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  • posted a message on [KHM] Ban Coming? (Hint: Tibalt's Trickery is Lame)
    You're absolutely out of your mind. This card is beyond broken. People running this mulligan until they have it in their hand. They concede if they don't pull it. It CONSISTENTLY pulls Ulamog, ultimatum spells or Ugin Spirit Dragon on turn 2. This card is toxic for the game.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][THB] Nadir Kraken
    Are you seriously complaining about 2 blue for a broken turn 3 blue card that allows blue to sit back, counter and draw? God I hate Blue!
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  • posted a message on Rat Colony decks legal for singeton?
    I have to disagree and side with the premise of the OP. In a singleton event, where everyone only has 1 copy of a card, answers for that type of aggro were just impossible to reach before the battlefield was swarmed with them. Every rat makes the others stronger. It was broken in a singleton format. They dropped turn 2 and it was an endless flood. You are dead before you can possibly answer the overwhelming board position. I saw the rat on turn 2 I conceded immediately.
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  • posted a message on Options for Enabling Enrage Cards?
    I don't know how cards work with being legal in blocks and stuff, but if you are talking kitchen table Magic, Pyrohemia is awesome for triggering enrage. It will ping ALL creatures in play with damage and even hurt the players. In my Dino deck, I use pyro to trigger enrage on Silverclad ferocidons and sun-crowned hunters. The interaction with the enrage cards is brutal and probably one of the better options to trigger it.
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