love Traps and I was sad when BFZ didn't have them so:
    Khalni Essence 2G
    Add mana equal to the converted mana cost of target spell you control in any combination of that spell's colors
    Splice onto Trap

    Order in the Court 3WU
    Instant - Trap
    If one or more creatures you don't control are attacking you and you control an Advisor creature, you may pay U instead of this spell's mana cost
    You may detain up to two creatures you don't control.

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  • posted a message on JUNE 16TH, 2019
    Votes: Rudyard, netn10

    Intense Psychosis XX(U/B)U
    Sorcery (M)
    Target player puts the top X cards of their library into their graveyard. If X is 10 or more, they discard their hand and you may then exile that player's graveyard.
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  • posted a message on Core 2020 Three Chandras
    Quote from BlueTronFTW »
    The art looks like they hired some feminist from Tumblr who specializes in making women look like twelve year old boys. Pressing F to pay respects.
    I think there's more of a chance that people who say things like this wouldn't know what a women looks like if she smacked them across the face.

    YOOOO, that was so good I’m literally crying from the pain of that burn.
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  • posted a message on May 16, 2019
    Votes: void_nothing, JamBlock

    Kessig Haunter 2RG
    Creature – Eldrazi Werewolf Horror, RARE
    Whenever you cast a creature spell, CARDNAME gets +1/+0 until end of turn.
    On your end step, if CARDNAME’s power is 4 or greater, you may transform it
    Kessig Hunter
    Creature – Werewolf Warrior
    Whenever you cast a creature spell, CARDNAME gets +0/+1 until end of turn
    CARDNAME may block any number of creatures each combat
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  • posted a message on May 15, 2019
    Votes - JamBlock, void_nothing

    Mizzium Arm-Cannon 2(U/R)
    Artifact - Equipment, R
    Equipped creature gets +2/+0 and "1UR, T : You may deal X damage to target creature or planeswalker, where X is equal to the number of charge counters on this creature. If you don't, tap up to X creatures and artifacts you don't control.
    Whenever you play your first noncreature spell each turn put a charge counter on equipped creature

    Edit: Changed to up to (that's what I meant to put the first time, it just slipped through the cracks)
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  • posted a message on Innovate (Tri-Color Set Mechanic)
    So, I posted here the other day regarding a custom set I'm making based on tricolor "blocs" (a mix of shards and wedges), asking for inspiration mechanic-wise. So far I've made some headway thanks to suggestions from other users, and I started mocking up some cards. In specific, the one mechanic I've been having trouble judging the power level of is my URG faction mechanic: Innovate. It is based on the suggestion by user BOVINE (they named it "Conceive), which reads as followed

    Innovate - [mana cost], reveal a random card from hand and discard this card. Do effect.

    Generally, it reads more like

    Innovate - [mana cost], reveal a random card from hand and discard this card. If that card is a certain type (land, creature, instant or sorcery, shaman) do X.

    I realize that this is underwhelming for sure and a feel bad if you hit the wrong type of card, which is why I've attempted to pretty aggressively cost these effects. Here are some I jotted down:

    Fun Police
    Creature – Vedalken Shaman (R)
    When CARDNAME enters the battlefield, counter target spell
    Innovate – UU, reveal a random card from your hand and discard this card. If it was a noncreature, nonland card, you may counter target spell.

    Fun Scientists
    Creature – Human Artificer (U)
    Whenever you reveal a card from your hand, if it is an instant or sorcery card, you may draw a card. Otherwise, deal 1 damage to any target.
    Innovate – R, reveal a random card from your hand and discard this card. Draw a card, then deal 1 damage to any target.

    Innovative Dreadmaw
    Creature – Dinosaur (U)
    Innovate – GGG, reveal a random card from your hand and discard this card. If the revealed card is a creature, you may discard it. If you do, put a 6/6 green Dinosaur creature token with trample named Colossal Dreadmaw onto the battlefield.

