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  • posted a message on Rescue Teferi
    Quote from Rezzahan »
    Then simply say "stop" and demand the time to think before anything else happens. Once again, Magic is not about reflexes. You have the right to ponder your response, so long as you do it in a reasonable amount of time. What they are doing is not acceptable, and in any kind of tournament environment, you should call the judge on them. They do not get to make decisions for you and you are not on a clock to make them.

    We only have one judge, who is a co-owner and one of the problem players.

    It may be something to report to wizards, but it's not exactly a completely legal store. It frequently runs out of stock and will rely upon some players acquiring booster packs from local sellers and getting store credit or discounts.
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  • posted a message on Rescue Teferi
    Quote from Rezzahan »
    Magic is not a game of reflexes. The game does not advance until all players agree by passing priority. Your opponent may want to go straight to combat damage, but you don't have to agree to that. If he jumps the gun, it is your right to back up and do what you want first. All you have to do is being clear about when you do your thing. Which you clearly did. In fact, even what you said was already a shortcut proposal (or a proposal to shorten his shortcut), since your opponent gets priority first after blockers have been declared (or no blockers as in this case), and thus is the first to do stuff after blocker declaration. You can cast Rescue right after attacker declaration, but you can also wait until after blocker declaration.

    What/who is being attacked is decided when the attackers are declared as part of the attacker declaration in the declare attackers step. You know who they are going after, and that cannot be changed anymore.

    That's what makes playing at my local store a nightmare. The elitist players expect quick reflex responses ie you need to counter permanents before the card touches the table or it's too late I haven't memorized enough to know triggers offhand thus I prefer seeing the card in play before casting responses but it's not acceptable.

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  • posted a message on Rescue Teferi
    Quote from Rezzahan »
    You can cast Rescue like any other instant any time you have priority. It will resolve during the same step and phase in which you cast it. To rescue Teferi from those attacking creatures, you can cast it in the declare attackers step after attackers have been declared, or in the declare blockers step after blockers have been declared. You cannot cast it in response to combat damage (not since M10), at least not at Teferi, since Teferi will have been dealt combat damage and been put into your graveyard before you even get priority in the combat damage step. So there's plenty of opportunity to negate the attack this way and save your planeswalker. If you do, the attackers will still be attacking, but there will be nothing/noone being attacked by them. Their combat damage will be "wasted", your opponent cannot redirect them to you or another planeswalker.

    Thanks. That's another interesting point as I have been declared dead in previous situations when I cast peel from reality or other removal type spells on my creature or an opponent did so to negate my blocker "the combat damage is redirected to me"

    I assume that if they kill my blocker with an instant I take damage from attacking creatures, however if I or they play a removal spell on my blocker the damage is wasted?
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  • posted a message on Rescue Teferi
    Quote from peteroupc »
    Rescue can target any "permanent you control", including a planeswalker being attacked, and you can cast Rescue any time you have priority, not just before combat damage is dealt. However, if Teferi runs out of loyalty counters (whether by combat damage or otherwise), Teferi will go to the graveyard before any player has priority to cast spells, including Rescue.

    Perhaps it's the order of events. I have learned that with this particular store and judge the overly competitive players require quick and snap decisions. Although we have around 80% rookie players they have not tolerance for misunderstanding, incorrect phrasing or lack of immediate response with casting instants.

    I recall that he stated "do you have any blockers" and I said no and then said "but in response I cast rescue"

    I am assuming that I need to state casting rescue as an immediate response to an attack

    But one question, do I need to cast rescue before he declares targets for his attackers?
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  • posted a message on Rescue Teferi
    Heres the situation, my opponent entered his combat phase and targeted three creatures at teferi, hero of dominaria in response I cast rescue targeting teferi to return it to my hand, at that point yelled "you cant do that Teferi is dead already"

    I stated that I played an instant which is on the stack before the damage hits teferi, he responded that it not how the spell works. "You can use rescue to remove a permanent before the combat phase or during your turn however it's not a counter spell or a healing spell healing grace it's a removal and therefore you can't cast it now" apparently combat damage will occur before the rescue resolves meaning that teferi is in my graveyard and thus hes no longer "in my control"

    The Judge overheard our argument and walked over after hearing both sides he stated that teferi would be placed into my graveyard because combat damage hits teferi and he loses his loyalty thus removing him from the battlefield meaning that when I cast rescue hes no longer in my control.

    With this being the case does that mean I have been playing the game wrong? In previous combat phases before the dominaria release I successfully used peel from reality to return creatures to my hand and my opponent's hand.

