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    Quote from Morphling »
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    Also, why does Dimir get 4 Mythics? I HATE when Wizards does this lopsided crap when they don't make guilds / tribes / whatever have the same, equal amount of stuff to play with.

    Ravnica 1: Everyone ignores Dimir and their underwhelming Transmute mechanic (and milling theme).
    Ravnica 2: Everyone ignores Cipher as a confusing and low-impact mechanic. (and presumably more milling theme..I don't even remember, lol).
    Ravnica 3 Pre-Planning Meeting: "Hey, let's make sure Dimir actually DOES SOMETHING this time around." *Cheers of agreement*

    That, and Bolas is already aligned with them. He's planning a sneaky coup/invasion type of thing. Given their guild's m.o., they basically HAD to play a much bigger role this time around. How to do it.. Give them a very spikey mechanic and give them lots of splashy rares/mythics to make sure everyone wants to try out Dimir this time

    Looks like we'll get a Dimir to actually care about this time. Given the last two times, I'm pretty okay with this approach so far.

    This card is what a Mythic ought to be. MYTHIC feel. That ART?!?! OOF!! Love it. Kickass/10

    The Dimir are the only guild fully against Bolas in this set. They don't like sharing the infiltration of everything on the plane with some invading elder dragon.
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    Quote from A_E_I_Own_U »
    In limited it can be useful. In any constructed format, this will never be a mainboard card and if its SB'd in, its in order to kill a flier that you cant handle...which will also kill it. So its a sorcery speed plummet. bad in every application except limited where it has two targets in the set so far to kill without dying.

    if that translation is right, the fight part is a may clause, meaning you can just leave up an X/2 with reach if you don't want it dead
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