    Dwarven Spirit Guide
    Creature – Dwarf Shaman (R)
    Innovate – reveal a random card from your hand and discard this card. If that card is a land card, you may add (R/G) to your mana pool, then exile your graveyard.
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  • posted a message on New Tri-Color Plane Mechanics
    Ok so first, I guess I should explain the synergy of the mechanics that is needed: overlapping color pair synergy. For instance, the Church and Federation's mechanics should overlap in WB design space, Federation and Guilds in UB, Guilds and Factions in UG, etc. That's why I'm kind of intent on creature-centric mechanics for the surrounding blocs of the Commune (Church, Factions). That kind of my main criteria here.

    So now my breakdown of each of these suggestions divided by Bloc:

    Church of the Fervent
    • Exploit: makes sense, but fairly simple and doesn't exactly scream "RELIGION"
    • Ritual: The name is great, but I feel there should be some prerequisite for it (Spectacle, Surge, etc.) otherwise it just seems too good
    • Reverse Devour: I feel like +1/+1 counters don't fit the blocs identity scheme though. Also, this bloc should imply go wide not go tall

    The People's Federation
    • Toxin/Death Detain: I like the flavor but I don't think damage makes sense. I do like tapping effects but I guess I would rather find a non-Azorius thing than repurpose a mechanic that so strongly implies a connection.
    • Drawing Matters: Cantrips are great but the flavor connection to me just isn't there.
    I'm thinking maybe something about exchanges to symbolize backroom political deals.

    Mortician's Guilds
    • Delve: Yes, it is a perfect fit. No, it's practically impossible to balance effectively. And I really don't want to make the Guilds become Sultai-y because they are ultimately about self-improvement, not self-interest.
    • Clout: I actually really like this, I don't like the name, but thats always fixable. I might change the counter placement trigger up to be more reflective of a BUG strategy (countered, destroyed or discarded)
    • Recover: its an interesting idea, I would probably do an enchantment and creature recovery theme, because its BUG colors. I feel like I should probably tweak it into something different tho.

    Spark Factions
    • Double-Faced Madness/Madness in General: I am gonna shoot down the double-faced idea, it's not a theme I want in the set. However, a replacement effect on a madness variant could work, but its gonna take quite a bit of reworking
    • Concieve: I actually love this! I think I would rework it to make it a "C, Reveal this card from your hand: effect. Put a conceive counter on this card. At the end of each player's end step, sacrifice each permanent you control with a concieve counter on it." Then there is the choice between recurring effects from hand reveals or an enter-the-battlefield effect. But that seems a little complicated, so I don't know yet.
    • Fast Mana: Yeah, that is WAY to broken. Especially in blue.
    • X theme: I like it, but mechanics are what I'm looking for, unfortunately.

    Commune of the Wilds
    • Convoke: OK, unpopular opinion here, but I HATE convoke. I was so disappointed that they brought it back in GRN that I quit Magic until RNA released. So I'm sorry, but I refuse to use Convoke
    • Inspired: I think it would just be a feel bad here because GW is the main color pair of vigilance and I was planning on doing a lot of vigilance for this bloc, and there shouldn't be tapping synergy because Federation doesn't align.
    • Modal Creatures ETB: I like the idea, but it doesn't feel keywordable. I think I'm gonna try a different kind of mechanic here but I'll definitely make modal creatures a theme for the bloc

    In conclusion, I have no freaking idea.
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  • posted a message on New Tri-Color Plane Mechanics
    Basically, the idea behind this set is that it is a world formed of individual warring nations and empires, controlled by global "blocs," five tri-color organizations that run society on the plane as a whole.

    The plane is called Pertillo, and is loosely based on 16th and 17th century Europe, in the throes of the Renaissance, the Scientific Revolution, and the Protestand Reformation. It does however have the fantasy feel of any Magic plane, with various races living together and in separate empires (similar in a way to Dominaria). There is a largely elven nation, dwarven empire, naga, etc. However, it is meant to be a fantasy world with real-word problems, such as widespread racism against dwarves in majority-human nations, social welfare programs, dictatorships, and competing scientists.

