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  • posted a message on Various single cards..
    Wow..solid reasoning on every single one of these. Fantastic, gents.

    Alright, I'll stop trying to be fancy and just go for more all-purpose workhorse approach. Thanks for helping me free up some slots too.. Evil Lol
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  • posted a message on How to get the most value ($$$) from basic lands (a serious question)
    I believe most LGS's just give these away. I would suggest you adopt that model and just donate them to whoever needs them and write it off as a good deed and making things a little easier for someone else just getting started in this game.

    To your questions..

    1) Why would there be? Do they stay in business by offering anything more than what the competition does? Do they stay in business by paying more, absorbing those costs and just charging more for basics than their competition? Again, seems unlikely.
    2) Probably not, but here you go. (You might try running down the author on Facebook and ask him for some tips here. DJ also regularly writes for TCGPlayer, I believe.)
    3) No idea but seems unlikely. Again...WHY would someone pay anything for them when, again, they can literally go to any LGS and just TAKE the basic lands they need? That said, is it really worth the potential risk of dealing with potentially very sketchy CraigsList people just to squeeze out $10?

    If you figure out a way to spin straw into gold here, please let the rest of us know. We'd like to do it too! Smile
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  • posted a message on Various single cards..
    Hey gang, long time member but first-time cuber here. (Here is my list so far..) I'm building toward 585.

    Had a couple of questions on a few cards I think might be totally awesome. Or...maybe they're just mirages. Please tell me!

    Gate to Phyrexia. I'm already running Goblin Bombardment and I definitely see the utility there. My fear is that maybe there's not enough artifacts in a (or my) cube to be worth it though... Thoughts?

    Another one I really thought was awesome for cube would be something like Price of Glory. I mean....yeah. Is it too narrow? Is it...too oppressive and lead to non-games?

    Also--my favorite green card in the whole game is without a doubt Sylvan Library. Any harm in also running Mirri's Guile or does this redundancy just waste valuable slots for no good reason.

    Another one.. Bonesplitter Thinking about running Bloodforged Battle-Axe instead--is this just total heresy?

    Running a couple of Un-cards too. Just ones that seem halfway-compelling to play with and not silly for silly's sake. If you see any terrible ideas there, similarly speak up.

    Should Dynacharge just come out? Too low-impact or is it actually worthy of inclusion? (Or, lemme guess--it should be Mizzium Mortars instead?)

    Anything else anyone sees in my list that looks TERRIBLE, please speak up. My thanks in advance...
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  • posted a message on SCD - Ravenous Slime

    Absolutely but with several significant upgrades..

    1) It gets not one counter per activation, it gets counters equal to the power. The bigger the threat, the bigger the reward--for free.
    3) It very conveniently exiles the very card that triggered it along the way--problem dealt with. For free.
    2) It randomly can't be blocked by a horde of weenies. Also free.

    Not saying I don't see the comparison but this guy really is light-years better than any of those.
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  • posted a message on Big Creatures
    Problem Solved.. Evil Lol

    Trust me. A few times you beat him with these cards, he will feel like a total chump and start looking for a new strategy.
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  • posted a message on SCD - Ravenous Slime
    Is it just me or are folks sleeping on this card? I would honestly play it over Scavenging Ooze in a lot of settings, but especially multiplayer. That seems nuts.

    Anyone else?
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  • posted a message on Full spoiler up
    you don't have the balls to reprint what's necessary. Because you're afraid of upsetting investors. IT'S A CARD GAME, NOT THE STOCK MARKET. GET YOUR HEADS ROUND THAT FACT.

    Seems like everyone here bitching LOUDLY about lack of 'value' of them are the same people who tried to outrace the very same (evil) secondary market by preordering stuff before they knew what was even in it. (To, you in on value.) They decided with incomplete information. In other words they gambled.

    But now (like most gamblers who lose) they're mad they took a gamble and now they want to throw a tantrum about it having been a bad gamble. First, they are disappointed. Then, they get frustrated. Then they get angry. Rather than wisely taking stock of their own poor decision-making process, they would rather project this frustration and disappointment on to Wizards and predictably turn it into this righteous crusade against the 'greedy investors' of Magic. .....OK.

    I see this basically every single set they release.

    STOP. PREORDERING. How many people need to tell you this before you finally listen.

    And now all of these angry people will come yell at ME now. Because I and my unsupportive pov are clearly part of the 'actual problem' here.
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  • posted a message on Yawgmoth as a possible side Commander in top deck matters?
    Well, it's impossible we'll ever get YAWGMOTH, THE INEFFABLE on a card. Just play Emrakul and use your imagination. It would be 10x more powerful than that, so NO, not seeing print.

    But, I honestly could see them doing some older, Thran era version. Just a really ****ed up homicidal Human Adivsor (not Cleric) who gives you life but gives your creatures -1/-1 counters to do it.

    Something like that. Maybe.

    What I'm having a much harder time imagining is how make any version of Yawgmoth I can imagine fit in a Commander 2018 deck whose theme is top-deck-matters though. They seem to have very little in common, mechanically or flavor-wise.
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  • posted a message on Ruinous Path
    What card...Ruinous Path? Totally understand that. What did I say that made you think I didn't know that?
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  • posted a message on Xantcha, Sleeper Agent - Gathering Magic Spoiler
    This is very, very sweet. Never realized they never did an actual card for her. I bet they went through a BIG-BIG review of ALL the storyline legends missing cards as part of the planning for Dominaria.

