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  • posted a message on Kaalia, Destroyer of Hope: Stax & Reanimator Decklists
    Hi Benjameenbear! Big congratulations on achieving primer status Jam So happy that you're finally getting the recognition you deserve for this amazing resource.
    I had one question regarding the direction you've taken the decklist of late. What is the reason for removing Armageddon and Ravages of War? I thought they were key pieces in closing out the game once Kaalia is on the field.
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  • posted a message on Kaalia, Destroyer of Hope: Stax & Reanimator Decklists
    Hi benjameenbear!

    I have been following this primer for some time now and wanted to commend you on your work.

    I have copied your decklist almost identically. Grin Thanks to your hard work and research I can safely say that I've been having some good results. I was looking around for a good Kaalia primer, and when I found yours I could see that this deck was doing exactly what I wanted from a Kaalia deck, and more!

    I wanted to ask your advice because I am at somewhat of a dilemma. Out of your decklist I have made only a couple of small changes, and wanted to get your opinion if you recommend them or think I would be better suited doing something else.

    The changes I have made to the decklist are as follows:

    Pyroblast - Replaced with Teferi's Protection - I felt like some extra protection could help but I want to get an opinion on this change/if Pyroblast is the right card to be taking out for this change. In my playgroup Kaalia is a known threat and she always gets targeted, which is why I opted for this card. bunny

    Damnation - Replaced with Wrath of God - Because it's cheaper, not really much of a change here folks.

    Grim Monolith - Replaced with Dark ritual - This too was done due to cost. But I feel like Dark Ritual could be more useful since we don't really plan to untap the Grim Monolith after its initial use and Dark Ritual produces black mana and is cheaper to cast than Grim Monolith which only produces colorless and is 1 more to cast.

    Nether Void - Replaced with Master of Cruelties - Ok so hear me out here. If i could afford it then Nether Void would be in the deck for sure. But since $500USD is slightly more than I would feel comfortable spending on a single card, I can't include it in my own version of the deck. That being said I am aware that I am replacing a valuable stax piece with a creature which may not be recommended. Do you have any suggestions on what kind of stax piece I could replace Nether Void with if i wasn't going to replace it with Master of Cruelties. I've been thinking maybe Blood Moon/Aura of Silence/Damping Matrix/Catastrophe. Maybe even Sensei's Divining Top or Sword of Feast and Famine/Darksteel Plate for more protection?

    On that note, Master of Cruelties is a card I want to include in the deck - I know it's kind of douchey but having the possibility of one shotting someone is too sweet for me to pass up. So if there was a creature in your list you think the deck could do without in order to make room for Master of Cruelties what would your suggestion be? Or do you think that the list of creatures you have are better suited to victory and removing one for the Master of Cruelties would be a mistake?

    Thank you if you took the time to read this and thank you even more if you take the time to reply.
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