    Anyway, I'm done with the whole plane explanation thing, though I guess this is also a good thread to air out any concerns with the set-up of the plane and problems that could arise from it. Mainly, I'm here for the recommendations on the blocs and ideas for their respective mechanics (looking for at least one to be a returning mechanic, or a non-keyworded one). The blocs are as followed:

    Church of the Fervent (RWB, B-centered)
    The largely corrupt Church of the Fervent constitutes the main religious body of Pertillo, and controls the masses through fear tactics and insistence of extreme fervor in the purging of heretics. Due to insistence of separation of church and state by the people, they are able to act independently of the Federation without qualms, and the good that the Church does do generally is through the Commune. Should have a creature-center mechanic, potentially sacrifice-synergistic to reflect followers and worshippers.

    The Citizen’s Federation (WBU, U-centered)
    The overly bureaucratic and ruthless Citizen’s Federation is the prime governing organ of Pertillo, tasked with regulating each empire and nation on the plane in a supposedly democratic manner. Their laws have little actual enforcement among the people, but in some of the major nations, their police force is known to be particularly brutal in upholding the red tape. Controlled largely by prominent Guild and Church members that act in their own bloc’s self interest. I feel like the bloc itself is overly similar to the Azorius, so it should be as mechanically distinct as possible for distinguishing, but it would also present a perfect opportunity to use Detain again.

    Mortician’s Guilds (BUG, G-centered)
    The primarily unseen and disregarded Mortician’s Guilds sit at the center of a web of power accrued over centuries by the current members ancestors. They pull the strings in the background of the Federation, and use the front of morticians, cremators, gravediggers, and graveyard keepers to prevent investigation from the other caucuses, as well as practice the necromancy that has been passed on from generation to generation, and used in conjunction with the Factions elemental magic. I'm definitely thinking graveyard synergy here, but it should feel distinct from typical Golgari things, and no +1/+1 counters either.

    Spark Factions (UGR, R-centered)
    The ever-changing and shifting Spark Factions encompass various dynastic clans of animists and progressive natural scientists across the various nations. They are the experts of mana on the plane, and use wisdom passed from generation to generation to forge new tools and tech that pushes the boundaries the Federation allots the Factions. Some Faction leaders are the lucky few to have knowledge of the Guilds true nature, and the Commune regularly works with the Factions. I want a mechanic that reflects innovation and creativity, maybe a discard into card or creature advantage type thing.

    Commune of the Wilds (GRW, W-centered)
    The somewhat cult-like Commune of the Wilds manages the environment and the public welfare of society. Seen largely as a hippie community, dedicated to helping people find and fulfill their place in society. The Commune has branches in nearly every major city on Pertillo, and they rarely operate under Federation oversight, but do cooperate with the Factions and Church on social welfare programs. I was thinking of a modular mechanic (like Riot) that allows you to "fulfill your destined role" in the society, largely synergistic with other creatures.

    I'm open to pretty much any and all suggestions here, so please, dump any ideas you have for mechanics, PLEASE!
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  • posted a message on Planeswalker Crunch
    Quote from Manite »
    Right, now that we know Jaya's uncommon, Sarkhan's going to be rare. And since only five of the rare PWs are monocolored and six are multicolor, that means either Tamiyo or Sarkhan is going to be multicolor. If Tamiyo is multicolor, she'll be GU. If Sarkhan is multicolor, he'll be BR. Since we already have plenty of green PWs at rare and few black, I'm going with monoblue Tamiyo and BR Sarkhan.

