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  • posted a message on (Rant Alert) Blue is out of control in Pauper
    Hey there.

    I was really expecting a Gush ban today. I tought "hey, if they downgraded Foil they must know that Gush is OP".

    Not to be.

    I read the thread and I think there are lots of waysto reduce U's supremacy. Restrict cards, improve manabases so cards like Terminate or Putrid Leech stop being fringe, or unban Invigorate or downgrade some other cards.

    I think we are in a "if you can't beat them, join them" moment. I quitted Modern because I was sick and tired of losing to cards like Rest in Peace, Stony Silence, and the like. I have been playing pauper for a year now and I feel that if I really want to stop losing to Blue, I should just play Blue.

    Maybe that's what WotC wants too, as Pauper reached the Pro Tour.

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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow

    I'm kinda new to GDS (at least as a player, haha). I spent most of 2017 playing Traverse (Jund) Shadow, I'll try the U version now Smile

    Since I don't have much experience, can you share how do you think a "standard" sideboard looks like? In this thread some people seem to advocate dropping GY hate entirely, and I don't know if Temur Battle Rage is viable as a sideboard card. I've looked for some decklists, but all of their sideboards seem to be very different.

    What I have sleeved until the moment is:

    - 2 Collective brutality (a lot of burn is still present in my meta..)
    - 2 Ceremonious rejection (I'm tempted to go up to 3, it is a high impact card)
    - 2 Nihil spellbomb
    - 2 Izzet staticaster
    - 1 Anger of the gods
    - 1 Engineered explosives
    - 1 Stubborn denial (other 3 are in the main)
    - 1 Liliana, the last Hope
    - 1 Liliana of the Veil
    - 1 Temur battle rage (1 maindeck)
    - 1 Lightning bolt

    I know it looks messy, that's why I'm looking for some advice to build the sideboard. Thanks!
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  • posted a message on Jund
    Sure thing. The decklist was that from Louisville. She said she wanted 4x BBE and therefore 25 lands, but said she understood the thought of going down to 3x BBE and 24 lands as well. She said the real flex slots for her right now would be the third Collective Brutality, the Thoughtseize, and Damnation in the side. The rest she’s stickin’ with for now.

    The article was less about specifics and more about meta/deck theory and philosophy. She says that Disruptive Aggro strategies are king right now, and that’s exactly what Jund is, if you play it right. She says we can’t take a control stance anymore. We can’t Jund our opponents out and grind them into the dirt anymore and kill them at our leisure like we used to. Decks can rebuild too easily nowadays, and of course discard gets worse as the game goes on. She says Modern is about killing your opponent before they kill you now. If you can slow down their strategy of killing you quickly just long enough for you to kill them quickly first, you’re in business. She’s saying we have to take chances now, be aggressive, swing into Affinity instead of sitting back to play control.

    We have to “BE AGGRESSIVE! B - E - AGGRESSIVE!” (Sorry, couldn’t help myself)

    That’s the gist of it. She was super gracious and offered freely to answer any questions about specifics or anything, but I don’t have a Facebook account, so I can’t utilize the comments section of the article.

    She has almost a 75% win rate in recent large events with a deck that most people aren’t doing great with right now. Besides being a great pilot and having a knowledge of the format, she must be on to something.

    Thank you so much for the info! Smile

    I had deduced the B - E - AGGRESIVE! part from the comments, but wanted to make sure the list was the same.

    I'll take a look at the decklist again, I'm pretty sure she's dead-on.

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  • posted a message on Jund
    Quote from Tempest753 »

    All in all, this deck looks different for the sake of being different, but I promise there's a logic behind every card. Thoughts? I don't expect to convert anyone, but curious what you guys think.

    I wholeheartedly agree with the ooze being a grizzly bear or a very heavy mana investment in some MUs. I run a split of 2/2 between Ooze and Kitchen Finks as I feel the lifegain is needed and finks has a higher floor (altough a lower ceiling).

    I have really missed the 4th Liliana, I feel that's not my way to go but it is totally personal. I don't see her as particularly well suited in this meta, either.

