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  • posted a message on Modern URx Wizards (Wizard Tribal)
    There is no way to destroy enchantments with U/R decks... You can only bounce them. If you bounce a leyline on a non white based deck it's like or worse than destroying it.
    I had the same problem yesterday when I tried this deck on mtgo. I encountered a smallpox/ the rack based deck and a green tron big mana deck.

    Vs the smallpox I feel like there is no answer to Shrieking Affliction. I won only one match the rest of the matches I feel like my deck was underpowered or his deck very op.

    Against the tron based deck I have not played blood moon in the sideboard and in all the games he had tron on turn 3, in turn 4-5 he casted Ugin and GG no way to win with that card in play.

    On the other way I beat easily a burn deck wich instead I thought it was a difficult match.

    So I feel this deck needs more bounce spell at least to have an immediate answer to planeswalkers or enchantments..

    Posted in: Deck Creation (Modern)
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