    To me it doesn't make sense that the card is entitled "rescue" if it's only intended for use in non combat or non damage situations
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  • posted a message on Cleaning off clay dust
    Looks like they survived, I've been able to carefully wipe them off with a cloth but I find it odd that they would brush clay onto them. Looks like they mostly brushed the outsides of the cards and separated some to coat them entirely with semi wet clay. In Google searching I've come up with that clay apparently reacts with C4 and such, some of my other possessions have clay as well.

    I guess it's a lesson that if your going overseas make sure to carry your most valuable possessions on your person.

    I'm still wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if your cards are still legally playable? Some of the worst of them feel as if they are possibly heavier. Others just have some blemishes or scratches from the clay dust but most of it isn't noticeable without a closer look.
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  • posted a message on Jace Mindsculptor fast start
    With the release of dominaria spells have been retweaked to target planeswalkers so you'll want to run a few counter spells as well or opponents will bring down his loyalty quickly
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  • posted a message on Mono Black Casual Budget Deck
    gonti lord luxury
    tetzimoc primal death

    Dont forget these crowd pleasers, if you can afford it you might want a planeswalker, you probably don't need 2 diabolic tutors considering they're expensive mana and with smaller decks they won't always be needed, if you can find a vampiric tutor perhaps, you can run two but you can find a fair amount of draw discard cards for finding your specific creatures and use macabre waltz to bring discarded cards back with mono black it's good to play nasty
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  • posted a message on Returning to MTG, searching for a tutor (not that kind)
    You might have better luck if your interested in someone who can meet up and play at a local store with you.

    At our local store we have an English tutor who uses mtg to teach a few of his students who also are interested in getting into the game. The store communities can be a lot more fun than via online and you would learn a lot more
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  • posted a message on Angel Deck
    This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I kept buying innistrad and eldritch moon for werewolfs and kept pulling Angel's. I don't have a proper commander yet but perhaps a modern deck.

    kaalia the vast
    aurelia, the warleader
    sandblast angel
    iona, shield of emeria
    akroma, angel of fury
    bruna, the fading light
    gisela, the broken blade
    lightmine field
    angelic benediction
    thalia, heretic cathar
    blind obedience
    subjugator angel

    There's numerous enchantments instants and sorceries that can give you extra Angel's red spells to beef up or give haste black spells to destroy opponents creatures or bring back your Angel's and or demons, you can combine Angel's to give all your Angel's protection and exile them and return them for extra buffs such as exiling and returning the angel who gives your creatures protection from colors. Save your sunblast Angel's until your opponent's have a large number of creatures trapped and board wipe another angel can give all your angel's vigilance strategize to continue board wipes until you can play your angels that combine and drop a huge eldrazi angel onto the field and boom!

    You could possibly play daxos the returned if your playing a lot of enchantments and beef him up to drop a 10/10 spirit which your angel's can give flying lifelink and vigilance to.

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  • posted a message on Jace Mindsculptor fast start
    oath of gideon
    oath of ajani
    the chain veil

    Take extra turn cards, I believe theres a planeswalker who adds loyalty to other planeswalkers or something of that nature, once dominaria comes out it has a card that gives planeswalkers 2 loyalty counters. Theoretically he could possibly gain 9 loyalty by turn 3, if you have enough mana he becomes a 13 by turn 4 or 5.
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  • posted a message on How to deal with a clever cheater
    Good to know that I'm not the only one dealing with an odd player like this one, turns out that the judge is very good friends with him apparently they attend Grand Prix together, it seems that he and other players at this store are compulsive liars and cheaters making tournaments boring, I am hoping to set my phone to record them at some point to send it in to Wizards, it took a couple commander tournaments to figure it out, but nobody can possibly open with the same set of cards every single time you play against them, I suspect at least 5 players are stacking their decks or playing with multiples of the same cards, I believe that they are doing so in order to win booster packs and the occasional rares offered in tournaments. They change their decks for tournaments enough to confuse most but still the same combo cards continue to come out in the first few turns repeatedly, one plays a dragon deck and always manages to start with a sol ring or chromatic lantern, I kid you not every time its either of those.

