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  • posted a message on New Sarkhan, et al.
    Other effects that could had easily done in paper....

    +1 Sarkhan : could had been an emblem, it's even from a planeswalker source!
    O: "Add a Shivan Dragon card from outside the game in hand" or something like that

    Scorn COULD be done in paper, but tracking turn number is easy to lose after the first couple so I understand not wanting it to be a thing.

    thats what dice, paper or game apps are for.
    Sarkhan's first ability stacks in perpetuity. You'll have to fragment your hand to keep track, which will give away all the Dragons in your hand.
    "Yeah, I did split my hand into four piles with Sarkhan at 7. No, of course it doesn't mean anything."
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  • posted a message on Dominaria United and Kamigawa Neon Dynasty - New Sets 2022?
    Expecting a 100% return to old Kamigawa, a set whose worldbuilding threw off even the Japanese fanbase, is delusional at this point.
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  • posted a message on Digital only cards revealed
    I'll admit it's not 100% impossible, but there is no solution that's not really, really annoying.
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    What is annoying for you, doesn't mean isnt viable or doable. So many times I saw cards switched with basic lands with a name on it, perhaps because they get damaged meanwhile or the owner doesn't want to ruin the original card in his box collector or perhaps simply because it's a friendly FNM where are allowed proxy to test cards and whatever reason you like. It's not the first time and wont be the last. It's not a big deal.
    It is a big deal. Proxies like you said are issued specifically only by the Head Judge for a card that's either worn out or foil-only. You're asking for a major overhaul of the MTR here, for near-zero benefit.

    Logistics are still a major issue. Seek could be done on paper: get a third party (preferably a judge) and have them go somewhere out of the sight of the player (in tournaments, the Judge table; in an FNM, behind a shelf or something). With a(nother) judge watching, look through the deck for the specified cards, noting the order they go in the deck. Those cards then get shuffled for randomization, and the player gets the card on top. The judge then puts you deck back together in the order it was given, minus the chosen card. That was take way too long, and you can't keep stopping the clock forever.

    Baffling Defense is meant to blank out a card with no ETB triggers, in a deck that doesn't care about death triggers. Unless you want to waste mana, that card is basically Gunk but more useless.
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  • posted a message on Digital only cards revealed
    But since in reality everybody play with sleeves in tournaments, it's just preposterous using this argument to say that it's a logicistical or practical problem in tournaments because it isn't. .

    But anyway, who says what should or should not be mandatory equipment? Until Forgotten Realms dice were never mandatory for almost 30 years of Magic, now if you play cards that makes use of D8, 10,12, etc, you actually have to buy them or have a smartphone with an app for this. what is "mandatory equipment" in a game is not a monolitic dogma that never change, but recents sets proves that depending what crazy design WotC do, you actually need a specific equipment if you are playing specific cards.
    You keep saying this, but the only things the Tournament Rules require to have sleeves are cards from Alpha (because of the corners), or any DFCs you're not using substitute cards for. A lot of Limited tournaments don't require sleeves, even with DFCs, as established in original Innistrad block.

    Hell, you can use a Spindown instead of an actual d20, because the differences practically don't matter. And yet, the few in-person tournaments still require a d20. In the MTR, even the corner cases have to be covered, and that includes the people who don't play with sleeves.
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  • posted a message on Digital only cards revealed
    [quote from="Rosy Dumplings »" url="/forums/magic-fundamentals/the-rumor-mill/823077-digital-only-cards-revealed?comment=9"][quote from="Evil Never Dies »" url="/forums/magic-fundamentals/the-rumor-mill/823077-digital-only-cards-revealed?comment=6"]
    Congratulations, you've just marked a card and are now disqualified from the tournament.

    Congratulations on not reading what people actually write:
    For example, just put an easily removable mini-sticker on your front card

    I work in a newspaper shop and all the time we put sticker on books and products that once they are removed is like they never been there in the first place (not even obsesssed collectors that want their book totally immaculate complain that). Obviously tournament rules would need a slight change in that case (which would be forbidden to put stickers before the game starts but accepted if a "perpetually effect" card need to be reshuffled in deck and naturally, said sticker removed at the end of the game on front of the public eyes of everybody.)

    I hope I don't even have to specify that obviously you would put the sticker on the front part of the card, and not the back part (because it seems I am overstimating the cleverness of humanity seeing how is this thread going).
    How thin are these stickers? Do they change shuffling whatsoever? How time-consuming would removing these stickers in front of everyone be? How many versions of these stickers do we need for each individual effect? Where on the card do these stickers go?