    As for Grim Flayers, I don't like 'em. It is not the 4/4 body that makes it great, it's the trigger; and you can only pull it in favorable matches. Take humans or hollow one for example, when will you be able to use the trigger? Those are 2 of the better decks in the format... He is a reasonable choice, however. It's just a matter of preference.

    Piney_Tinecones, would you mind sharing some of Jadine's thoughts or maybe her decklist (if something has changed at all) for those of us that don't have premium access?

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  • posted a message on Jund
    My MB and SB are both really soft to Bogles. Is that a problem? Do we expect to see more of them?

    Well, it is a tier deck nowadays... It has been showing up in many top-8s.

    Engineered explosives is insane agaisnt that deck. I run 1 in the side and 1 AD maindeck to keep boggles in check, with mild success.
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  • posted a message on Jund
    I used to play abzan before the BBE unban and I was very confortable with very good results in competitive leagues, with the BBE unban, I moved to Jund, I was playing the 25 land list, that Reid Duke suggested a while ago, but I was not having good results, decided to tune it to beat the main decks in the format, and I ended up with the list below. I am able to consistently beat hollow one, but the deck still struggles against humans consistently, any suggestions?

    Which would be the sideboard plan against humans?

    Do you guys cut inquisition? the guide in the first page suggests that.


    Since Humans runs so much disruption, I personally keep all 4 inquisitions and replace TS with Collective Brutality (as it can kill a creature -looking at you, Meddling Mage) and lifegain is relevant.

    Looking at your decklist, I believe that you struggle against Humans because you run a single Fatal Push. I run a 3/3 split between Bolt and push for that same reason. Of course, your mileage may vary.

    My sideboard plan ATM is:

    +2 CB -2 TS
    -1 LotV (if running 3) +1 Anger of the gods
    -1 LtlH +1 Engineered Explosives (Anger of the gods would be it in your place)
    -2 BBE +2 Finks (1 finks and one tracker in your case)

    When playing against Humans, it is very important to keep a lower curve and make the most efficient possible use of your mana while removing key pieces. I feel inquisition (even while being a LOUSY topdeck) is necesary to make sure Meddling Mage, Kitesail Freebooter or Reflector mage screw up your plans.
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  • posted a message on Jund
    Quote from FlyingDelver »

    I would be careful with Traverse. Delirium is a double edged sword. In theory it looks fantastic when it works, but overall its incredibly inconsistant and unreliable. I really don't like the idea of getting to a point where you depend on it too much

    Agreed. When I was playing Traverse DS, I had 2 Tarfires along 4 Mishra's bauble and 4 Street wraiths; only then was delirium cosnsitant.

    I don't think Grim Flayer is a card that deserves that kind of build-around. The idea is not to make it 4/4 as soon as possible, but to make sure it hits and triggers... And bolt can make sure that happens in situations where Tarfire can't.
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  • posted a message on Jund
    Quote from Xour »
    The newest Competitive Modern Constructed League lists are up here.

    There are some... weird choices. A list running Noble Hierarch, another with with Grim Flayer and Goblin Dark-Dwellers, another one with maindeck Thrun, the Last Troll, Tireless Tracker, Eternal Witness and Mishra's Bauble


    People trying different things? I don't really like the mana dork approach, but it could work. Mishra's bauble is a good cantrip wich helps filtering along with fetchlands; and for the rest of the creatures, I think that 15-creature lists run 2 flex slots (the third ooze and the 4th BBE) and any of those creatures could fit there.
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  • posted a message on Jund
    Quote from TundraYYC »
    On my quest to test out the correct number of BBE to play, I have been trying out only 2, and I feel that is wrong. I feel the correct number to run is 3-4 based on personal preference. I will likely stick to 3 of them myself. At 2-of I don't see it as often as I would like. (Usually only 1 time per night.) Maybe I am just having terrible luck and variance, but I would feel more comfortable on 3 BBE.

    I think that the problem with BBEs is mostly having 2 in the same hand. It makes it very clunky and difficult to deploy in an efficient matter.

    After lots of testing, I have arrived to the following maindeck creature suite:

    3 Bloodbraid Elf
    2 Kitchen finks
    2 Scavenging ooze
    4 Tarmogoyf
    4 Dark confidant

    Truth be told, lifegain is necessary most of the time due to Bob hurting us badly or being in the backfoot against swarm aggro decks. I'd really love to have 2 Tireless tracker mainboard instead of the finks, but they have been outstanding in the current meta.