    I can't wait to see (literally) every other pre-Apocalypse/"Weatherlight Era" legend in card form over the coming months. They will find a way to do them ALL before it's over.

    Good GREAT stuff.
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  • posted a message on Ruinous Path
    Quote from 5colors »
    Please let this mean the deck has a man land theme.

    Well, my opinion means nothing (at this point), but I think it absolutely does.

    I believe (very strongly) they were planning this for the third act of BFZ before they shuttled Emrakul off to Innistrad.

    As in, 3rd Act, things are going horribly wrong and Nissa finds a way to commune with Zendikar's world soul and make it REALLY ANGRY. Then, Zendikar itself rises up to fight (and defeat/repulse) the Eldrazi once and for all, saving the plane. It would fight back with MAN LANDS.

    Now, none of this happened. So, they had all this stuff designed with nowhere to go. Guess where it went.. Smile

    That's my theory. The appearance of this card certainly supports it. I'm not on Twitter but if this actually pans out, I might sign up just to ask MaRo if this is what happened..

    Quote from Ritokure »
    I would love that, but the fact that the best Manland cards are in the exact colors that Windgrace isn't would tilt me so much.

    I don't really follow you here. These things have absolutely nothing to do with eachother. I mean, you raise a completely valid point--Colonnade is the best, (I think it's arguable), but that's not a reason that the Windgrace deck can't be about achieving victory by way of Man Lands or just animating lands into 'man lands'.
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  • posted a message on Rising Values and Protecting My Cards From Theft
    There's not a single thing any of us can tell you that you don't already know yourself.

    In layman's terms, just don't be the dumbass who makes it too easy not to steal. Don't leave your deck sitting out at your LGS. Keep it boxed up and with you at all times. Myabe the store owner will let you stash it behind the register or something..a safe spot. If you carry your stuff in a bookbag, don't leave your bookbag sitting around. if you live in an apartment complex or a sketchy residential neighborhood, don't leave it in your car overnight--take inside with you. If you DO leave it in your car, be sure to LOCK IT, turn on the alarm, don't just throw it on the front seat where anyone can look in and see it.

    Now, I don't know you at all, so please don't take this the wrong way, but here's the most important one. (It's still 100% common sense though.) Don't be the guy who can't stop talking about his awesome super-valuable masterpiece cards. The type who enjoys having a crowd of younger players standing around, gobsmacked, looking at your amazing cards. Thieves are thieves because, among other things, they covet nice things that you have. If you are the type of person who shows up and just tries to endlessly impress everyone with your latest super-pimp cards, guess what, IF there is a thief in your midst, you just got his attention. You just became his mission. They are patiently waiting for the first opportunity to steal them. Frankly, you did it to yourself in that case.

    Another one, also obvious, don't associate (or form a playgroup) with dirtbags. Smile Seriously...find a playgroup (and/or an LGS) that isn't the most sketchy one in town. Seems like every city has at least one. Avoid it.

    Honestly, if it were ME, I'd sell them and just replace them with regular versions. You still get to play the cards you love, you can now afford to acquire MANY MORE cards to play with, they're (far, far) less of a liabiilty, and honestly, Masterpieces are just kinda ugly to me. (It's like FTV foils. Eww?) To each his own.. Smile

    Good luck with it!
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  • posted a message on Monoblack Aggro
    Quote from Prid3 »
    I'll change the name if it'll help you sleep at night :P.

    Ah..I thank you. Sleeping
    FWIW I was strongly considering Arterial Flow but the problem is the 3 CMC cost. Maybe I should be playing it though :).

    Yes, that is a VERY good option here. I'm running it in my Vampire/Drain tribal build and it's absolutely brutal. But yes, waiting until turn 3 to hit their hands is playing it a bit risky.. MP you USUALLY have a bit more time allowance though..hard to say..

    The other card that really puts in work for me is Tyrant's Choice. If you manage to do two back-to-back (effectively draining them for EIGHT from out of nowhere)..chances are very VERY high you can just alpha strike one opponent and drain ALL of them out at once. So good. I did it just last night..had absolutely no business winning that game. "Oops, I win." trollface
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  • posted a message on Monoblack Aggro
    Shortest version I could muster. I don't ever expect to win arguments in here anymore, so this is more of a PSA.

    Very nice Tribal Blitz Aggro deck you have here. With all respect, this really ain't "Suicide Black". Suicide Black: Black-centered. Super fast disruption paired with super fast aggro that also TRADES your OWN life total to achieve tempo shortcuts and a faster clock.

    Hopefully no arguments there. Now take a look at your deck..

    No, not specific card choices--those always change. Creatures are a million times better now--no more garbage Carnophages.

    But where are the disruption elements? Part of Suicide Black's approach has always been to cripple their hand/manabase ALONG THE WAY. (Thoughtseize, Sinkhole, Hymn to Tourach, Wasteland, etc.)You have none of this. That is fine. However, it means you're no longer really playing 'Suicide Black' because that deck has always contained these. Why? It is part of the deck's basic recipe for success. You don't stand a chance without this. It's the difference between winning vs flooding the board with Vampires and then getting pantsed. That's why you want run these things.

    I don't mean to sound inflexible or some dusty old 'purist' or beat anyone down. I'm just pointing out some (I believe) some very relevant differences.

    TLDR: This deck ignores about twenty years of established archetype history but name it whatever you want.
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  • posted a message on Supreme Phantom
    Quote from void_nothing » »
    Just goes to show how long unused art that was commissioned can sit in Creative's vaults.

    Kinda wish they left it there, tbh. Wtf is even going on in this art? Confused
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