    What happens if we run out of stickers? With stuff like tokens and dungeons, you can use whatever the hell you want so long as you can mark them as tapped, or in the case of dungeons, what room you're in.
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  • posted a message on Digital only cards revealed

    For something less contentious, MH2 cards are also in this set, namely at least these five cards.
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  • posted a message on Digital only cards revealed

    Full details and these two from the mothership.

    Tome of the Infinite's spellbook consists of Light of Hope, Swords to Plowshares, Force Spike, Ponder, Dark Ritual, Duress, Assault Strobe, Lightning Bolt, Fog, and Giant Growth.
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  • posted a message on Digital only cards revealed

    More previews from Amy the Amazonian and day9.
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  • posted a message on Digital only cards revealed

    "perpetually" effects? Just use anything as counter or marker, it's not that multiple counters with rules baggage or things that has to be tracked by being writed on a piece of paper (like the Conspiracy cards or any "choose a secret opponent" card) doesn't exist already. We even have already the emblems and all the cards with "Until the end of game" texts like Praetor's Counsel or Stigma Lasher for "perpetually" effects to track for the game.

    I am sorry but perpetually effects could not work in paper.

    If two card with the same name are shuffled from my graveyard into my library and one of the lm perpetually has flying, the game will know which one has flying when I draw it. The fact that a perpetually altered card can keep its specific traits even if it is moved into hidden zones where opponents cannot verify that you are not cheating is not replicable.

    It IS doable. For example, just put an easily removable mini-sticker on your front card (or more likely, your protective shield), and you and your opponent can recognize it without actually have the marker visibile in non public zones. My god guys, I've seen much more worse and more convolute situations in EDH than this stuff, I can't believe me and my playgroups are the only genius that have literally no problem handling this situations because are already legal much worse complicated effects combined in EDH, while you all seems to not be able to handle such things. You are confirming that are right the ones saying that Wizard need to "dumb the game down", because seems that even eternal players can't handle what at my eyes (and the ones of my playgroup of friends) is perfectly doable without confusion, because we've seen much worse going on on EDH games.
    Congratulations, you've just marked a card and are now disqualified from the tournament.
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  • posted a message on 31 new digital-only cards for upcoming Jumpstart : Historic Horizon
    Quote from Xcric »
    I mean its a great way to test ideas in a practical environment without truly corrupting the physical product. This prevents feel bad moments if something experimental needs a ban.

    Its also ******* obnoxious if something great gets added and then never gets printed in paper.

    This in turn further divides digital from paper instead of homegenizing it. That can be frustrating and confusing to both old and new players, or players changing mediums. Flawless transitions between digital and paper would be more sound for both mediums of gameplay.

    Ultimately it wont matter. We'll keep consuming.
    Kinda like how Hullbreacher getting banned in EDH / Commander proves that the format needs to have a separate ban list for cEDH instead of trying to homogenize it into just one?
    Damn i wonder for how long people will cry for hullbreacher. How long it lasted for paradox engine?
    People are still complaining about Paradox Engine. What these people don't realize is all a separate banlist does is make two cEDH metas, one per banlist.
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  • posted a message on 31 new digital-only cards for upcoming Jumpstart : Historic Horizon
    Quote from Dontrike »
    Quote from DJK3654 »

    This does not mean statements from MaRo about the colour pie are not important.

    But they can be more easily dismissed when the one saying them has been highly contradictory. The same man that touted "our playtest team will allow a more balanced Standard" and then we get Eldraine, Ikoria, companions, Oko, Uro, and a year of sets with constant overpowered cards that warped near every format.

    Sorry, but if a person I don't trust tells me that it's "raining outside" and even if I can hear the rain hit the house I'm still looking outside out of sheer distrust.

    White can get effects that draw cards for doing white things if they only draw one card per turn.

    Life gain and small creatures were the "white things" it was doing, the once per turn thing was slapped on needlessly. White wasn't even getting draw all that commonly for a restriction to be necessary. Don't you find it weird they slapped on that clause while they print stuff like The Great Henge? Where's the "green can get effects that draw cards for doing green things if they only draw one card per turn?" What's so special about white that it needs to be handicapped? That's the issue. No other color gets that strange stipulation tacked on.

    That is the recently established rule that WotC (and not just Mark Rosewater) decided on.
    It is always possible this could change, it is new after all, but it is definitely still wrong to suggest Mentor of the Meek-esque cards are in colour pie even if theoretically they could be brought back in for some reason.

