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  • posted a message on SCGCon!
    This got VERY off-topic...
    jivan, I will do my best!
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  • posted a message on SCGCon!
    Quote from cryogen »
    I'll be there with Karador, Mathas, Rubinia, and perhaps one more deck. I'll have a Magikarp playmat so if you see me say hi.

    Awesome! I definitely will. We’ll have to play a game!
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  • posted a message on SCGCon!
    Hey all! Who’s planning on going to SCGCon and playing commander there? What decks are you all playing?

    I’m going to be there and be bringing:
    Nylea counters
    Wort Aristocrats
    Krenko aggro
    Rhys token swarm
    Feather spells
    Grand Arbiter Augustin IV Sphinx tribal.

    Look forward to seeing you all there!
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Prismatic Vista is ridiculous. 100% shoe in for my Nissa build, could see use almost anywhere else too, honestly. My only lament is how expensive it's going to be.

    Prismatic Vista is a shoe-in in any deck with basics. It’s SO good. No more running terramorphic expanse and evolving wilds to fix your basics! All my 2+ color decks love this!
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  • posted a message on [EDH] Boros Card Draw
    I don’t know if anyone has said this one yet, but Experimental Frenzy is good. It doesn’t draw, but it’s card advantage for sure.
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  • posted a message on Upgrade Options help
    Go with option 1, decks can’t function if you don’t have mana, so the mana base is super important.
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  • posted a message on Most interesting Mono Red or Mono Green commanders?
    I run a Nylea, God of the Hunt +1/+1 counters deck that’s loads of fun, using Nylea to always grant trample is a huge benefit.
    I also run a Krenko, Mob Boss mono red goblins deck that’s LOADS of fun. It’s definitely my favorite deck, and it’s a fast win, usually turn 5-6.
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  • posted a message on AOE Removal
    Quote from Cerebrophage »
    So, my brother is really good at making decks you can do nothing to fight. I need cards that either exile or remove nontarget and nonland. The reason being, he combines darksteel forge with enchantments or artifacts that make him hexproof. I already have merciless eviction and chaos bane or whatever that black: sacrifice half your permanents is called. But the problem is, I need more. I can't rely on two cards to take him out when his deck pratically plays itself. I'm open to suggestions.

    TLDR; Need AOE removal that does not have keywords "Destroy" or "Target". Or, just single "target" removal cards without the targetting part. Such as, "Player removes one card from their board." or something like that.

    Tragic Arrogance does what you want.
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  • posted a message on Bruidclad help
    Honestly make goblins a sub theme, the ability of cards like Krenko, Mob Boss to churn out tokens is ridiculous, and there are enough token makers with goblins to fuel your brudiclad very quickly. Don’t go all out, but run Both Krenkos, siege-gang, And Beetleback along with some of the instants and sorcerers that make them. It’ll cause some quick token creation to capitalize off of Brudiclad’s ability when you get a token of, say, Blightsteel.
    Also, definitely run God-Pharaoh’s Gift, that’ll allow you to get tokens of creatures with great abilities for less mana than Helm will.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion

    How gross do we think new Krenko builds will get? With enough lords/Coat of Arms and extra attack phases he'll go off just nicely. Bare minimum he's a good add for Krenko 1.0.

    I’m just going to add him to Krenko 1.0, he’s got some really good value for his cost (especially with the trigger being on attack, not damage), so totally going into the deck, but he’s not strong enough to be the commander. As is, Krenko 1.0 has enough lords to make him very worthwhile.
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  • posted a message on “Boros sucks” is a culture problem.
    Quote from Outcryqq »
    Whomever changed the title to “Boros” from “Boris” I love you. Every time I saw this title, and after the first time I clicked on it and realized the OP meant to type Boros, I felt like I was getting stabbed in the eyeball.

    Actually I did type Boros, but my stupid phone autocorrected. Slant it Bugged me just as much as it bugged everyone else.
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  • posted a message on “Boros sucks” is a culture problem.
    Quote from FoxOfWar »
    Deck viability should not Ride Down on others having fun with the game. At least in theory, most play Commander to have a fun pastime.

