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  • posted a message on Trying to decide next Commander
    I used the last credit to boost my Karametra deck instead of making a new deck So now I've decided to break down the slimefoot deck and have about $250 to build a deck with.

    Any opinions on what to build? I've now also been looking at Zur, Riku, Yidris and Yisan as possible people. What are your opinions or thoughts on what you would build? Doesn't need to be any commander I've listed anything you want to talk about.
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  • posted a message on Looking at building a new deck around $250ish
    After taxes came in and with some website credit I have around $250 to spend on a new edh deck and wanted to here some ideas of what you might build

    I currently have landfall Karametra, Slot Machine Grenzo and jank Sasaya.

    Looking forward to hearing

    **Quick update: I think I want to build Riku, specifically a spellslinger version, any suggestions there?
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  • posted a message on Trying to decide next Commander
    Hi everyone! So I've recently come in to about $200 worth of credit and wanted to build a new edh deck. I have a few different commanders I'm debating between and would like opinions on them, or suggestions on who I should run.

    Current decks:
    Slimefoot Aristocrat
    Grenzo Slot Machine
    Sasaya Janky
    Karametra Landfall

    Now here are the commanders I'm debating between:

    Locust God
    Scion of Ur Dragon
    Ur Dragon

    I know the 5 color ones will have a weaker mana base so I was leaning towards the 2-3 color ones though 5 color does sound fun.

    Thanks people!
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  • posted a message on Looking at making a new deck, help wanted
    Hey everyone! I've run into some store credit and extra money and I now want to make a new edh deck to play. I currently run;

    Grenzo, Dungeon Warden in a toolbox style

    Windgrace in a go wide, go tall mix

    And a Jodah big mana

    Right now I've been deciding between Varina Zombie tribal/ aristocrat, Arcades defenders and Gishath dinosaur tribal.

    If you've had any experience with the 3 let me know! Or if you have other ideas for decks maybe based around the 3 I currently run or something way different from them. I kinda really wanted a tribal deck but anything is welcome.

    My starting budget for the deck is about $250-$300. Thanks everyone.
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  • posted a message on Killing off Edgar Markov
    Hi Everyone! New to the forum and first post. As the title says I'm trying to kill off me Edgar deck and make a new deck out of it. After playing with him a few times I've decided to break down the deck and I'm trying to salvage what I can to make a new deck.

    I've decided I want to build a token type deck to replace this token beatdown kind of build I have currently. I've upgraded Edgar quite a bit and I'm looking at having white in the build to get some use out of my Anointed Procession, Cathars Crusade and cards of that like. I've been looking at Rhys and Ghave currently. Looking at more of a budgety kind of deck with room to expand later on when more money comes in.

    I've recently come back into commander and currently only have 4 decks including this one; Edgar, Inalla, Zedruu and Grenzo Dungeon Warden. Any ideas or thoughts are appreciated thanks!

    ReEdit: now that I look through the deck it's not many cards I'm aiming to keep, from the deck I think I can really use;

    Anointed Procession
    Cathars Crusade
    Intangible Virtue
    Leyline of the Meek

    Then there's more generic white stuff like Swords to Plowshare, Oblivion Ring, Return to Dust

    And last more things that are maybes; Door of Destinies, Vanquishers Banner, Teferis Protection (really not sure how good this card is) and iffy on these cause I'm want to be more token generation than casting for triggers like the Door.

    Now with Ghave I can save dome BW cards from the deck like;

    Debt to the Debtless
    Merciless Eviction

    For counters maybe:

    Abzan Battle Priest
    Necropolis Regent
    Drana, Liberator of Malakir

    Though they are all just random options I have in this deck.
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