    3 BBE felt fine, and while I do have a Kalitas in the side he does not come in so often. Just food for thought.

    On the Blood moon issue: I run 4 basics (2/2 split of swamp and forest) and I rarely have issues with it. The ponza match does require T1 or T2 discard spell, tough. Discard - kill dork (in correct order) - Liliana of the veil is backbreacking for them.

    Why is everyone proposing Elves of the deep shadow as the dork of choice? I don't think we need to damage ourselves further, and BoP provides better fixing and a chump blocker for flying creatures.
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  • posted a message on Jund
    Quote from DarkCalcium »
    Hi all! I came to M:tG after many, many years of break and I need help. I have access to every possible Jund Card with the exception of Lilianas', Raging Ravines and BlackCleave Cliffs (ok, I have 1). Could you suggest valid replacements? My first thought was to add more removal and discard, but I haven't played modern for years. I suppose Lilianas' also help Boggle matchup. I want to play the deck at local FNMs, not big tournaments (for the time being). Thanks in advance.


    Liliana has no real replacement, but Necrogen mists and Gatekeeper of malakir have similar effects. Try to get Lily when possible. Liliana, the last Hope has been doing well, maybe you could run 2. She's not that cheap, tough.
    RaRas fix mana and put a clock against Control. Honestly, you could just run Treetop village or Hissing quagmire but it is not the same. Maybe hissing quagmire is better as it fixes mana.
    On the cliffs matter, you can either go the Blooming marsh or the Sulfurous Springs way.

    If I were in your place, I think I'd drop bolts altogether as not to require the red mana on T1, then run a Cliff along 3 Blooming marsh and hissing quagmire as your manland of choice.
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  • posted a message on Jund
    Quote from FlyingDelver »

    I don't know about you, but when I have the situation of having too many bobs, that means the first one sticks. And everytime a Bob sticks, its just great for me. Especially with BBE being present now, we need to be careful with sticking a second Bob. In matchups where lifetotals matter, I would probably not do it unless I can safely get rid of one or both when needed. But it all depends. However, I personally think that having too many Bobs on the field is not a reason to cut down on Bob.

    I totally agree. I actually warped my maindeck a bit by running 2 Kitchen finks in addition to Scavenging oozes so I can rely on Bob even in aggro matchups were I will eventually need to rise my life total. I feel he is still critical to our gameplan, besides being able to seal the deal against control decks.

    Even having 2 [card}Tireless tracker[/card] in the sideboard, I very rarely trim the amount of Dark Confidants except against Burn.
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  • posted a message on Jund
    Quote from shiwei87tan »
    Would Darkblast be better than Grim Lavamancer as a one-of in the main?

    I'm not a big fan of Grim Lavamancer, but I still think that Liliana, the last hope already covers the "dark last effect". Community seems split on whether she belongs in the main board or sideboard, so if you need that effect you should try at least one in the main.

    Now, If I were to run 15 creatures, 5 planeswalkers and 24 lands, thus having 16 non-creature spells... How would I fill those slots? I love running 12 CMC - 1 spells, but it leaves really little breathing room for more impactful spells such as K command or catch-all like Terminate (I'd love to run at least two due to hollow one).
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  • posted a message on Jund
    Quote from SchofieldSays »


    Maybe even run Blood Moon out of the sideboard.

    Just an idea I had that I wanted to bounce off you guys. I could draft up a possible list but I am thinking like 4-6 4 drops and 23 lands with the 4 Steves. Seems fun.

    I've been running 23 lands for the last 3 months. Seems stable as long as your gamplan doesn't revolve around a T4 BBE necesarily, wich is probably the reason why I liked it (let's face it, in blue control matches missing a turn 4 BBE is not that big of a deal most of the time). I was also running 6-7 3-drops, and cascades felt good all the same.

    I've also been running Blood moon as a 2-of in the sideboard to complement with the Mages and I really liked it. It is a bummer to loose the ravines, tough, but it does restrict the opponent even further.

