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  • posted a message on Rising Values and Protecting My Cards From Theft
    There's not a single thing any of us can tell you that you don't already know yourself.

    In layman's terms, just don't be the dumbass who makes it too easy not to steal. Don't leave your deck sitting out at your LGS. Keep it boxed up and with you at all times. Myabe the store owner will let you stash it behind the register or something..a safe spot. If you carry your stuff in a bookbag, don't leave your bookbag sitting around. if you live in an apartment complex or a sketchy residential neighborhood, don't leave it in your car overnight--take inside with you. If you DO leave it in your car, be sure to LOCK IT, turn on the alarm, don't just throw it on the front seat where anyone can look in and see it.

    Now, I don't know you at all, so please don't take this the wrong way, but here's the most important one. (It's still 100% common sense though.) Don't be the guy who can't stop talking about his awesome super-valuable masterpiece cards. The type who enjoys having a crowd of younger players standing around, gobsmacked, looking at your amazing cards. Thieves are thieves because, among other things, they covet nice things that you have. If you are the type of person who shows up and just tries to endlessly impress everyone with your latest super-pimp cards, guess what, IF there is a thief in your midst, you just got his attention. You just became his mission. They are patiently waiting for the first opportunity to steal them. Frankly, you did it to yourself in that case.

    Another one, also obvious, don't associate (or form a playgroup) with dirtbags. Smile Seriously...find a playgroup (and/or an LGS) that isn't the most sketchy one in town. Seems like every city has at least one. Avoid it.

    Honestly, if it were ME, I'd sell them and just replace them with regular versions. You still get to play the cards you love, you can now afford to acquire MANY MORE cards to play with, they're (far, far) less of a liabiilty, and honestly, Masterpieces are just kinda ugly to me. (It's like FTV foils. Eww?) To each his own.. Smile

    Good luck with it!
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  • posted a message on Monoblack Aggro
    Quote from Prid3 »
    I'll change the name if it'll help you sleep at night :P.

    Ah..I thank you. Sleeping
    FWIW I was strongly considering Arterial Flow but the problem is the 3 CMC cost. Maybe I should be playing it though :).

    Yes, that is a VERY good option here. I'm running it in my Vampire/Drain tribal build and it's absolutely brutal. But yes, waiting until turn 3 to hit their hands is playing it a bit risky.. MP you USUALLY have a bit more time allowance though..hard to say..

    The other card that really puts in work for me is Tyrant's Choice. If you manage to do two back-to-back (effectively draining them for EIGHT from out of nowhere)..chances are very VERY high you can just alpha strike one opponent and drain ALL of them out at once. So good. I did it just last night..had absolutely no business winning that game. "Oops, I win." trollface
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  • posted a message on Monoblack Aggro
    Shortest version I could muster. I don't ever expect to win arguments in here anymore, so this is more of a PSA.

    Very nice Tribal Blitz Aggro deck you have here. With all respect, this really ain't "Suicide Black". Suicide Black: Black-centered. Super fast disruption paired with super fast aggro that also TRADES your OWN life total to achieve tempo shortcuts and a faster clock.

    Hopefully no arguments there. Now take a look at your deck..

    No, not specific card choices--those always change. Creatures are a million times better now--no more garbage Carnophages.

    But where are the disruption elements? Part of Suicide Black's approach has always been to cripple their hand/manabase ALONG THE WAY. (Thoughtseize, Sinkhole, Hymn to Tourach, Wasteland, etc.)You have none of this. That is fine. However, it means you're no longer really playing 'Suicide Black' because that deck has always contained these. Why? It is part of the deck's basic recipe for success. You don't stand a chance without this. It's the difference between winning vs flooding the board with Vampires and then getting pantsed. That's why you want run these things.

    I don't mean to sound inflexible or some dusty old 'purist' or beat anyone down. I'm just pointing out some (I believe) some very relevant differences.

    TLDR: This deck ignores about twenty years of established archetype history but name it whatever you want.
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  • posted a message on Supreme Phantom
    Quote from void_nothing » »
    Just goes to show how long unused art that was commissioned can sit in Creative's vaults.

    Kinda wish they left it there, tbh. Wtf is even going on in this art? Confused
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  • posted a message on Nissa's stand-in Vivian
    WELL, BLOW ME DOWN! I think I did just connect those exact dots in my own head. Maybe she's not an elf... Smile
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  • posted a message on Nissa's stand-in Vivian
    I hate to come off as a total ******* cynic but it seems their origin story for Nissa (a borderline xenophobe) doesn't score very well with the focus groups.. Rolleyes

    I mean, we essentially got another female elf with slightly more 'ethnic' skin tone and a new backstory. Not MUCH of a change, tbh. What are we supposed to make of it?
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  • posted a message on Playmats as Protection
    I play at a buddy's house where several of the guys smoke. (Most of them vape anymore, but whatever..)

