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  • posted a message on [Primer] Mono Red Prison
    Yea this should definatly be in the established section it is like 3% of the meta on mtgtop 8 also does anyone have thoughts on running great furnace instead of a few mountains to help with karns construct tokens and being able to throw them with p&k once they arnt needed anymore? I dont play any now but have thought about it. it seems like the upside is very high but not sure what the downside would be other than artifact destruction maybe post board they could be a liability?
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  • posted a message on UBx Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Control
    I have played bug tezzerator for a while I struggled with the deck at the beginning but knowing the format really helps you whir for the right silver bullet at the right time. I also play pyro prison and I've noticed that wotc doesnt like the blood moon effect so by printing field of ruin and assasins trophy has subconsciously made people play more basics which is bad for blood moon but also bad for trying to lock people out with GQ and crucibal so now I'm on tec edge there are alot of decks that if you can keep them at 3 lands they just cant win the game. I've been playing tezzerator at my fnm lately but I just put together whir prison to try this weekend my main deck is pretty close to stock but my SB has natures claims and Krosan grips to fight the hate rather than run the tezzeret and sai who seem to just get killed right away. I think that UW control is probably my worst matchup because of all the counters and land destruction
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  • posted a message on UR Prison - "The Grindfather"
    Hi does anybody still play this deck I built the version that runs green for ancient stirrings that recently had 2 copies in the top 8 at gp indy I tried to find a thread on that but this was as close as I got
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  • posted a message on Print this Wizards (so I can play it in modern)
    Planar void so people dont have to spend $200 on a playset of leyline of the void It comes down turn 1 and doesn't make you mull into oblivian looking for one to start in your opening hand otherwise casting it on turn 4 your already dead to any deck you want it against
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  • posted a message on Thoughtseize vs. Inquisition of Kozilek
    Honestly I think that thoughtseize is the best but I understand that fetch shock ts and starting the game at 15 is a huge downside. Iok hits most things that you want to hit and I think that people could play iok md and duress in the board in place of ts where you would normally bring them in because most od the stuff that is over 3 xmx that you want to hit is a non creature non land card except maybe prime time and wurmcoil and a few others. Especially if they're coming in against control and combo your probably not going after a creature.
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  • posted a message on [POLL] What cards do you want banned or unbanned in the October 1, 2018 announcement?
    I think if the artifact lands get unbanned it would be fine I mean I would love to just compleatley destroy my affinity opponents board with a shatterstorm or creeping corrosion or land a turn 2 stoney and have them only be able to cast memnite and ornithopters I mean being able bounce there entire board with a hurkyls recall eot then make them discard seems really fun. Also I think unbanning punishing fire and dark depths would be fine there are so many needle effects and and destruction I doubt anyone would be able to play a lands deck or turbo depths deck with much success. I'm also a big props ent of printing hate cards to deal with problem decks rather than ban them.but I do think that the integration with mix opal kci and ee is a bit broken
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Death Cloud
    I agree that ass trophy will make DC a little less impactful but I dont think it should be a 4 of in the deck and I don't think it should be the go to removal for the deck. As I said in mr previous post when you read the card it seems easy to think that you could just fire it off willy nilly and get rid of whatever card is bothering you at the time. But I think playing the card this way will lead to games being lost due to not being able to outgrind decks as this seems to be the way most DC win. But having and out to any card is an extremely valuable tool and I think that having answers to anything that survives a deathcloud or stops our gameplan post sideboard is to valuable not to play because it might help my opponent. Also remember you dont have to cast it if there are no targets worthy of giving you opponent a basic land for dont cast the card you can sandbag it and discard it to liliana or deathcloud so you can hang on to more relevant cards. Like I said it will take alot of skill to play this card optimally but not playing g it at all just seems silly. Now what is everyone's creature package mine is 1 kitchen finks 2 thrag tusk 2 eternal witness and 1 grave titan but I want to make room for 1 scooze md I play 2 in the side now and it just seems like such a powerful card I'd like to find room for 1 md. Let me know your thoughts. Also I've cut all my fatal push for cast down which I have had incredible results with has anyone else tried them ?
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  • posted a message on UBx Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Control
    Hey guys I just picked my bug tezzerator deck back up after a few months of playing pyro prison. And I've been reading up on the forum and I've got a question for everyone what's your opinion on the third color and what are the best reasons to run each? I run green as my third color because I get abrupt decay and golgari charm but I've been toying with grixis and I've seen a couple people with esper list. So what are the strengths of each color combo and what decks are your sideboards equipped to deal with. When I put down the deck I was playing against alot of blood moons and stoney silence and even with the abrupt decays and golgari charms I was playing alot of very unfun games but no my meta has shifted away from them and I want someone to convince me (or reassure ) me of what third color I should play. Thanks
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  • posted a message on BW Eldrazi Processor
    Hey guys been playing this deck for a long time and have had very good luck with it
    Lands 23
    4 eldrazi temple
    4 cave of koilos
    4 concealed courtyard
    1 waste
    1 snow covered swamp
    2 snow covered plains
    2 shambling vent
    2 mutavault
    1 ghost quarter
    1 vault of the archangel
    1 BW shock land [forgot the name right now ]
    Creatures 18
    4 sculler
    4 tks
    4 wasteland strangler
    4 reality smasher
    2 eldrazi displacer
    Spells 19
    4 path
    2 fatal push
    1 collective brutality
    3 inquisition of kozilek
    1 thoughtseize
    4 relic of progenitus
    4 lingering souls

