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  • posted a message on Craziest streak of pack luck you've had
    3 Karn in a row (streak of FNM drafts).

    That's sick! I'll bet you were super happy!
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  • posted a message on Craziest streak of pack luck you've had
    I had an amazing streak of pack luck last Friday so I was wondering if anyone else had some amazing stuff they've pulled! I'd love to hear some awesome stories about your best pack pulls and craziest streaks of luck across multiple packs.

    Here's my story:

    I drafted Dominaria on Friday and I didn't really get anything serious for the first two packs, but then on the third pack I opened a Foil Teferi which was totally awesome. Then I went 2-1 in the draft and I got 2 packs. Out of the second of those packs I pulled a Karn! Those are definitely my two best pulls I've ever had and I'm so happy that I did so well. (I also pulled a History of Benalia a couple days before.)

    Let's hear some awesome pack stories! Grin
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  • posted a message on Mono Blue Control
    Quote from amicdeep »
    I've be tempted to go a little more tempo based and add come 1 mana cycling cards like censor and hieroglyphics and the use 2-3 cryptic Serpents over stormtamer (as storm tamer is always going to struggle to travel favourablely Ind serpent can be down as early as turn 3 with the right cantrips)

    I would also heavily consider 3 copy's of merfolk Trickster for SB as it's excellent agaisnt aggro decks.

    A couple of copy's of 1 Pull from Tomorrow could also be really relevent in the late game

    Syncopate may be a strong 2 of counter spell, and the exile clause seems pretty relevent

    1 Ipnu Rivulet if your playing djinn I'd drop mermoral of genius for 1 mb Ipnu Rivulet (and another in SB as it's excellent agaisnt second sun (especially as even if you counter the first time if they resolve the second you still lose)

    Other cards to consider
    Unwind (being able to counter something the glimmer on turn 4 is awsome)

    Baral Chief of Compliance could work in a card draw slot as the relevent looting and the cheapening of spells could be really effective.

    I like the suggestions. I have a Baral lying around that I could definintely put in. How many do you recommend adding? Also, about unwind; I have to say I'm not the biggest fan of it. I do like how its essentially a "free" counterspell seeing as you get to untap the lands you used to cast it. I just feel like the 2 cost of Negate is better because of the lower casting cost. But I can see how it could have some uses. And yeah. Merfolk Trickster is a good consideration. I will see if I can find room for it.

    Thanks for the suggestions! Smile
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  • posted a message on Mono Blue Control
    Been a pet project for me for a little bit. Finally got to a list that I'm somewhat happy with. Still looking for suggestions though, but I want to show it off to see what people think. Here it is:

    Basically, it's meant to be midrange-control. Get creatures like Tempest Djinn out and beat face with them while protecting them with counterspells. Then make a precise use of the Torrential Gearhulk to finish your opponent off.
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  • posted a message on MTG Challenger Deck Meme (Also hello! I'm new!)
    Okay well it's being kind of screwy with me. I updated the image because I noticed a typo and now when I try to upload the fixed one it puts the top toolbar for the site in as the uploaded image.
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  • posted a message on MTG Challenger Deck Meme (Also hello! I'm new!)
    Hey! I just found this awesome site and I read through a bunch of threads and found it enjoyable. I am a member of another forum unrelated to Magic, but I figured it would be cool to join a magic related one. I think this would be the right place to post this? If not, I apologize and mods feel free to move the thread wherever it needs to be. Smile

    Anyway, I figured I'd make my debut with something small that I whipped up in Photoshop.

    I don't know if I just have to upload it, but I uploaded it to the attatchments. If there's a way to make it show up in the actual post, please let me know, as that's what the other forum allowed.

    Anyway, thanks all for reading this and I plan to become an active and productive member of this site.

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