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  • posted a message on Grafdigger's Cage Reprint (Impulso Geek Preview)
    Quote from Dunharrow »
    Quote from Trov »
    I must say that since the return of the core sets they have been spot on. Haven't been this interested in a core set since magic origins.
    Good mix of interesting new cards and good reprints for eternal formats. Hope they keep this up Smile

    I don't disagree with your comments but I think it is funny to say that you haven't been this interested in a core set since Origins... Core 2019 being the only set since Origins.

    Leyline + Cage could be reprinted now maybe because there is a lack of graveyard decks in the next year. Think of Crucible of Worlds and Scapeshift. They were not played in Standard at all. Leyline and Cage are very strong cards and I am guessing that if they had a graveyard theme they would not want to squash it with such powerful hate.

    It also helps to sell packs of Core Sets.

    I was thinking this too. No graveyard strategy with Standard's power level will survive this much hate, so they're doing this for reprints and reprints alone.
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  • posted a message on Thunderkin Awakener
    Quote from soramaro »
    Wasn't the full spoiler supposed to be up on Monday (only one week of spoilers)? Did I miss something?

    Anyway, nice card for Elemental tribal. The synergy with Vesperlark is sweet.

    The article outlining who spoils what says we'll get the full spoiler in a few hours. Monday and the weekend got some extra spoilers to the "one week spoiler season."
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  • posted a message on Enemy Temples are back
    Quote from LuckyJoe1988 »
    I must apologize as I am typing this from my phone and this site has a difficult interface to use via Android. I'll attempt to respond the best that I can.

    For your first point, The support with how 10-colored lands are utilized in sets/blocks is undermined when they keep only doing five of the duals, enemy or allied, at a time. I am not sure how you came to another conclusion other than cycles for dual lands not being completed in set/blocks, but I suppose we will have to agree to disagree there.

    For the second point, I shared that link and made my statement in an attempt to show that not only is WOTC not listening to their fans and players, but change their minds frequently which causes confusion from previous stated promises and efforts made on their part.

    For your third point, I had assumed we would be on the same page on parts of this, and the issue isn't what a lot of players want in regards to designs and such in the game, as that too is also a straw-man issue, but rather to appease the player base as they had not only promised, but were prepared to do in the past with 10-colored support. There is nothing that should have stopped them then, let alone now. R&D are still playtesting and removing kinks and trying to get it all figured out which doesn't take a genius. (That was not an insult at you, rather at the fact that many changes can still be made for the future for R&D where it seems many of their choices are idiotic)

    Not sure why no one has brought this up yet, but the actual reason we don't get full 10-card dual land cycles is that Wizards only wants 20 dual lands at most in Standard.
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  • posted a message on Mu Yianling, Sky Dancer NGA preview
    So with her on water and air, and I think Koth on fire and earth, are the 4 elements all covered?
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  • posted a message on Kykar, Wind's Fury (Command Zone)
    Quote from cyberium_neo »
    Quote from SimicNuggets »
    So.... is this a Tarkirian rebel/defector from the Ojutai clan who has taken up the old Jeskai way? Wink

    I hope so, but it could also be someone from previous timeline.

    Or possible member of that Jeskai remnant faction mentioned in the Core 2019 story.
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  • posted a message on [M20] Scheming Symmetry - Andrea Mengucci Twitter
    It doesn't get around hexproof or shroud. This is a targeted spell. It says target.

    ..and that's what I get for reading these forums drunk.
    That being said, it might be a clarity and lesser complexity thing, like Isareth the Awakener and corpse counters.
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  • posted a message on [M20] Scheming Symmetry - Andrea Mengucci Twitter
    Quote from pierrebai »
    Wording is weird. It's as if they start the card by making you think it won't target, as "choose" is the word of... choice (pun!) when a card does not target. Why is it not simply "Two target players each search their library of card ... bla bla"? Shorter and clearer.

    But hey, it's power with weird Seb McKinnon art, so it can do what it wants.

    It gets around hexproof and protection, if that counts.
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  • posted a message on Marit Lage's Slumber
    Quote from Kman »
    This could be impossible and ridiculous; not sure if timeline could match: Could Marit-Lage be the Leviathan that Bolas "defeated". Could he have made that story up too??

    Impossible. The Talon Gates are literally part of its corpse. I get that Marit Lage is popular, but she doesn't deserved to be shoved into whatever random part of MTG lore that people think they can cram her, especially the stuff that's canonically impossible.

    Bolas was a planeswalker long before the Ice Age, so it's definitely no possible. Bolas sparked long before Urza even existed.
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoiler 5/31 - Full Card Image Gallery!
    Quote from HighHolder »
    That green mythic creature is amazing. I don't recall seeing a separate thread on it, can anyone point me to it?

    Here's the thread.
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  • posted a message on Four ninja cards
    Well I hope there are more with Ninjutsu, at least in black since the Shinobi is the only one I like. The Black vanilla one is just super dumb, the lifelinker and phantom warrior are eh, but not having ninjutsu just feels super bad, like they could've been just some random rogues, they don't feel ninja at all.

    I agree on the lifelinker, insofar as I think the effect would still work if the Vampire was ninjutsu-d in. The Phantom Ninja kinda makes sense for me, as a Ninja enabling more Ninjas just adds more tribal synergy. I just wished it played to ninjas as infiltrators, and not do another assassin.
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  • posted a message on Reap the Past, Gruul X cost rare
    Actual source is Shota Yasooka's Twitch stream.
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  • posted a message on Rebuild (Ken Yukuhiro Preview)

    Straight out of Urza's Legacy, Rebuild.

    Source: Ken Yukuhiro on Twitter
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 5/29 Cycle Lands
    Quote from RxPhantom »
    So pretty! Other than a possible Astral Drift deck, do these have a place in Modern?

    The preview article mentions anything running Life from the Loam, like Dredge, will find a use to the card.
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  • posted a message on Crashing Footfalls
    This feels like Ancestral Vision in that it's meant to be cheated in for Modern via stuff like Bloodbraid Elf and As Foretold. You're only supposed to suspend it if you're desperate. Probably how it also works in Cube and Eternal formats, but Modern seems the most likely place for this.
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  • posted a message on Segovian Angel - The Loregoyf spoiler
    Is that a Worzel and Thomil reference? Nice to see them again.
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