    Does MLD and Winter Orbing make Boros midrange-aggro style more viable? Yep. Is it any fun for anyone else, at your average table? I don't think you can make that argument that much.

    I mean if we’re going with the argument of what’s fun For everyone else then T3 doomsday shouldn’t be allowed, najeela infinite combo shouldn’t be allowed, Selvala combo shouldn’t be allowed, teferi chainveil shouldn’t be allowed. That’s really not a very good argument in general, because what’s “fun” changes by individual, playgroup and meta.
    I would, however, agree that cEDH shouldn’t be in this conversation. We’re talking from a casual commander perspective, not from the perspective of turn 3 combo wins.
    Again, all I am saying is that restricting the tools that a color group has through cultural bias is limiting what that combination of colors can accomplish. Which means then calling those colors terrible is a cultural issue.
    As for my playgroup, I would say 75-80%. We have like 5 cEDH level decks and dozens of highly tuned decks between myself and 3 friends, and we allow MLD and the like. And honestly, that has made for more fun games. Those strategies can be frustrating, but it’s allowed my friend’s Isamaru, Hound of Konda deck to keep pace and win against any sub cEDH deck in our pool. I know that’s mono white, but it works the same with Boros colors. I plan on finishing my Boros deck as soon as it’s within budget and testing my theory.
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  • posted a message on “Boros sucks” is a culture problem.
    Quote from Xcric »
    Quote from Sheldon »
    Can a mod change the name of the thread so that I don't keep thinking someone is bashing Russians?

    i'll bite and take the warning and/or ban.

    don't do it. make him suffer for his article that essentially decry's all of r/w's valid strategies, creating the culture problem being argued

    i'm talking about this one:

    many of his you shouldn't play cards are actually quite valid to r/w, but articles like this, from someone with a platform like his, speak volumes to push against acceptance of valid game plans to r/w. his words have weight.

    Man what a biased point.
    A black card is on the list too. A green card is on the list too. 3 blue cards are on the list. 3 colorless are on the list.

    This thread made me realize that the only culture problem is with people obsessed with boros.
    Do you really pretend to win aggroing with anya, merciless angel, savannah lions and flametongue kavu? Do you really think that an armaggedon is the only thing needed to make these cards viable?
    It's like a blue player whining because he can't win with chisei, heart of oceans.
    Some cards suck, deal with it. All the boros commanders are terrible, deal with it.

    I think you’re misunderstanding my point. I’m not trying to say that Boros is the greatest thing ever, in fact no one here has said that. No one has seemed even a little Boros obsessed to me. What I’m seeing is a discussion about whether or not Boros is as terrible as people say.
    Now, I again will say, Boros is the worst color combination, and yes it does have commander issues in addition to other problems, BUT, I do believe that being more accepting of strategies that allow the Boros player to keep pace with the game *reduces* that gap. I’m not saying Boros is the most amazing thing ever, just that if we are a more accepting culture it doesn’t have to be the worst thing ever. Boros is fun! It’s got some fun cards and some fun themes (soldiers!), it just can’t keep up without slowing down everyone else via stax effects and MLD. I’m not saying either that you should put all your hopes into MLD, just that it’s a tool that is underutilized because of the EDH culture.
    And yes, I know that Sheldon (thanks for commenting by the way, and I look forward to playing with you again at SCGCon) thinks MLD is horrible, and I respect that opinion. I just believe that it can be a part of the Boros toolbox that can help take away the “Boros sucks” mentality and make it more of a viable color scheme, though still not the best.
    Also, I’m not agreeing with the comment about the article, I just don’t believe the comment about “people loving Boros are a problem” was fair and wanted to respond to that.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Final Day: Maelstrom Nexus

    This card is so good with Sliver Overlord... steal ALL the creatures!
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  • posted a message on “Boros sucks” is a culture problem.
    Onering understand me.
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