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    aka Slapcaster Mage , looks really nice!
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    I hope I did not write this for nothing and it can help some people:

    Play and Sideboard guide against Living End

    In this matchup you (the Hardened Scales player) can get the win but you have to keep many things in mind. The matchup can be played very differently depending on the opponent's sideboard and what cards are drawn.

    General strategy
    Game 1: Don't commit too hard on the board with creatures unless you have an Arcbound Ravager. This is the best card (in this matchup) to draw. When Living End goes on the stack, sacrifice your creatures to Ravager and if you want to get an advantage put all those counters on a Hangarback Walker which is generally the second best card in the matchup.
    You dont't loose much and get many Thopters and your Ravager and other non XX mana creatures are back on the field.

    Example boards against Living End:

    Top: Ravager, Hangarback, Arcbound Worker, Hardened Scales.
    Don't worry about Living End at this point.

    Good: Ballista, Metallic Mimic, Hangarback walker. Hardened Scales
    Shot down the Metallic Mimic and if you can in any way put more counters on Hangarback walker. When Living End resolves Hangarbacks ability will go on the stack but first Mimic will enter the battlefield, you name Thopter. Hangarbacks ablity will resolve last and create X thopters all 3/3 flying.

    Decent: Every board where you get some thopters or can kill your non XX creatures. OR a board without any creatures because Demonic Dread need a target and if the opponent got the violent outburst you don't lose creatures and hopefully don't get run over. No creature in the Living End deck has trample and because their Archfiends cost 2 to cycle you normally don't see a board full of flyers. Animation Module is good here as it creates chump blockers and gives you much time.

    Bad: A board full of your value creatures like Steel Overseer or Metallic Mimic starting without the option to sacrifice anything.

    What you should expect and fear of the Living End player:

    3-4 Ingot Chewers
    Best answer to all Artifacts ever, does not get hit by chalice / Inquisition of Kozilek can be devistating because its a 2 for 1 if Living End resolves. The opponent will most likely hit hatecards like Relic of Progenitus with it. But if you don't watch out your Arcbound Ravager is also going to die to it.

    3-4 Faerie Macabre
    One of the reasons this matchup feels bad for many Hardened Scales players. If you play well and sacrifice your creatures this prohibits them from comming back. I personally never play Living End without at least 3 of them and you have to expect them in the main board in this meta.

    Leyline of the Void
    Some lists run it in the sideboard. It is really bad because it is Faerie Macabre in far worse for the Hardened Scales Player. It makes our main interaction with the combo useless, and exiles Hangarback Walker which is really bad.

    What you should side in:

    all Relic of Progenitus that you have in the side board. Slows down the game enormously which helps the Hardened Scales player a lot.

    2 Dismember can be great against the Archfiends of Ifnir who otherwise can kill yor chump blockers/ thopters by putting -1/-1 counters on them.

    2-4 Nature's Claim. It depends if you now your opponent plays leyline or not. If you are unsure play 3 because it is another good way to kill our creatures so they come back with living end. then if you now, switch up to 2 or 4.

    What NOT to side in:
    Gravediggers Cage - it does not work so don't use it.

    Chalice of the Void - you could play it on 0 but with all the cheep artifact hate that Living End has, it is not worth it, as it has no effect on the graveyard itself and the opponent can just cycle normally until he/she finds an answer.

    Damping Sphere - It will the opponent only cost 1 mana more to play Living End and because it has to be on the battlefield the opponent can easily play around it.

    My final suggestion:
    In: 3 Relic of Progenitus / Tormod's Crypt , 4 Nature's Claim ( 2 If the opponent does not play Leyline of the void. If so: 2 Dismember)
    Out: 3 Welding Jar , 2 Throne of Geth , 2 Steel Overseer
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    Quote from Vissah »
    I`m really into just being the best combo deck I can be, specially game 1. After that I don`t mind changing or playing a bit more midrange because games turn out a lot like that.
    I play the same style with Reanimator so what kind of list would you suggest if I just want to combo off as fast and cinsistent as possible.