    I'm sure it will change, it's changed before half a dozen times in the past and it will do it again, but that doesn't make this current iteration not head scratching-ly befuddling.

    ]White is supposed to be behind on card draw,

    Neither was green or red, but we've seen how the first is insane at it now and the later has its own version of draw that's great in its own ways while white.....sometimes gets to do it once a turn, but only if Daddy says yes.

    so giving white more card draw can't just be slapping card draw in there.

    Yeah, that's green's job now.

    That's why they've been pushing a bunch of different unique card draw effects for white to try new things that could fit into white without just letting it draw cards whenever.

    Letting it draw cards whenever? It's not like white was getting "at the beginning of your draw step draw an extra card" it was "if you gain life/small creature ETB pay mana to draw a card." Practically all of white's constant draw you had to pay to do it. Mentor was 1 mana, Bishop and Dawn of Hope was 2 mana,

    Also, "unique effects"? Artifact/enchantment ETB once a turn is not unique. Wait, sorry it is unique because it they slapped on a unique restriction. The other draw it's been getting is only if your opponent does stuff to you/your permanents or does some stuff too often, both seen very little so far.

    White can care about small creatures. That's not the issue.

    Clearly it is if something like Mentor of the Meek or Bygone Bishop is now "wrong". Mentor was just seen in Standard up until two years ago and somehow in that brief a time it went from acceptable to "color pie break", doesn't that sound a little absurd? It's not even that good of a card and now it's "wrong." It's baffling.

    There doesn't necessarily need to be assigned single colours for every possible effect.

    Assigning colors to certain actions is literally what the color pie is about.

    Blue being broken in the early magic and green being too pushed in recent sets are both *terrible* reasons why it's okay to put effects into white.

    Draw effects in the things that white is good at? Yes. Why is that such an issue?

    Blue draws card because it can, green draws cards if you play Magic, black draws at the cost of life, and red gets impulse draw, but white.....can't have draw for doing some of the stuff its good at because that would be bad if all five colors got consistent rules with its draw? No, only one gets a "once a turn" clause just because it was a naughty child this year and gets coal for Christmas.

    Power balance is also not on the only consideration with the colour pie. There's always a question of feel. The colours don't exist purely for balance reasons, after all, they are supposed to have a certain style. You could just put a bunch of overcosted divinations and harmonizes into white and it still be the worst colour in card draw, but would that be fun? Would it feel like white can't draw cards in the same way as other colours, or would it just feel like white card draw is just *****ty? Would people want to play those cards in the first place, even if maybe it made sense to include some because they were better than nothing, would people enjoy it?

    I'm not even really sure what you're saying here. People wouldn't play a white Harmonize (which by the way was a color shift and wasn't supposed to be normalized, but now green it's so common in green you expect it) because they may not enjoy it? I'm just gonna take a shot in the dark and say because they play it in green they might like it in a color that doesn't have decent draw where the best draw spell also gives your opponents cards.

    Now look at the card draw effects WotC has been giving to white. The only once per turn version, for instance, requires you to put time and effort into triggering the ability each turn over several turns to really load up on cards, so the card draw has limitations, but those limitations also feel very white, planning and patience and such, the cards don't have to be bad, especially if the cards have other utility, and it's fun to play because you can work with its weakness.
    That's why those effects are being tried out, and it's why I think those are good ideas.

    And drawing cards from life gain and small creatures were the time/effort, the limitations were life gain isn't the greatest and small creatures are easy to get rid of, but I guess we need to nerf white because....something something "new color pie" something something dark side.
    This is everything people said when green was bad (and it's surprisingly more recent than you think, the stars aligned for Green to go from "eh" to the new blue of Eternal formats in Eldraine), and no one remembers. People remember Red being bad, so no one cares about all the recent Red cards that got banned. You can only have enough "one-time" mistakes between things like Fires of Invention and Tibalt's Trickery that maybe you should think about the color's mechanical space, but no, Red was bad before. I expect more banned Red cards, with zero fanfare about them being Red cards. The Tarrasque got more fanfare about it being a bad homage, despite being an obviously big step in nerfing Green, so I don't know anymore.