    I think this is probably right, but I’m honestly disappointed in Sarkhan being BR. It’s a significant backslide in character and I’m wondering if potentially something major happens to him for him to be BR again (maybe Narset dies?). Anyway at this point it’s all just speculation until one of them is confirmed.
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  • posted a message on War of The Spark Name and Number Crunch
    Narset will be the mono blue walker considering MaRo has said she is centered in Blue and he has also said Dovin is an even blue white split
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  • posted a message on Planeswalker Crunch
    Mark Rosewater said that of the rare planeswalkers, 5 of them have one color and 6 of them have two, so that might help slightly.

    If this is true then either Sarkhan/Jaya is multicolored or Tamiyo is. Since Jaya has no precedent set in another color, if Tamiyo is monoblue then Sarkhan has to be the rare. If Tamiyo is UG (which is the only possible combination she can be) then either Jaya or Sarkhan are the mono red rare. If Sarkhan is the rare then he has to be RB, because RU is taken but ral and RG by Domri. Tamiyo can’t be UW because of Teferi. Any of these possibilities don’t really make me happy and are a change from the established color identities.
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  • posted a message on Planeswalker Crunch
    Whatever happens to Gideon, his potential death is largely irrelevant to this discussion. What I did notice today going through the crunch is that in monoblue there is only room for either Tamiyo or her signature spell, not both. This leads me to believe that potentially either she is UG or her signature spell isn’t a spell, but an artifact. Such as A Tamiyo’s Journal reprint, but that couldn’t happen because of investigate. So what seems more likely to you all?
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  • posted a message on Planeswalker Crunch

    Nope, Gideon is confirmed mythic and has been since before his card got leaked. He has two static abilities (one that makes him the creature and the other that gives him permo-indestructible) and two loyalty abilities, meaning he has four abilities total. As a mythic does. MaRo has stated many times this is the case and he is mythic because he’s probably going to die this set.

    Ugin IS RARE. Again, confirmed by MaRo multiple times, a major reasoning behind him being rare is because a colorless mythic throws off the already tenuous color balance we had. In addition, Ugin is confirmed to not be playing as major of a part in the story as Gideon, and MaRo also said that rarity DOES NOT CONVEY POWER LEVEL. And 3 mythic planeswalkers is actually what we are used to, considering we’ve been getting 3 per large set since Theros basically.
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  • posted a message on Planeswalker Crunch
    Quote from Cythare »
    It's worth noting that Narset, Saheeli, and Nahiri can't all be uncommon hybrid, because there are only 2 spots between Kiora and Samut.

    My guesses are:

    Mythics known

    Colorless: Karn, Ugin
    U: Jace
    R: Chandra
    G: Nissa, Vivien
    WU: Teferi
    RG: Domri
    GW: Ajani
    WB: Sorin
    GU: Tamiyo
    UR: Ral
    RW: Sarkhan

    W: Teyo, The Wanderer
    U: "The Shepherd", Narset
    B: Davriel Cane, Ob Nixilis
    R: Jaya, Tibalt
    G: Arlinn, Jiang
    WU: Dovin Baan
    UB: Ashiok
    BR: Angrath
    RG: Samut
    GW: Huatli
    WB: Kaya
    BG: Vraska
    GU: Kiora
    UR: Saheeli
    RW: Nahiri

    I think that you are right in that one of those three isn’t an uncommon hybrid. My thoughts point me towards Narset being one the mono-Blue uncommon along with The Shepherd, and Dovin taking the UW space. That moves Tamiyo up to rare, where I agree with you, but there is no precedent set for her being Simic, and I can’t imagine Sarkhan being Boros (as white is the one color he’s never been). For this reason I believe that Tamiyo will be mono-Blue (so sad, I know) and Sarkhan mono-red to make two walkers of each of the Temur colors, effectively balancing out the Liliana and Gideon mono-Orzhov slots in mythic.
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  • posted a message on Aminkhet Gods returned?
    If Bolas killed the Gods on a Amonkhet in order to use them in the battle on Ravnica, then why would he have spared Hazoret. It wouldn’t have been that much harder to have killed her then, and that’s one extra god to use. Makes me think...
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