    I think because its a small store in a small town in the middle of nowhere they think they can get away with it, the judge is the owners brother and also is very unreliable but he can use the store stock to build up decks.
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  • posted a message on Cleaning off clay dust
    I shipped a large amount of of my magic cards home via the airlines and when they finally cleared customs and arrived I found them covered in clay dust?? Very odd... perhaps customs had to make sure that none of them were laced with explosives O.o

    Anyhow I was wondering about how I can properly clean them off as not to damage them any further. Unless perhaps they're just far too damaged to consider for trading at this point. But at least I should be able to carefully remove the clay enough for playing them
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  • posted a message on Is Infect an easy win in EDH?
    Quote from LouCypher »
    Calling people who have those experiences liars is a very poor way of going about the discussion.

    But it's a lie. Even at 10 poison straight, 100% infect aggro decks have no chance. Simple as that. Look at the creatures with infect, things like blackcleave goblin, blightwidow, contagious nim, flensermite have a chance in EDH even with only 10 poison? Even more pushed infect creatures like chained throatseeker, phyrexian swarmlord and phyrexian vatmother are mediocre.
    Put together an aggro deck with only infect creatures at it will still struggle with the 10 poison rule. It is simple not viable. Telling that such a deck can become viable is like telling that a Starfish tribal deck is viable. Meanwhile, cheesy combo and interactions will flourish thanks to that rule.

    10 poison is actually probably a completely reasonable number in any format unfortunately I'm growing more certain that I am playing against stacked decks.
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  • posted a message on Is Infect an easy win in EDH?
    Quote from plushpenguin »
    This person is not only playing an all-in deck, but is playing one where there are only situational synergy pieces.

    Like, if he mulls to 4 and uses a topdeck tutor, he essentially mulled to 3 and set up his top card.

    If he draws fast mana, loyalty doubler, infect creature, he loses.

    If he draws a planeswalker and a indestructible enabler, he loses. There are so many pieces that only have synergy with a few other cards, rather than the whole deck.

    This deck is so unstable that the only way he can be remotely consistent is by cheating.

    Even if he was, one piece of 1 mana spot removal played at the right time causes him to lose because if he mulls a lot, then he has effectively lost 3-4 cards compared to 0-1 of everyone else. He loses.

    You can't have the fast mana, the lands, and two different and correctly matching synergy pieces every game. If this person is, this person is cheating,

    Bouncelands in a 4-color mana base with fast colorless rocks? Not sold on the stability of the mana either.

    Something tells me that he is cheating.... his openings seem to either involve a blighted agent with enlarge or might of oaks, or Atraxa with Triumph of the Hordes or Tainted Strike with a one or 2 mana +4/+4 and a spell to counter blockers, now that I think on it those are consistently always his openings a 1/1 that becomes an 8/8 or a 4/4 that becomes an 8/8, two opponents have 8 or 9 poison suddenly and he almost always opens with Mirari's Wake

    I think I'm going to set up my phone as a life counter and secretly record a few sessions with him and a couple others in the group and send it to wizards or a judge, I began playing in Australia and I've never seen so many people end up pulling the same opening hands in commander formats but in this case without us having a judge I believe 3 or 4 of our regulars are playing with stacked decks or padding their decks with 2 or 3 of the same cards.

    In the 6 or 8 months I have frequented the small establishment I can recall seeing 3 or 4 players himself included who consistently pull literally the same exact cards out of their asses during the first 3 turns. One of them plays infect and always manages to put out thrumming bird, blighted agent or drops Atraxa, another plays a dragon deck an I have never seen any more than 10 of the exact same cards consistently in play, in a similar vein he also plays feline ferocity and I haven't seen him play any more than his commander ending up with a roulette of the same 4-5 equipment or mirri duelist, the third player is an antagonist of my own since I caught him cheating, he plays Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca with a fleet swallower which always seems to be in his hand along with fraying sanity and/or traumatize

    I had not put much thought into it, however the win ratio whenever I play without said players is far more randomized and they always seems to group themselves together with at least one of them winning a tournament whilst in tournament play they never directly attack each other.

    I recall one tournament where "said antagonist" started screaming about someone taking a +500 dollar deck he left sitting out while playing, however when one of the owners offered to review the security footage he adamantly declined and couldn't leave the store fast enough despite everyone in the store offering to open their packs for searching.

    mind you all of this is pure speculation and could very well be me pulling conspiracy theories out of my arse however I cant help thinking again of how I have never seen any more the 10 cards of each of their 1 or 2 commander decks they have built they're very secretive and quickly return their decks to a fancy cube quickly between matches and never want to share with the group on what exactly they run in their decks.

    One thing remains, I have never felt more uncomfortable and more unwelcome in matches or casual play then when I am around those same 4 players and I would certainly give up my right leg to find another shop within reasonable distance or simply move to another area.

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