    Assuming if something's ever been in-color, that it still is somehow, is the exact reason we're in this current mess. The last statements from either Rosewater or Verhey is that Mentor of the Meek is currently "too efficient," Dawn of Hope is pushing the line, and Bygone Bishop requires enough hoops and provides the artifact synergies for it to still be fine. Splitting hairs? Sure, but splitting hairs is what also keeps Red burn spells with set damage values locked up to a certain point from Black's standard removal suite. Is it constantly-changing to the point of annoyance? Yes, but that's because Wizards is changing the color at its usual glacial pace. Consistency comes when something sticks, like impulsive draw in Red being treated as a waste of cardboard outside of RDW until Outpost Siege was printed two years in.
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  • posted a message on The Book of Exalted Deeds emergency ban for standard 2022
    i mean you guys just keep proving my point. MTG fans just love corporate hasbro for some reason..
    keep raising prices? we love you hasbro!
    card quality keeps dropping while prices go up? we love you hasbro!
    gameplay itself is completely broken with record number of bannings in the games history? we love you hasbro!

    yay! hasbro! we love you hasbro! Laugh
    Funny you say that during the time when customer trust is at such an all-time low, there were players who didn't believe enemy fetches were in MH2 until release. There are actual points where players are massively criticizing Wizards and Hasbro. Brainstorm just got suspended in Historic, once again pushing the narrative that Wizards did this purposefully to leech money off Arena players, instead of the day 1 bans things like Lightning Bolt got. I won't even mention the extent of the Organized Play catastrophe so bad, pro players are leaving the game in droves. There are legitimate reasons to get mad at Wizards and Hasbro (they're one and the same after the recent restructuring, so I don't know why I bother typing this all out), and then there are tinfoil hats. In a half-baked format meant solely to make players get to happily ignore Throne of Eldraine, this is one of them.

    (See, now I want my Drannith Magistrate wildcards now.)
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  • posted a message on July 2021 Commander Rules Committee Update
    If Hullbreacher had an errata instead of a ban that removes the word "instead" in it's oracle text then it would've been on the same power level as Smothering Tithe despite the fact that Hullbreacher should've been White instead of Blue due to how it's the weakest color when it comes to card advantage. Then again the reason why Wizards of the Coast prefers to ban cards over placing errata on them similar to what we saw with Companions in Ikoria is that errata ends up creating more confusion for players trying to understand what the cards actually do. Back when I used to play Yu-Gi-Oh! there was so much errata on cards that you literally needed a CRD (Card Ruling Document) page by page to understand what the hell the cards actually did. Now we got smartphones to look up what the cards actually do but that's still no excuse though.

    Can we talk about how this banning proves how much Wizards of the Coast hates printing actual good support for Merfolk or are they doing this on purpose by trolling the Professor at Tolarian Community College because they know that Merfolk is his favorite tribe? Maybe I'm missing something here and that Merfolk is a creature type that isn't as easy to design for as a tribe like Elves which are the easiest to design for next to Goblins and other popular tribes. Pirates are still relatively new as they got the whole Treasure token mechanic going for them but at the very least Dockside Extortionist is a better example of designing a Pirate with Treasures that doesn't deny players resources like what Hullbreacher does. That being said I do think Hullbreacher is good enough to see impact in Legacy and Vintage If not already unless Wheels are banned in those eternal formats.
    The big wheels people tend to abuse Hullbreacher with (Wheel of Fortune, Timetwister, and Windfall) are all banned in Legacy.
    Also, trolling the Professor by making an intentionally banned Merfolk? It's not that deep. If it was, MH2 would have zero Merfolk in it.
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  • posted a message on July 2021 Commander Rules Committee Update
    I'm no fan of Hullbreacher, but I truly hate this ban. I feel like we've lost the idea of the social contract. If Armageddon and Stasis can be legal but kept at bay by the social contract and goodwill of friendship, why can't Hullbreacher plus wheel effects?

    I have a casual five color treasures deck and my boyfriend has a casual all-pirates deck, and now we can't play with the cards we spent $20 on because some dumb kids can't regulate themselves, and so some loud mouths on the Internet complained too much, and the Commander Rules Committee needs to feel important, so they listened.

    Sigh. I hate bans.
    It's a Paradox Engine situation all over again. The majority of the Commander community saw value and little else.
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  • posted a message on [AFR] [AFC] Mothership 07/12— The Tokens (and Art Cards) of the Forgotten Realms
    Now, the Art cards. There are 81 for this set all seen here, including 27 with D&D stats on the back. Here are a couple of examples.

    Among the "normal" art cards are the borderless arts and Monster Manual arts. Here are some examples.

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