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  • posted a message on U/x Living As Foretold
    Another letter that I am thinking about is on the side Amulet of Safekeeping?
    It is a leyline "worsened", but the fact of being colorless already facilitates to lower if it comes in the draw.
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  • posted a message on U/x Living As Foretold
    I was already thinking about that possibility.
    In my goal you usually have: Jeskai Control; Burn; Eldrazi Tron; MonoG Tron; U / W Control; Mardu Pyromancer; UR Pyromancer; Ponza; Affinity; UR Breach; Humans; RG Eldrazi; Scapeshift; Storm; Jund; Abzan;
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  • posted a message on U/x Living As Foretold
    Hello Friends, returning for another report of the last champ I attended:
    The list used was:

    Where I had the following results:

    (0-1) UW Miracle: This match was very complicated, because in t3 I was able to solve a Living End with 4 creatures in the grave, which would total 16 damage, but my opponent found a Terminus with a miracle.
    In short he reached 2 hit points and managed to turn.
    (2-0) Storm: Very easy with side.
    (2-1) Ponza: Very easy.
    (1-2) RG Eldrazi: The first game I won after resolving a Living End. The second game, I lost, as I ended up keeping a "weak" hand. The surprise came in the third game, I never expected that my opponent would have Choke on the side, and on t3 he lowered, and made t4 Smah and t5 Smash, I could not get back in time.

    Anyway, this is my current trajectory.
    I'm starting to calculate the number of games I've already had with the deck so that I can briefly measure the%

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  • posted a message on U/x Living As Foretold
    I agree with you on the power that the Spell Pierce has on our deck.
    My version uses the following composition:

    2x Spell Pierce
    2x Mana Leak
    2x Disallow
    1x Supreme Will

    I'm thinking of taking 1x Disallow, and adding 1x Supreme Will, given that this card can help us dig the missing piece to complete the combo, or anything else situational. From what I said, I'd keep that composition counterspell:

    4x Remand
    3x Command Cryptic
    2x Spell Pierce
    2x Mana Leak
    1x Disallow
    2x Supreme Will

    Yes, I know I'm playing with no less than 14 counterspell, though, as the deck idea.
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  • posted a message on U/x Living As Foretold
    Good Morning

    Group half stopped, let's liven things up a bit, then as usual and I keep keeping my standard version of "As Foretold End" (I like that name):

    If they are repaired, I've added 1x Silent Gravestone to use against decks that have Scavenging Ooze and / or Snapcaster Mage.

    With this deck I did in the last FNM the following results:
    (2-1) Mardu Pyromancer.
    (2-0) Abzan Agroo.
    (2-0) U/R Breach.
    (1-2) 5C Humans: The worst match possible, always opening like this:
    T1: Cavern of Souls (Humans) + Noble Hierarch;
    T2: Land + Thalia, Guardian of Thraben + Champion of the Parish;
    T3: Meddling Mage (As Foretold) + (any other human)
    T4: Meddling Mage (As Foretold)

    The match I won was just what the Meddling Mage did not come up with, and with that it was practically solving an As Foretold and standing in front of him in the number of creatures.

    However, I'm seriously considering using the splash version for white, so you ask me, why white? and not black?

    Well, I find the white to decks combo / control more effective than Black, Path to Exile (which is very strong in the format), we can also take advantage of Supreme Verdict, Stony Silence, Detention Sphere and maybe Timely Reinforcements.

    Because the main problem of our archetype is precisely the extremely fast / agroo decks. We did exceptionally well against combo / control decks.

    What do they tell me? Has anyone ever tested this list effectively? suggestions? follows the list that I intend to use:

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  • posted a message on U/x Living As Foretold
    Streaming the rest of league now, here.

    Oops, I found your show to be very live, I saw that you have a spreadsheet where you put the games played and which SBs used, could you share this spreadsheet with us, so we can work on your data too?
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  • posted a message on U/x Living As Foretold
    Would you like to upload the replay on youtube or twitch of matches with this build that you used?

