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  • posted a message on Goblin Bidding Multiplayer
    Shared animosity usually does the trick with my goblin tokens, also a fan of impact tremors
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  • posted a message on Creatures that fetch more creatures?
    Fierce empath and woodland bellower can be fun
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  • posted a message on Dragon Tribal
    I run a r/g dragons deck also. You’ll find this setup is too slow. Add up to 4 earthquakes and 4 draconic roars. Also sun droplet buys alot of time.
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  • posted a message on Golgari Living Death
    Hey guys first post here, Prid3 im a big fan of the way you see cards and i agree Stitchers Supply is a great card for this deck. I run a b/g version and i think poison tip archer is good, but overkill since i usually have no problem finding a few cutthroats. I run a few grim haruspex and smothering abomination although slow at times. Btw one skullclamp if thats allowed. What im really stoked about is stitchers supply in my u/b version using halimar excavator, jwari shapeshifter, zulaport cutthroat for self mill along side hedron crab. Turn four archaeomancer if need be turn five table scoop. I’m sure none of these card tags work but just my two cents.
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