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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    im trying out this

    4 polluted
    4 bloodstained
    2 scalding
    2 watery grave
    2 bloodcrypt
    1 steam vents
    1 island
    1 swamp

    4 opt
    4 faithless loothing
    2 thought score
    2 push
    2 dismember
    3 bolt
    4 thoughtseize
    2 inquisition
    2 tbr
    1 k command

    4 shadow
    4 angler
    4 street
    3 young pyro

    Please update us on how pyro and 4 FL performs, im on 2 myself.
    A few thoughts on the list, with 4 FL u are clearly on an aggro plan, so id say kcommand seems contradictory as you are unlikely to win by card advantage with 4 FL.
    And i definetely feel serum visions is preferable to opt in this kind of list as you often need a specific type of card when you are not playing as midrangey.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    I'm playing a list very similar to the one Ensnared posted to great success, main difference being i ended up cutting all snaps.

    Also, why are traverse lists always on 8 discards and gds on 6. If it's because they are more all in on the kill quick plan, maybe we should consider doing the same now?
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