    Good idea. Let me see if I can figure out how to setup OBS and I'll try to setup a twitch stream tomorrow when I do a league. If there's a particular match up you want me to go through I can probably find a replay in my history I can voice-over.

    Yes, matches against agroo decks like:

    BR Hollow One
    Grixis DS
    Jund ..

    You can upload it on youtube, send it after I watch it.
    Yesterday I took 1x Humans and I could not win.
    G1: He did 1x Cavern of Souls, Meddling Mage (As Foretold), I already had enough creatures on the grave and with the combo pieces in hand, he attacked with the Meddling Mage (3/3), and I downloaded it before stage declare block 1x Vendilion Clique, however, he used Restoration Angel to blink Thalia's Lieutenant, and making Meddling Mage 4/4.
    G2: I was able to solve an As Foretold before he lowered the Meddling Mage, and consequently I solved 1x Living End, then the game was controlled.
    G3: Cavern of Souls came again and 2x Meddling Mage, I did not have conditions, I died in his T4.
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  • posted a message on U/x Living As Foretold

    Would you like to upload the replay on youtube or twitch of matches with this build that you used?
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  • posted a message on U/x Living As Foretold
    Jund can be a bit of an enigma. Discard and fast clocks are definitely not your friend. Don't even get my started on Scavenging Ooze (likely their best card against you). I think the matchup definitely got worse with the unbanning of Bloodbraid Elf. Often times the games it comes down to whether or not they hit a discard spell off the elf.

    I've been sideboarding in more creature answers and hoping to survive the initial hand disruption onslaught, eventually draw into an as foretold, then typically transmuting into a living end as the likelihood they are still in your hand by that point is low. Obviously the problem is you need 6 mana to do that without worrying about Pulse or Decay.

    Obviously suspend Ancestral Visions on turn 1 no matter what, typically on turn 2 as well. Try to save your creature kill for Scavenging Ooze and Bobs. Bojuka bog can be quite useful against goyf.

    My sideboard plan currently looks like
    +2 Dismember
    +1 Fatal Push
    +1 EE
    + Sometimes 1 Leyline of the Void, especially if you see Grim Flayers and Liliana the last Hope.
    + Sometimes 1 Leyline of the Sanctity, especially if they are more aggressive. You can always discard it to a Liliana if you draw it later.
    -2 Spell Pierce
    -1 AoW
    -2/3 Street Wraiths (you're able to play a longer game where life/turns can matter more than a fast aggressive start, especially since you have to expect hard disruption on the first few turns so you're very unlikely to "combo" off)
    -Sometime nimble obstructionist, especially if they've seen it game 1 and are likely to play around it.

    Only 1x Leyline of the Sanctity is enough?

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  • posted a message on U/x Living As Foretold
    Quote from alittlecheeky »
    Does anyone have any thoughts on how to approach the Jund matchup? I'd love to hear them. I'm specifically thinking about Remand. Do you leave it in post-board?

    As the jund owns enough disrupt, if you are in the play, and own 1x Spell Pierce, already reassures enough.
    However when he is in play, the hand to be keep has to be one that you can recover from the disrupt in time and still try to solve a Living End.

    From g2, I always swallow:

    3x Leyline of Sanctity
    2x Dismember
    1x Ratchet Bomb
    1x Tormod's Crypt

    4x Street Wraith.
    2x Spell Pierce.
    1x Remand.

    I am currently 70/30 in this fight using this strategy, but the luck factor is also very relevant in any game.

    The biggest concern in this confrontation is to get rid of the disrupt initially, and prevent Scavenging Ooze from falling, in case he comes down, we will have to play around him.