    I can recall occasions where we were playing a sealed event and I discovered little black spots/deposits on my cards before we even began the second round of matches. As in, I had just opened them in boosters less than an hour before.. Quite gross.

    It doesn't take much, apparently. I recommend playmats highly--(double) sleeves, too.
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  • posted a message on Core 19, Yay or nay???
    It's pretty simple. There is nothing inherently special about Core Set 19 or 'Magic's 25th Anniversary' or anything, Ok?

    With that out of the way..

    Are you a completely new player? Do you need to establish (or just beef up) your stock of 'basic' cards like Lightning Bolt, Llanowar Elves and stuff like that? If 'yes', then sure, I'd pick up some. At that point, you're not really cracking packs for value--you're just cracking for deckbuilding stock. And Core sets are *GREAT* for that purpose.

    Or, rre you are an established player? If you are an established player, I don't care WHAT they print at Mythic or Rare. It just doesn't matter at all. You will never break even buying packs. Listen to me very carefully here: N.E.V.E.R. It always makes more sense to just buy the singles you need. Yes, even the stupid 'Buy-a-box' promo. You will spend way less. Believe me.

    Buying packs is ALWAYS a good idea when you're starting out and NEVER an good idea once you have your basic staples covered.

    That's about as simple (and honest) a breakdown as you'll see. I've been playing for 18 years and it's been true for me for well over a decade now. Take it to the bank.
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  • posted a message on GPVegas Ajani & Nicol Bolas
    A 4/4 Bolas feels really weird.
    CMC 4 Bolas feels really weird.
    Considering that Vaevictis Asmadi, the Dire and Nicol Bolas, the Ravager both seem to be part of a cycle of 6/6 dragons for CMC 6, everything above feels really weird.

    I don't like that they forced these changes just to implement a flip-version of Nicol Bolas. (I bet R&D submitted it 6/6 for 6 but Development tweaked it..)

    I like him but I won't replace my God Pharaohs with these..maybe try a mix of both and see how it goes. (Fwiw, the art also seems a bit borderline to me but that's completely subjective. Smile )

    Ajani seems pretty damn good in any Cat deck I can think Gonna be build a G/W cat deck for my daughter at some point. This looks perfect.
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  • posted a message on The Commander Price Discussion Thread
    Well, to be fair Secure the Wastes is one of the most efficient token makers ever printed and it's pretty decent to begin with. It was probably overdue for a correction. Pretty much same deal w/Nature's Will--card was always very strong; folks just forgot about it. It suffers from a much smaller supply though, so the effect was a bit more pronounced.

    Stonehoof Chieftain seems pretty ignorable to me though. With very few exceptions, 8-mana cards aren't where I would put my money. I don't see how a spike doesn't come right back down.
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  • posted a message on Core Set Promos on Mothership! Reliquary Tower, Guttersnipe, new blue mythic, others
    Quote from Surge »
    Here's to hoping fling is in the set! Dance

    I'd MUCH rather see Delirium/Backlash reprinted... Evil Lol
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  • posted a message on New dual lands
    Quote from Kain123 »
    I already bought a playset of each...cant wait to receive them =)

    Small world.. Smile These are going to be really REALLY good. Definitely looking forward to an enemy-colored cycle.
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  • posted a message on B/R/W lich's mastery. Let's brew!
    Here's one idea..

    And another..
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  • posted a message on The Legacy Price Discussion Thread
    Well, just a sec. How Suspicious...

    It's a card that will never be printed again and the effect has been shifted to another color entirely, so they probably won't just print a re-costed slightly different version of the original either.

    Let's also not forget that the original version (in blue) will probably just be better 99% of the time you want to run it in a deck. In the format it will see the MOST play, i.e. Commander, this color issue becomes a lot more relevant.

    It's pushing twenty years old. Compared to current print runs of Magic sets, there just weren't that many to begin with and far fewer nowadays. Like several orders of magnitude fewer.

    Finally, it's just a unique, and certainly powerful (not to mention, completely open-ended) effect. I don't know if $18 is out of the question but (considering everything above) I think $4 was probably a LOT below what this card should've cost.

    Like it or not, this card seems like a very reasonable buyout target. It always sucks to have to pay more for cards but this one actually makes some sense is all I'm saying. If anything, just be happy they found a workable reprint solution via the colorshift.
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  • posted a message on Burning Scales of Justice
    Cast Balance. In response, cast Teferi's Protection. All your stuff phases out.

    Balance have no permanents so everyone loses all their lands and creatures.

    Beginning of your next turn, all your stuff phases back in. Good luck..
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