    I liked the mana dork / land idea, but maybe Sakura Tribe elder is just too slow at the moment. Do share your thoughts if you try it, it would be a radical departure. I'll stick with my 3-BBE list for a while, I just have no better ideas as to where to go.
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  • posted a message on Jund
    Quote from andyburgos »
    I really liked FlyingDelver's list.

    I will also try 3 BBEs and go as far as 4 Terminate. My personal twist will be maindecking Tireless tracker, as I want a three drop creature and it seems a little more flexible than the good old kitchen finks.

    I'll share how it goes in tonight's event.

    OK, so I've played this list. Keep in mind I was testing some cards and curve, this is not a list I'd take seriously.

    As stated I don't think this is a viable list, but I wanted to get the feel of a lower curve after getting blown out of the water by GW counters and Humans in the weekends, since I think those should be the decks Jund beats often.

    Quick summary:

    Round 1, W 2 - 1, Lantern control
    First match was unasailable with only 2 abrupt decay mainboard to interact and a good start from the control player made me concede by turn 5. After sideboard I could stick a Bob, land a Goyf and break the only bridge and in G3 a well-timed Engineered explosives took 3 ensnaring bridges and allowed me to swing for the game.

    Round 2, W 2-0, GW Kiki-chord
    Played a known player. Cheap removal spells and a timely Anger of the gods taking 2 Voice of resurgence made it easy to run away with the game.

    Round 3, L 1-2, Goblins
    This was a hard loss against a much more skilled player. First game I got overrun with tokens, took the second game after a mulligan to 5 on my opponent's side, and loss the third game to a mix of tokens and a missplay on my part wich allowed my opponent to draw 2 cards from a Bomat Courier. A Grim lavamancer would have worked wonders here.

    Round 4, W 2-1, Storm
    I was a little afraid to play with fewer than normal directed discard, but landing a Liliana on both of the matches I won paired with GY hate took the match. As Storm is a deck completely capable of rebuilding the hands trough cantrips, I rate efficient GY hate along with non-targeted discard very high after the opening hand. Collective brutality can be hard to play here as Storm players sometimes want to land their Goblin Electromancer / Baral and combo off during their turn.

    Some thoughts:

    - While I didn't face Hollow one I felt really confortable playing "4" terminates (2/2 split with Dreadbore). One dreadbore is sort of stock nowadays and the second was an attempt to cover for the missing Pulse. It feels more playable against delve creatures in general.
    - A personal favourite of mine, but I feel Tireless tracker is too clunky of a card for most match-ups. I maindecked two of them to improve my chances against control and the mirror, and only against Lantern I got to crack clues. I see it as a high-impact but relatively narrow sideboard card, even as a one-of in the main I'm not sure.
    - Kolaghan's command on the other side... I missed it all the time. That's a more relevant 3-drop. I'm not sure if we should maindeck 1 or 2, but i'll keep 2 in the 75.
    - I always felt that Grim lavamancer was underwhelming (I'd love to have something like Izzet staticaster at disposal) but I reckon something of the sort could be a game changer. Olivia Voldaren would be nice, but I wouldn't love another 4 drop and I'm not a fan of paying for each activation. Maybe she's too slow to be relevant.
    - 3 BBEs felt correct, both because of the leaner manabase and because of the predictability of the cascade with so much removal.

    End of the day, I feel like I have enough wiggling room to refine the list. Maelstrom Pulse just feels clunky and non-recursive at the moment, I personally feel more confortable running Engineered explosives in the side and some recursive removal ala Grim Lavamancer in the main. Nowaydays 2-for-1s feel as important as efficient and timely answers, and with the current meta I can't see the Pulse as a solution.

    TL; DR: 2 maindeck Tireless tracker (predictably)feels like overkill and I wholehartedly agree with the last FlyingDelver's list, barring some personal preferences. If someone knows of a good card that sits (CMC-wise) inbetween Grim Lavamancer and Olivia Voldaren, I'm all ears! Maybe Liliana, the last Hope's +1, but I'd rather have a creature.

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  • posted a message on Jund
    I really liked FlyingDelver's list.

    I will also try 3 BBEs and go as far as 4 Terminate. My personal twist will be maindecking Tireless tracker, as I want a three drop creature and it seems a little more flexible than the good old kitchen finks.

    I'll share how it goes in tonight's event.
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