    Taking advantage of the post, I bring the experience I had in the last league I played, with the respective considerations:

    2-1 Jeskai Control: As usual, it is always a very easy match, however, we can not hesitate and try to solve the Living End with a void backup.
    2-0 Goblin Storm: Easy.
    0-2 Eldrazi Tron: I lost the match because I could not find the Living End and As Foretold in time.
    1-2 U/R Breach: This is a game that does not solve an As Foretold after T4, or we can solve it in T3, or we play around their combo, which is very easy to get around with the options we have. The game that I lost, was because I gave a remand in the Snapcaster Mage (happens in the best families).

    In other words, I had a poor performance in this league, but although the deck is "recent" and still evolving, it is able to cope with the most popular decks of the goal. I hope that soon it will achieve a consistency to become highly competitive.
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  • posted a message on U/x Living As Foretold

    Thank you for sharing your experience.

    So over time I've seen that the main problem of our deck is the disrupt, this ends up with our combo in a way that sometimes we can not recover, so I found little just 1x Leyline of Sanctity., I usually use 3x of SB.

    I really need to test my build against Mardu, Hollow One and Humans.

    Yesterday I made 3-1 in the regular championship:

    1-2 Jeskai Control: (The match against the Jeskai was due to a problem we had as far as the opposing player taking advantage of the judge is not present and requesting that the phase transition be reverted. Anyway, that made me extremely angry at him for using it in bad faith.)
    2-0 Grixis DS: (Game was very quiet, in the game 1x I was saved by Bojuka and E.E)
    2-1 Boogles: (Game was very easy)
    2-0 Ponza: (Game was very easy)
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  • posted a message on U/x Living As Foretold
    Very interesting the data you posted, what deck combination did you find most consistent?
    What would be the game plan for Humans?
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  • posted a message on U/x Living As Foretold
    Quote from alittlecheeky »
    While I'm here, I'd like to talk a bit about this deck's place in Modern. I hope this will be helpful to those who are considering picking up the deck and those who are just getting started. Please note that this represents my opinion based on observations and 100+ matches with the deck.

    I came across a thread on Reddit that posed the question, "Why has Mono Blue Living End fallen out of favor?" The deck was extremely popular in December 2017 and it has slowly decreased in popularity throughout the year. To that point, here are three potential reasons why:

    1) The deck has a legitimately bad humans matchup. According to, Humans is the most popular deck in Modern with roughly an 8% metagame share. Save drastic main deck decisions and an overloaded sideboard, we have to accept that the combination of disruption and aggression will give our deck a hard time. A fairly stock Living End As Foretold list is probably 20/80 to a stock humans list. You can splash colors or select cards to give yourself 5-10 percentage points in the matchup, but I don't see the matchup getting much better than that. Many people do not want to be that much of an underdog to one of the top decks in Modern, so some may shy away from it for that reason.

    2) The deck has a direct fail rate. You can do everything right, have close to the perfect 75 and still lose because all four copies of As Foretold are in the bottom 25% of your deck. This will undoubtedly rub people the wrong way. There is a degree of variance and risk involved with playing this deck that will turn people away from picking it up. We can do things to minimize that variance, of course, but it still remains. I think you have to be OK with the fact that your deck will lose to itself on occasion through no fault of your own. This is the tradeoff we make for having access to some of the most powerful, explosive effects in the format.

    Along this point, I want to stress that no deck in Modern is perfect. Our fail rate is based around finding As Foretold, but Boggles fails if they don't have any Boggles. Burn fails if it draws too many or too few lands. KCI combo fails without KCI. Affinity is an aggro deck that plays 10 0 or 1-power creatures. Every deck has its weaknesses. It's just a question of which weakness you're willing to take on and how easy you can minimize that weakness and maximize the deck's strengths.

    3) The deck is difficult to build and play. People may roll their eyes on this one, but I think the point holds true. I don't think anyone can just pick this deck up and start winning with it right away. Assuming you have a decent build, you have to know which cards to bring in from the sideboard, which ones to take out, when to cast your creatures, how to play certain matchups and how to play around graveyard hate. While every deck in Modern has its own element of complexity, remember that this deck is only 6 months old and we haven't had a viable combo/control deck in Modern since Spliter Twin. I imagine that many people picked up this deck, had a rough experience, and wrote it off as unplayable.

