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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    I do, only in paper though so my scope is a lot more limited
    Control: So I'd say the big 4 are Tron, Mardu Pyro, Hollow One, and Humans. I think humans is the only match up that is favored but none of them feel unwinnable, although the nut draw from hollow one or playing into a blood moon from mardu can feel that way. Combo in general feels really easy to play against, as long as you know what the combo is and hold up mana for the proper answer every turn it goes live (also a surgical or two sideboard goes a long way, especially with the snapcaster package). Creature heavy decks, outside of mardu pyromancer and eldrazi decks, are typically pretty easy because you can answer the threat either on cast or as it hits the table. I haven't played much control vs. control, but i assume its strong because the grind that the deck can do feels unmatched if the game goes on too long. It plays the slow game in a format that is pretty fast, but I honestly feel like it isn't poorly positioned.

    GDS: I have only recently picked this up after playing around with a friend's Jund deck and realizing how much i like being able to go aggressive or passive based on the match up. Against the 4 i named previously, the humans and mardu match ups are worse, the tron and hollow one match ups are better (maybe not hollow one). Against combo you can close out the game before it becomes an issue, especially with the hand disruption package this deck runs. Against creature based decks this deck feels really poorly positioned, they aren't common but they show up and depending on your 75 you might lack the board sweep to be able to swing the board back. I am one of the few control players in my area so I haven't played the match up to experience it. The big thing with this deck is it has a chance to just steal a win out of nowhere so you can squeak a win vs even the worst of match ups.

    I don't have the reps to say which one is better overall, but I really enjoy shadow. The lines take some thought and the games don't go to time every round. Sometimes you are the aggro, sometimes you are the control, but the end goal is just beating someone to death with your 1 drops
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    Quote from Rotax94 ยป
    Why no more dark confidant?

    it works in w/b D&T but mono white (like the list and suggestion above) uses thraben and smuggler's as a good card draw source
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    From what i was reading on the ruling forums it seems like that would be the case It doesn't say the exact ruling of why, but it says it can happen, if you want the rules for why it works that area would be where to ask
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    So I am kinda new to this deck and haven't really been to my LGS since the unbanning of bloodbraid elf and jace. In the event that the store is rampant with Jund, what are some cards that I could look into adding to my main/side to increase my chances. Right now I am running just a mono white D&T that i have playtested some online, but haven't really been able to do well against jund.
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