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  • posted a message on Play mode levels that must be unlocked?
    It went away for me right away. No clue on how to get to "Level II", or the consequences of that.
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  • posted a message on Play mode levels that must be unlocked?
    same problem.
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  • posted a message on RG Eldrazi
    New primer is great. Some comments on it:

    Talisman of Impulse, Raging Ravine, Eldrazi Mimic, Domri Rade, Wastes, SSG, and Basilisk Collar are also worthwhile options some have used.

    Wolf-Run kills Phantasmal Image.

    Key Weakness: Blood Moon. A couple of Mind Stones isn't going to be enough to fend it off. Sideboard options
    are limited if you don't have a Noble/Bird/Mind Stone in play before Blood Moon is played. This weakness has
    purported kept some pros away from playing the deck.

    Key Weakness: None of the creatures on the Stock List have evasion, though the 4 Smashers have trample, and the 4 Obligators
    can keep a creature from blocking.

    Key Strength: The "Stock List" has a whopping 14 cards that can be played on turn 1, so the interaction/game plan starts immediately.

    Key Strength: The "Stock List" has a whopping 12 Haste creatures which is awesome for recovering from Wrath or killing planeswalkers.

    Key Strength: The manabase is pretty good, and not as painful as some 3-color fetch manabases.

    Key Strength: Obligator gives the deck a uniquish angle of attack on the metagame. It can kill opposing Death Shadows, for example.

    Other Notable: The deck does not use the graveyard, so SB options that kill all graveyards can be used.

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  • posted a message on Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain - Historical Legend [Retired / Rotated out]
    I have a similar deck which is more focused on 1cc artifacts and going infinite.
    One card that has really made things much easier that you should consider is
    decoction module. With paradox engine + jhoira + 4 mana worth of mana rocks + decoction module and a
    0 cc creature (or a 1 cc creature with cost reducer), you draw your deck and combo out.
    Of course, if you have more mana rocks, you also get extra mana with each bounce.

    edit: Oops, you don't run enough artifact creatures for this.

    edit: How have Jhoira's Familiar and Immortal Sun been for you? They seem expensive.
    Of course, I run Sunbird's Invocation which is also expensive (though ridiculously powerful).

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