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  • posted a message on Possible Secret Lair Leak
    I wonder how they picked the cards for the Seb Secret Lair. It would be really cool if he picked those cards himself.

    Quote from Xcric »
    Wheeeeeee none of these are exciting and shouldve been used to support commander legends by at least one of them having legends in it wheeee

    The seb one at least has a good selection of reprints, but the rocks one sucks ass given the rocks that couldve and shouldve been included.

    The only reason mana vault is worth what it is is because its never reprinted to a reasonable degree. It sees play in just one format but is 50 dollars, 10 years ago it was 3. God forbid we offer creative reprints.
    The only way Mana Vault will ever go down in price is if usage drops (like Tarmogoyf) or it gets reprinted in a Standard-legal set as either a rare or a mythic rare, and then get a million different frame treatments for Collector Boosters. The former won't happen anytime soon, and Standard/Pioneer/Historic/Modern does not need more overpowered ramp options.
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  • posted a message on Where to find commander legends previews

    On topic, I guess in order to play devil's advocate on Wizards' part: Yeah, as long as they don't break any legally binding agreement, I guess it's okay for them to stop providing preview cards to content creators who have been critical of them. I don't like that practice, and I'd rather see Wizards acknowledge and honestly address criticism that was constructive and voiced in good faith, but I guess that's why I'm not a CEO over there, so...
    I doubt it's because he said they're dead to him (but it could have contributed) or the entire Captain nonsense. It's the leaks video. Wizards really doesn't like their stuff leaked, and even big groups like MTGGoldfish don't go into detail on them like he did.
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  • posted a message on Possible Secret Lair Leak
    Quote from Kryptnyt »
    Quote from WizardMN »
    What is Krosan Beast doing in the Squirrel thing? And why no Deranged Hermit, isn't that like THE squirrel money card??

    So is this another superdrop, I assume? Another chance at a fetchland would be nice...
    Well, I mean it is a squirrel...I guess they didn't have many to choose from?

    And Deranged Hermit is reserved.

    Shouldn't make much of a difference, if they're willing to put reserved list in Judge Foil and in FTV, Secret Lair is the next one

    None of these really pique my interest all that much except the Bob Ross one, yet I can't bring myself to buy basics
    Yeah, the closed the foil loophole in 2010 due to massive outcry about "abusing the foil loophole". This then led to... massive outcry about closing said loophole.
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  • posted a message on Where to find commander legends previews
    Calling it right now, all the Innistrad and Ulgrotha cards will be previewed on Halloween.

    Quote from Dale Dan Tony »
    Quote from Ryperior74 »

    I’m sorry for the losses of people who got their cards leaked from the evil eBay person and whoever bought and opened them

    And wow looks like Mitch (commander quarters) still getting preview cards

    Why would Mitch not get preview cards? It's not like he did anything wrong; he merely spoke out about the negative impacts of Secret Lair, among other things.

    I am also sure that the people with Previews will make their reveals interesting as well as fun, despite their cards already being leaked.
    With how far back Wizards plans these spoiler seasons, I doubt they could've moved it. If WotC really wanted to punish Mitch for the Captain crap, they'd give him a card he talked about in his leaks video(s). If not, they'd give him Wayfarer's Bauble.
    My worry is for the smaller content creators (which there are a lot here). They would have liked, maybe even needed, the bump in views this will give them, and with a 33% chance their card is already out there, that won't happen.

    EDIT: And he's gone. Wonder where his card went.
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends EBAY leaks
    Quote from Mishotem »

    Yeah, they're putting etched foils in regular boosters.

    How many rares are there per pack_
    At least one, maximum four.
    Quote from Gavin Verhey »
    I've been getting some questions about how the legend slots in Commander Legends work. To clarify: the 2 guaranteed legends do *not* replace your rare! Yes, you can open a normal rare plus 2 rare legends. Smile
    (And that's even before factoring in the foil in each pack!)
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  • posted a message on Commander legends Leak...the Precon decks and the 3 new cards and 2 reprints in each
    Just to add, the name of Tatyova 2.0 there roughly translates to "Aesi, the World Serpent." With the Nordic-looking settlement in the foreground, this might be a future reference to Kaldheim.
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends EBAY leaks
    Quote from AminoApps »
    They also wanted me to take down the posts, and while that can't stop the images from circulating, I still went through with that as a gesture of goodwill.
    I wonder how much of that is "goodwill" (none) and how much is Wizards legal breathing down his neck (all of it).
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends EBAY leaks
    Sure it's not "official" spoiler season, but we're still getting lots of new cards, on the same schedule as before, with the same volume as with most draft-based supplemental sets. This might as well be spoiler season already.
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends EBAY leaks
    Quote from m_pathogen »
    That Mardu commander is great, but I wish it were Abzan or Esper Frown

    That Temur Cascade commander is totally awesome and may *finally* inspire a Temur deck
    (either under this dude or Maelstrom Wanderer).

    What’s less great?
    All of these comments coming under a mess of a single post thanks to these leaks.
    Not a fan!
    We'll still make threads for the new cards, if people want to continue. Stuff like the new Kodama would have lots more discussion, they're just being erased from people's minds by the new stuff. Note the complete lack of complaints about how non-white cards suck in this thread. Magic players love to complain about Magic cards, and some really bad cards are thrown into the leaks here. Plus, outside of Reddit and three ongoing threads right now, people seem to really be avoiding these leaks.

    What I do find weird is how we just got around a hundred cards in three days, and yet no one's calling for product fatigue yet.
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends EBAY leaks
    Rebbec, Glacian and Malcom are the only ones with good partner flavor.
    I could see an argument for the planeswalkers. Jeska as a planeswalker never seemed to travel alone, and Tevest Szat loves his chronic backstabber syndrome all too much.
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  • posted a message on Secret lair - New life 2020 (no unique cards here all reprints)
    They've been doing Extra Life fundraisers like this for years now, so this was.. expected, I guess. There would still be backlash, of course, but even the MLP promos got backlash for this. Also, these arts come in playmat form.

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  • posted a message on [ELD] four new food cards
    We need people to stop necro-ing posts
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends EBAY leaks
    With the insane amount of leaks, I wonder what the heck happened at Wizards for them to postpone previews.
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends EBAY leaks
    Is it a bad sign for the set if a ton of cards get spoiled and the rumor mill is just buzzing about how to pronounce a hard/soft G name?

    Or a bad sign for this forum?
    It's a lack of talking points. The leaks are in German, and outside of the two planeswalkers the photos we have are just really blurry. It's more a guessing game at this point. That being said, the anger from the Secret Lair might mean the sets for the next six months are all dead in the water, so there's not a lot of discussion left.

    Quote from Xcric »
    Will the etched foil cards also be cards in the set itself?

    oh hooray... ANOTHER variant to pull... as if we were hurting for those.

    time to start including inserts for gambling addiction
    All the etched foil cards are reprints not counted in the set collector number count. For example, the only one we're 100% sure of is Prossh, Skyraider of Kher.
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  • posted a message on Potential upcoming set leaked for 2022
    I'm also on the fence about the cyberpunk setting on Kamigawa, but given just how much the genre draws from contemporary Japanese culture, it shouldn't be that hard of a blend. Maybe they do a Dresden Files-type thing where the mystical elements are merged into modern tech. For example, imagine a ninja infiltrating a building, going all, "The kami of my metal arm senses the souls of two moonfolk and a nezumi in the room. Better tread carefully."
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