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    posted a message on U/x Living As Foretold

    I like this deck a lot. I went 3-0 the first and only time I brought it to FNM last week. I ran mono blue but I think a white splash will be best (I dont got the lands right now) and I agree with people saying it needs early interaction and I plan on making some changes from what I ran the other night. I ran it with 14 cycle guys (no mb Nimble Obstructionist), 4 cryptics, 4 remands, 2 spell pierce, 2 search for azcanta and 4 of the combo pieces. Ill give a little tournament report.

    Match 1 - b/w planeswalkers
    This deck was playing wall of omens, lingering souls, Gideons, and Lilianas. Game one I was able to combo on turn 3 with two curator of mysteries in the yard. He had a wall of omens and tried to resolve a liliana on his turn 3 but i was able to spell pierce it. Game 2 he brought inrest in piece and was able to thought sieze/ surgical extraction my as foretold and I couldnt really get anything going. Game three I was also able to living end quickly and beat him down pretty fast.

    Match 2 - 4 color Solemnity
    They had a lot of ways to combo with solemnity but the deck wasnt very consistence and a few well time counters shut down what he was trying to do both matches. Was able to get a decent living end off pretty quickly both games killing devoted druids and didnt have much trouble.

    Match 3 - storm
    First game just kind of cycled things as he durdled on mana. By the time he got a goblin out I was able to living end while holding counter magic up and that was pretty much game. Second game went very similar. Not really sure how the storm match up is but these games were pretty simple.
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