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  • posted a message on CAW BLADE? IN MODERN?
    I love playing with this deck, no one expects it in modern and it plays at multiple angles. I can understand why it was so dominant during standard back in the day. A couple other cards that I have played around with for this deck and that go back to the original standard deck are Gideon Jura and Inkmoth Nexus. Gideon gives you great protection for Jace, a beater when you need him to and extends the game to give you time to find things. You may be tapping out for him, but hopefully before then you have Sword of Feast and Famine out and can get the mana back. He was a big part of the core standard deck back in the day and really helps out.

    A 1 of inkmoth nexus gives another creature to attach the equipment to and a pretty quick clock once you do too.

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  • posted a message on Your Top 10 cards that should be in Masters 25
    Going to go with a list of lands that I think need some reprints

    1. Celestial Colonnade - if you are going to bring Jace to modern, the supply of these needs to go up to

    2. Raging Ravine

    3. Rishadan Port

    4. Ancient Tomb

    other cards

    5. Snapcaster mage

    6. arcbound ravager

    7. mox opal

    8. Karn, Liberated

    9. Dark confidant

    10. Noble hierarch

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