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  • posted a message on [2XM] - Cast Down at common
    That looks like an uncommon symbol in the picture....

    Edit... until you zoom in.
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  • posted a message on Set boosters (yet another new type of booster)
    I have recently (finally) gone singles only and my collection and pocket book are both much happier. This makes it easier!
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  • posted a message on Zendikar Rising Product Images
    Looks like omnath is adding W to his mana cost....
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  • posted a message on [2XM] Mothetship 7/22 - wrath of God and Pre-release promo of Wrath of God
    Quote from Max Rebo »
    More evidence of a hastily compiled product with nothing but a cash grab mentality.
    Rosewater basically confirmed it with the "well we had a hole in the product line for the year" as in we can't go two months without gouging our customer base.
    They just jammed some crap together and came up with a gimmick to try and sell it.
    And doesn't this card have a religous connotation. Should'nt it be banned? <sarcasm>

    Religious connotations aren't the reason for the bans before. So maybe you should go back and read the statement from Wizards again?
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  • posted a message on [2XM] Mothetship 7/22 - wrath of God and Pre-release promo of Wrath of God
    Except that the cost of it will be high because people had to spend 300 to get it...
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  • posted a message on Rudy's Email (Baits and probably some leaked information)
    Maybe it's just that the "Happy Holidays" card this year will be a sliver?
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  • posted a message on The real reason reserved list is climbing
    Crazy... but it seems kind of believeable...

    And I read somewhere once that they have mountains of old sealed product, so the pack thing is doable right now if true.
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  • posted a message on [JMP] Lightning theme— Magic APAC English Facebook previews
    Target minotaur reprint... lol
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  • posted a message on [M21] The tokens
    Dog token! Squeeeeeeee
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  • posted a message on Test card speculation for all sets
    Wrath of Sod seems like the future of Green creature destruction to me.
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  • posted a message on [M21] Lorescale Coatl reprint— dogdog preview
    Quote from Max Rebo »
    The "may" clause is HUUUGEE on lots of cards. I hope they aren't abandoning it altogether for other cards because that would be some issues.
    One less "Take Action" "Decline Action" button click I guess on Arena

    That's it exactly. Less clicks online = better gameplay online.
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  • posted a message on WotC Temporarily Suspends Streaming
    Saying All Lives Matter to address current issues is a thinly veiled way of trying to quash the BLM movement. If your house is on fire and you say "Houses on fire matter" and your neighbor who's house is NOT on fire says "All houses matter" that is obviously wrong. It wasn't a white, asian, or any other race person who was poorly treated by the police this week (actually 3+ times this week), it was a black person. So it is important to highlight that.

    To relate it to magic, White sucks lately. So when players complain about white needing higher power cards, why does nobody say "All colors matter!" and tell people to who are complaining about white's power level to STFU? Because it would be absurd.
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  • posted a message on I've been hearing murmings everywhere online about this Double Master's Product. Solutions?
    Well I just shared a long post and it got marked as SPAM. So I'll just leave this quote from Jesper Myrfors here:

    Back in the old days at Wizards of the Coast, we used to joke about how cravenly greedy it would be to release cards that you could only get with a high purchase price, like only available in a booster box etc. We often said that if we did that it was because we were out of ideas and the grasping suits had totally taken over.

    Then we would laugh because we would never allow that to happen.

    We called them "chase" cards and we knew their single purpose was to squeeze even more money out of obsessed players. Even back then we understood 100% that it was in effect taking advantage of people with certain mental disorders and that it was the wrong thing to do.

    We knew that many players would see it for what it was, a sign of a total loss of respect for our players all for a pathetic short-term gain. Those cards would have been aimed squarely at benefiting shareholders, not to benefit the players. It would have been disgusting.

    That is why we never did it, though it was discussed.
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  • posted a message on Would you like to see a return to mirrodin?

    No Alison Luhr confirmed fountain of ichor on ixalan is not phyrexian related at all

    It's based of the gasoline brand sinclair[/quote]

    Well that makes me very sad. But maybe ixalan will develop into some kind of tech world then. Can you show me where Ms. Luhr said this? I am genuinely curious.
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  • posted a message on Would you like to see a return to mirrodin?
    Mirrodin is dead. The Phyrexians took it all the way over and now with all five colors of mana at their disposal, god only knows what they've been up to over the last decade. New Phyrexia is certainly not a place we will see as a world in all its own - if anything we can expect it to show up like Phyrexia once did when Volrath tried to overlay Rath on Dominaria as a gateway or staging area for the Phyrexians to invade Dominaria.

    As 5colors noted, Mirrodin Pure was a marketing gimmick. WOTC wanted us to be unsure of how the story would end, so the third set of the block was billed as New Phyrexia OR Mirrodin Pure. Mirrodin Pure was never made outside of a couple promo cards (One signet I think) that were tossed around. For those of you who remember, the whole set was leaked online before the official previews got underway, so some of the marketing was lost.

    MARO and one or two other folks at WOTC have mentioned in the past that the Phyrexians are still out there and will be making a return as a villain in a future story sometime, but they wanted to give the Eldrazi and Nicol Bolas some time to shine as well as create some new boogeymen for us to duel with.

    Most promising though was the flavor text and art for Fountain of Ichor in Modern Horizons. Ixalan is most certainly not prepared to fight off the Phyrexians without help and Phyrexian dinosaurs are bound to happen if that card was in fact an easter egg for future story developments (which I most certainly believe it is). While the mechanics and cards will be hard to predict, I imagine the Ichor getting into some Dinosaurs and maybe pirates, forcing the Vampires of the plane to call for help and step up to defend it. Huatli, Jace, and Vraska, (especially Huatli) will likely discover the invasion a little too late and have to make an interplanar call for help- what that will look like is anyone's guess, but the Phyrexians taking over another plane would be a huge issue for the multiverse for sure. It would have to evolve into a multiverse-wide event to stave these 'rexians off.
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