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  • posted a message on My very old 90's deck
    I'm surprised no one has responded to you.

    If this is legit, you are possibly sitting on a thousand dollars or more with the black lotus alone. A deck made of alpha/beta cards could top $10,000. It really does depend on what the cards are and of what quality.

    I would go to a professional to get it looked at and appraised. A signature does weird things to cards, some signatures devalue the card some increase the value. In the end it will depend on the buyer's point of view.

    You may want to contact Rudy from Alpha Investments to get it looked at, he may buy it if he likes it.

    Good luck with what you decide to do. First step would be to store them properly.
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  • posted a message on Mothership update to Brawl - Banned list

    I really need to understand what the point of your post was. You never played the format and can't comment on the unbans. This is the equivalent of saying "motleyslayer was here".

    Why go through the effort of posting something and saying absolutely nothing????

    Buchenator was here
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  • posted a message on Is this the general feeling in MTGA right now?
    I'm mostly waiting for the weekend to draft. That is by far the biggest appeal to me. I'm looking forward to when draft can be conducted every day. I'd even like to keep the Quick Draft format for when life gets busy and I cant devote hours at a time to drafting.
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