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  • posted a message on Ixalan Story Interview with Alison Luhrs
    Really happy with the way the Ixalan story turned out. Definitely like the 'new' Jace that we got out of this story. Hoping we get similar developments with the rest of the Gatewatch. Of the monocolor core 5 (Gideon, Jace, Liliana, Chandra, and Nissa) I only really liked Liliana and Nissa. Hoping future stories give more complexity and nuance to Gideon and Chandra, as right now they just feel a bit 2 dimensional.

    Really happy with Vraska's arc and the interaction between her and Jace, thought 'Sabotage' was a great ending for both of their characters and am looking forward to how it all plays out.

    The one nit-pick I had about the overall story was the reveal that Nicol Bolas's plot was all about invading Ravnica. Felt like they just chose Ravnica because it's a fan favorite, and therefore the audience is more invested in seeing it not destroyed, which just felt a bit patronizing.

    Also, "We just did an entire block about a religion turning out to be a corpse factory" is probably my favorite plot summary of Amonkhet I've ever read.

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