    OK, here we go:
    Living End is a good Deck for game 1 in particular when your opponent tries to fill the boards with many creatures very fast. (Elves / Bogles / 8Wack Goblins)
    And it is much better against hand disruption than Ad Nauseam, Vizier Combo or Saheli Cat, because you need 1 Cascade spell as the payoff and thats it. I would agree that it is very easy to achieve the combo so it is in my opinion the most consistent combo deck. I like to play both cascade spells 4x but many play only 3 Demonic Dreads. But the combo does not directly win you the game and the opponent has the option to interact with it. You still need to attack with the creatures and when you Cascade for 4 creatures with Demonic Dread your opponent can play a wrath card or burn you to death. (For example Affinity sacrifices all creature Artifacts to Arcbound Ravager and they can basically keep their board if you don't have the Faerie Macabre) Which brings me to my next point: Imagine you play against a "normal deck" with black Interaction for destroying creatures, attacking the hand and so on. They will interact with you, they will Push / Bolt their own creatures on the board Or will Thoughtseize /Thoughscour themselves for that juicy Gurmag Angler Boy who hols up your 4/4s. If your opponent knows what he is doing and has a game plan against Living End, he will interact with you even in game 1, because he can. You do get some really free Game 1s with T3 Cascade and reanimate a 6/4 , two 4/4s and a 3/4 and your opponent just scoops or does not have an out, but that is not the case against most non super linear decks. On the other hand the games against Hollow One and Grixis Deaths Shadow are among the most interactive matches I ever had and I love it. Thats one reason you see Faerie Macabres and Fulminator Mages in the main board on basically all the lists. You want interaction, because it is often worth it / you need it because the opponent hits harder / is faster. (Storm / GrishoalBrand / BridgeVine)

    One of the big upsides of Living End (in my opinion) is that you don't fold to hate automatically. Your main gameplan has already 2 sides: Kill everything on the board AND put everything from your GY back to the field. The opponent has a Rest in Peace and 3 creatures on the board? OK, Cascade into living End, wipe the board and start casting your stuff. Even a small living end can win you the game when you wipe the opponents board. Then you also have the Land-destruction plan which is awesome against Tron and Ux-Control Decks. They don't care about their creatures -> hit the lands.

    I feel like Living End is not a usual Reanimator deck at all, at least not to me. It is much more interactive and flexible and plays super interesting cards like faerie Macabre and Ricochet Trap while being in my favorite colors black and red.
    Edit: It may also be noticed, that the living end combo disrupts other combos like Saheli, Vizier or Kiki-Angel.
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    Quote from InfinityDie »

    Pen and Paper 1
    Artifact (M)
    At the beginning of your upkeep, each player puts a +1/+1 counter on target creature they control and draw a card. Then, if your life total is equal to or less than half of your starting life total, transform ~
    Some wars are won with the diplomat speaking words of peace...
    Shield and Sword
    Creatures you control have lifelink and double strike
    ...and others are won when the knight stabs the diplomat
    I think it is ok balanced but it has a really big impact on the game. If your opponent(s) don't play creatures they are in massive disadvantage and if everyone does, much more cads will be drawn. This would mostly fit in a commander set where the chance of removing this is higher but also can benefits a large amount of the players. (and keeps you from getting attacked.) I like it

    My newest edition to the Guild Elementals. (I honestly want to think of a cool name for each of these, but I am just not good at it.
    Golgari Elemental 3 B/G mana B/G mana
    Creature - Elemental
    When Golgari Elemental enters the battlefield, target creature gets -2/-2 until end of turn if B was cast to spend Golgari Elemental
    When Golgari Elemental enters the battlefield, you gain 4 life if G was cast to spend Golgari Elemental
    Evoke B/G mana
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    posted a message on Ultimate Masters & Box Topper Promos + PSA regarding sealed Box Topper Boosters
    One thing I don't understand at all: Why do WOTC always choose to print a full cycle of lands even though there is only like 1 or 2 good of them. Why don't they printed these 5:
    Horizon Canopy G/W
    Celestial Colonnade W/U
    Creeping Tar Pit U/B
    Blackcleave Cliffs B/R
    Copperline Gorge R/G

    In all these reprint sets they do stupid stuff like printing crap rares no one plays, just for completing a cycle. Mad
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    posted a message on Card Idea. Evoke dependent on color of mana cast for it. Too good?
    Hello, I am actually not sure if I am supposed to post my card here, but I would like to hear your opinion on this bad boi: Gruul Elemental.

    Gruul Elemental 2R/R/

    Creature - Elemental
    When Gruul Elemental enters the battlefield destroy target artifact
    if R was spend to cast Gruul Elemental
    When Gruul Elemental enters the battlefield destroy target encahntment
    if G was spend to cast Gruul Elemental

    Evoke R/

    basicly when you play GRx you can destroy 1 artifact / enchantment for 1 mana or do both for 4. I am not sure if that is too powerful already but I see cards like Ingot Chewer or Fragmentize and maybe this could work as well. I am mostly unsure if 3/3 is too strong of a body I would most likely change that if I had to power it down or also rewuire the target to be CMC 4 or lower.

    Also: why not evoke on other permantent types like enchantments with ETB + On going effects. What do you think about that?
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