    I also play pyro prison and anytime I say someone that's on the 3 color eldrazi decks without vial I know blood moon is gonna be good most list don't run a waste and most opponents I've played don't hold up there own ghost quarter or path to search it up with the moon on the stack. I made the same mistake when I first built this deck but now I've changed some things up to make blood moon not a problem. Also 2 disenchant in the side has been key against many hate cards the instant speed is necessary so you can blow up there thing eot and untap and have your turn to turn the corner this I why fragmentize is inferior in my opinion.also for go wide strategy being able to make a few souls tokens then activate vault mid combat really shores up that matchup to turns of that and the lifegain to boot buys tons of time until we can draw our sideboard cards like flaying tendrils to clean up the stragglers. Anyways I'm glad I found this thread hope I helped out a little with the conversation. Also i like the idea of swapping schuller for freebooter it is way easier on the mana and doesn't pump goyf 2+ when it dies

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  • posted a message on [Primer] Death Cloud
    Hey guys I've been playing death cloud for a couple week I started with the land destruction version and quickly found that sometimes you have the nuts and your op just loses but most of the time the land destruction was just bad against most decks and was a dead draw so now I'm onto a more planeswalker heavy board control list that looks to just out attrition the opponent it has been working very well and is tons of fun to play. I ordered a play set of assassins trophy and I plan on playing some # in this deck probably 2 in the main 2 in the SB the drawback is real especially in the early game it will definatly be a very skill testing card. But I think having MD answers to anything is worth it.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Death Cloud
    Is anyone playing this deck anymore?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Death Cloud
    @ baron_sengir_007 i like your list im just putting a version of this together as well.
    I play pyro prison as my main modern deck and my meta has changed significantly to the point where blood moon/chalice/ensnaring bridge are either ineffective or not long for this world due to people packing artifact and enchantment removal for me.
    Anyways my list is more focused on operating the same way as gr ponza I plan to play 4 rain of tears and 4 mwonvouli acid moss combined with arbor elf and utopia sprawl this should allow me to ramp into powerful finishers earlier than most opponents should be able to deal with combine that with land destruction to set my opponents back a turn and some hand disruption to take relevant cards.
    I think your list could use 1 if not 2 urborg to help with the double and triple black cards. I also think that having at least 1 primal command to go along with the eternal witness just provides so much card advantage against a lot of popular decks in the format. I do like the heart of Kiran as an early beater that stays through board wipes and can be crewed with loyalty it's very innovative.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Delver
    @wrenchmind thanks for the response I'll try dropping the remand for another spell snare and mana leak. Especially since the curve of most decks is super low remand feels super bad on a card they can just recast. As to the cantrips I think I will cut the opts I like the instant speed but it doesn't really help to flip a delver or fuel delve like thought scour and serum visions. And as to the discard I usually play more discard in the other decks that I own so it just feels more natural but where I'm running 4 young pyromancer being able to counter their spell and add a token to the board on their turn just seems really good. Thanks for the replay
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  • posted a message on Grixis Delver
    Ok guys here's my updated list from the info I got from you guys.

    Lands: 19
    8 fetches
    1 steam vents
    1 watery grave
    1 blood crypt
    3 swamp
    4 island
    1 mountain

    Creatures: 13
    4 delver
    4 pyromancer
    2 tasigur
    2 angler
    1 nimble obstructionist


    4 bolt
    3 push
    3 terminate
    1 electrolize

    2 remand
    2 mana leak
    1 dispel
    1 spell snare

    4 serum visions
    4 thought scour
    2 opt

    2 kologhans command

    Ok so I dropped all the main deck discard in favor of more cantrips and removal/counters I've got a couple questions on my #'s first is 10 cantrips to many ? Should I drop the two opts for more removal/ counters? second are the counters the best thing for this deck should I drop them to add inquisition back in so that in being proactive rather than reactive? Also would it be better to just run 4 rune snag instead of a split between remand and mana leak because if I mill 1 with thought scour it just helps the ones I draw later in the game. I like remand a lot but sometimes it's just really bad same as mana leak. I'm liking the nimble obstructionist having an uncouterable way to deal with storm is cool not to mention stifling planeswalker abilities and a lot of other things is really good not to mention it can be gotten back with k_command or just played as a 3/1 flyer with flash to help with beats. Has anyone else tried her?
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  • posted a message on Grixis Delver
    @ Marc wizard so I know literally nothing about deaths shadow I've only played it a couple times and they weren't even real games I just crushed them so I never got to see what all the hubbub was about. But they way I understand it is delver is just a worse version of that? Shadow never really interested me but I like to play control and delver seemed to be controlish especially with counter spells (even though they aren't so good in modern) I'll try the thing in the ice it seems like a sweet card. My only concern is it being at odds with my delve threats if I'm trying to close a game and I played thing in the ice on turn two then a delve threat then I'm kinda between a rock and a hard place do I lose my tempo advantage if I'm ahead by not playing spells to keep the thing from flipping or just continue as normal and hope the bounce effect plus the 7/8 body is enough to seal the deal? Also what are good matchups for this deck? Part of my reasoning for wanting to add the 2 or 3 blood moon was as an extra advantage I don't think anyone would see it coming and it defiantly shuts off parts of people's decks and that might give me the edge I need to take over the game. It defiantly makes counter spells way better.
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