    I wouldn't be posting on this forum or playing the deck if it ended there. I'd like to offer the other side of the issue and list three reasons why I think more people should be playing this deck:

    1) The deck matches up well against the rest of the Modern field. Save humans and maybe a few other hyper aggressive decks like burn, I truly believe that the deck is 50/50 or better against the majority of decks in Modern. We have outstanding matchups against control variants, midrange creature decks and other combo decks. Storm, Lantern, Tron and Boggles are all good to great matchups depending on sideboard configurations. The deck combines a fast, proactive gameplan with countermagic and other disruption which makes it good against a large percentage of the field. The additional percentage points gained by LEAF from being a rouge deck are icing on the cake.

    2) The deck is legitimately powerful and disruptive. Card advantage matters in Magic and this deck generates more card advantage than any other deck in Modern. Treasure Cruise is banned in Modern and it wasn't that long ago that Ancestral Vision was banned too. Our deck takes full advantage of a bannable effect and it does so in a way that somehow makes that effect better by tutoring for it and generating it for free. The deck plays more counter magic than any other deck in Modern and it has combination of resilient and evasive threats to close the game out quickly. On a raw power scale, the base of this deck is as good as it gets.

    3) The deck is a blast to play. Regardless of whether you pick the deck up to hone it or jam games at FNM, the deck is very enjoyable to play and to play against. It's unique and it's fun to watch. The intricate counter magic/gameplay and power appeals to Spike. The combo and novelty appeals to Johnny. Beating down with big creatures likely appeals to Timmy. I think I've enjoyed learning this deck and playing games with it more than I have for any other deck.

    Share the list you're using with us?

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  • posted a message on U/x Living As Foretold

    Hello everyone!
    Again I come with the report of the last 2x championships I participated in 4 rounds:

    05/04/2018 (FNM)
    I made miserable 1-3 being:
    1-2: Jund
    0-2: Bant Eldrazi
    2-0: E Tron
    0-2: Jeskai Control

    I do not have much to comment on, as I simply tilted during g3 against Jund, because when I would control the battlefield with Engineered Explosives for 2, he regenerated all creatures with Golgari Charm. After that I jumped and screwed up all the following plays and subsequent games.

    After recovering psychologically I decided to modify the build I use, where I changed Spell Pierce by Spell Snare, and I had great results, it follows:

    1-0: U / W Control
    2-0: Jeskai Control
    2-0: Valakut
    2-0: MonoG Tron

    The list I'm using is this, and with each passing day I see how consistent it is. Of course, we can not always win every game because magic, despite all other factors is still a game of luck.

    The list I am using is:

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  • posted a message on U/x Living As Foretold
    What was the build you used?
    I find the monoU version more resilient to hatred than the jund version (Traditional Living End).

    In the last FNM I did 2-1-1 respectively:

    1º Jeskai Control: 2-0
    2º U / W Control: 1-1
    3º Eldrazi TRON: 1-2 (Considering that I was wrong in the play that would decide the game in my favor.)
    4º Grixis Kiki-Jiki: 2-1

    In the match I lost to TRON, I was with the following scenario:

    I had at hand:
    1x Ceremonious Rejection
    1x Remand
    1x Hurkyl's Recall

    My opponent had 3 life and I was with 2 life.

    He tried to lower a Goblet to 1, and I canceled it (I lost the game at that time).

    After he tried to do a 1x Walking Ballista for 2, I gave him a Remand (and I prayed to buy a void) and then he did the Walking Ballista again for 2.

    I should have let the cup fall into play, and when he conjured up the Walking Ballista, he should have used Hurkyl's Recall and then canceled with Ceremonious Rejection.

    I still believe in the potential of the deck, I had excellent results in FNM. Of course, practicing with the deck is key to improving your experience.

    Against the Whack of life, being able to solve a Living End and / or a Engineered Explosives manages to hold the burst.

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