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    *Screams excitedly in dredge language*
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    @Lantern, give this a look:

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    What do you guys think about this one?

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    Wow, Gods_Shadow, congratulations man!! Amazing run Smile waiting for the complete report..
    Also, Tiemuuu had a nice result at the modern challenge, so I guess grixis still has got it
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    I was having difficulties against Tron, so I increased sideboard count against bigmana and now it's strangely even (I'm 3-1 since then with this new sideboard but it certainly doesn't feel like a 3-1 matchup). I almost 5-0'd a friendly league yesterday, my opponent was tapped out and I had lethal, but I rushed to combat, missed the tarpit activation and now I have nightmares thinking about it hahahaha! (I used 6 commands, the deck ran smoother. As there weren't grindy matchups, that wasn't a problem)

    Todd Stevens just theorized a Grixis Control at
    It's a list using the new Nicol Bolas, thought I should share:

    He kinda just mirrored the Jeskai approach, but... well, he is a phenomenal deckbuilder, and the list definitely seems playable. Thoughts?
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    Quote from rickster_ »
    What's chapin's grixis list, the exact 75?

    I've been playing corey's list in the practice room on mtgo. It's surprisingly not garbage. Not playing Jace or serum visions seems bad in theory. But in actually playing the deck, I don't really miss those cards. However the way he constructed the deck, the deck has a hard time beating burn, combo and tron. But it's nuts vs creature decks, mid range and control.

    The 3-4 Field of Ruins, along with strong sideboard, provide a 50-50 match against tron, I guess.
    Collective brutalities are awesome against hyperagressive decks such as burn, and their disruptive element is important against combo decks as well.
    The surgical extractions can give you the opportunity to remove a Urza Tower, Ad Nauseam, etc. and win you the game on the spot.
    I find the Jeskai and Jund matchs rather favorable, my main nightmare right now are the Hollow One and Blood Moons, which will always be unfavorable, I guess there's no way around it..
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  • posted a message on Grixis Control

    So, do we need it? My guess is it's good, but not good enough...

    @Gods_Shadow: It sure is an interesting language, and thank you Smile
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    @Gods_Shadow: I always tought that Feuerbach meant "Steam vents", I'm now unsure what it means... Deutsch macht mir Spaß
    I've been looking to Modo results as well, and I'm not happy... I was paired against 3 hollow one players yesterday, that matchup is tough..

    I'm not having an easy time deciding between 24x25 lands (4 FoR or 3). I'm using 1 young pyromancer and 1 jtms as flex spots. Jace in multiples can be sometimes really clunky, but smashing him into an empty board is still game winning, and often I find myself without any kind of proactivity after stabilizing. I love maindeck explosives. After GP São Paulo I'm going to test out @Tiemuuu's and @Gods_Shadow's brews. Not very confident, but here goes what I'm currently running:

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  • posted a message on Grixis Control
    I'm all in for some maindeck and SB guidelines.

    Considering deckbuilding, I'm using 24 lands and 8 commands.
    I've managed to beat tron yesterday, I mulliganed agressively in the third game and was rewarded with some disdainful stroke, extraction and field of ruin.
    Sided-in: 2x Disdainful stroke, 2x Ceremonious rejection, 2x Countersquall, 2x Surgical extraction.
    Sided-out: 2x Fatal Push, 2x Inquisition of Kozilek, 3x Lightning Bolt, 1x Damnation.
    Not sure if the sided cards were completly correct, though. I find lightning bolt really lackluster in this match, maybe shoul've taken out the 4 of them.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Control
    I'm now playing at mtgo as well (I'm using a budget version, flooded strands instead of scalding tarns, kalitas instead of collective brutalities, extirpates instead of extractions and precog. field instead of jace (roflmao) and I somehow managed to save ~$260) as I was really tired of xmage's slowness and glitches.
    I hope to soon buy the remaining parts, really miss them scalding tarns.

    How are your match ups against tron? I've been losing to tron so many times in these lasts months that I'm just considering forfeiting the goddamn matchup.
    I usually have a good time against aggro, combo and midrange decks. On the other hand, I've got abysmal matchups against Blood moons and Urza towers.
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    Quote from derko »

    isn't snapcaster and damping sphere a nombo?

    I think we benefit from it more than it hurts, but yes they`re a nombo
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  • posted a message on Grixis Control
    I've been having fun with this list.

    • I've put away the countersqualls for sideboard and the collective brutalities are now main.
    • I was frequently dying without having the chance to cast my 8 commands, so I had to cut 1 kolaghan's and 1 cryptic and added 2 cantrips.
    • As I am now playing lower to the ground, I took out the thought scours and reduced tasigur to a single copy, swapping the other one for a Kalitas.
    • I'm using 3x opts and 3x serum visions and now I won't mulligan as often, and finding sideboard pieces is kinda easier.
    • Tribute to hunger is a pet card of mine, I enjoy having maindeck answer for hexproof fellas, emrakuls and other enormous creatures in general.
    • I'm enjoying the Anger of the gods instead of the damnation, but I dislike the mana requirements...

    I'm not having any trouble against other control decks, except of course UR control, which is a nightmarish match-up. I have now a pretty strong sideboard against tron, so I'm sleeping a lil more peacefuly...
    Any thoughts are welcome! Smile

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  • posted a message on Grixis Control
    @Gods_Shadow Yes I am Smile I've seen Corey's video and I hope he comes up with more content soon

    I've tried serum visions instead of thought scours and I'm already back. Never leaving home without my scours again...
    Thing in the ice has been great, and swapping Nimble for Snare felt wonderful. I'm really liking my list and the only thing I'd consider changing right now would probably be the single Tribute to hunger or the second countersquall, both are being good enough, though...
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    @Gods_shadow seeing that you're the Nimble master, I was thinking about changing that spot for a spell snare, god I love that card.

    @Aazadan yeah man sure, you don't fix what ain't broken Smile

    I'm trying to assemble a good sideboard for GP São Paulo, July 4th-6th. Without thought scours I'm tempted to use 2 EE's in the sideboard. I'm also hoping Damping Sphere hits Tron decks hard enough, but that's probably unlikely right..
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    @Aazadan Have you tried running at least 2 mystical teachings? seems like it is by far the most powerful card in your list Laughing

    @Gods_Shadow good to see you again, do you think in 2 months-time we're going to see a decline of the humans/hollowOne/affinity meta? I'm not having problems against humans/affinity, but hollowOne's burning inquiry always seem to **** my opening hands up Frown

    @motleyslayer I agree, it is clunky. Very.

    I'm using this list, running it on Xmage (I know, I know, but I don't have enough money for both real life and MOL):
    Deck: grixis control.dec

    I'm really enjoying TITI, and am somehow unsure about my single Nimble Pidgeotto. I was unsatisfied using both 4x tought scours along with EE and azcanta, and it turns out TITI is really great in this aggro meta, and I don't really care about them dying as we use 3 or 4x kolaghan's commands. I'm back to 4x Serum Visions, but I don't really like the card...

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