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  • posted a message on Abzan
    Quote from Spsiegel1987 »
    Quote from jubeininja69 »
    How come recent abzan decks have moved away from dark confidant?

    Because Abzan players are experimenting with a deck that's kinda been dead since Shadow was pushed out of tier 1. Until lingering souls becomes a necessary evil again it's incredibly foolish to play Junk over Jund or Rock.

    no, thats because people forgettin how good bob is!
    They just listen to some tireless Tracker priest (which is a very good card), but actually she is more a 1 or 2of in our deck.
    why? because rock and abzan is an outgrinding deck, and the presure has to Start from the beginning and not from t4!
    How many games has this deck won with discard, into bob into lilly? even when he eats a removalspell.. thats one less for your goyf or scooze.
    People sadly forget what this deck is made to.. and believe me, its not t4 tracker into some golgari pw that made us to sac the lands!
    We need to keep our opponents low on Ressources, thats why we don't play path and thats why i personally think assassin's trophy should be a sideboard card in this Deck.
    but this are just my thoughts
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  • posted a message on Knightfall/Bant Company
    Quote from Dejadal »
    Field of Ruin over Gavony?

    never! gavony is a wincon.. you can play one field in your 75 but not over gavony
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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund
    Quote from Nickatknight »
    Hi, new here. I noticed the deck that won SCG Open Dallas last week did not use graveyard hate. It faced a field of mostly Dredge and still won. Does this mean it needs graveyard hate or no?

    it does play two copies of surgical and one copy scooze.
    also he played very carefully with his life total against creeping chill.
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  • posted a message on Sultai Midrange
    Quote from VidarThor »
    Has anyone tryed Sultai Death shadow yet?

    4 death shadow, 4 New Lasav, 4 Traverse = 12 death shadows.

    Discover // Dispersal is 2 card types and great for turning on delerium or grow goyf. Any combination of Street Wraight, Bauble and Fetchland garantees delerium turn 3 and you can play a death shadow.

    problem with sultai DS is, you will miss TBR.. so 4 Color (jund splashing blue) or grixis is the right way i guess
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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund

    thanks a lot
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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund
    Does anyone have the Decklist from Peter Hollmans 4 Color Death´s Shadow?
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  • posted a message on Abzan
    Hey guys!
    I played a small Tournament today. Went 2-2-1.
    Played an traditional version of Abzan

    Lost four games against bloodmoon.. feels very bad
    M1 against Mardu Pyromancher.. i was pretty much about to win, bloodmoon, reveler, i drew four lands in a row gg
    M2 against Jeskai Control.. Op played very slow.. he won g1 i won g2 times after 3 turns..
    M3 against Mono Green Aggro.. He won G1 but G2 and 3 won by Goyf and Lilli
    M4 against Jeskai.. Random Bloodmoon G1 got me and G2 blood moon in late game after drawing nothing beets me to
    M5 against B/R Vampire.. He won G1.. i din´t calculated right.. it was just to hot, G2 and 3 i was more focused and won easily

    Deck felt really great! I just want 1 Plains in my 60. Just don´t know what to cut for. Cast down was amazing!! I was searching for an anwer for angler and reveler and here it is. No downsite.. the only creatures you dodge are Tasigur and Pia and Kiran Nallar..
    I´m also thinking about to cut one Dark Confidant for a Second copy of Tracker or a 3rd of Grim Flayer. Will think about that more

    Sadly i was not able to Cast Ajani. Maybe i´ll add a second copy. Cut 1 Stony or 1 Surgical

    Keep on going playing this amazing Deck!! it´s still not lost in current Meta and can beat everything.. just need some little finishing touches.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Control
    Quote from derko »
    I've been having fun with this list.

    • I've put away the countersqualls for sideboard and the collective brutalities are now main.
    • I was frequently dying without having the chance to cast my 8 commands, so I had to cut 1 kolaghan's and 1 cryptic and added 2 cantrips.
    • As I am now playing lower to the ground, I took out the thought scours and reduced tasigur to a single copy, swapping the other one for a Kalitas.
    • I'm using 3x opts and 3x serum visions and now I won't mulligan as often, and finding sideboard pieces is kinda easier.
    • Tribute to hunger is a pet card of mine, I enjoy having maindeck answer for hexproof fellas, emrakuls and other enormous creatures in general.
    • I'm enjoying the Anger of the gods instead of the damnation, but I dislike the mana requirements...

    I'm not having any trouble against other control decks, except of course UR control, which is a nightmarish match-up. I have now a pretty strong sideboard against tron, so I'm sleeping a lil more peacefuly...
    Any thoughts are welcome! Smile

    isn't snapcaster and damping sphere a nombo?
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  • posted a message on Abzan
    I finished 2-2-1, an okay finish.
    Game 1 against G/W Hatebears
    G! He grinded me off after a long game with Flickerwhisp
    G2 Good Start from him, but LtlH and LotV turned the game and Treetop Village was the mvp
    G3 we started with 2 min on the clock.. Godlike hand on my side but he exiled my goyf and i could not win in the extra turns

    Game 2 against Izzet Hollow One
    G1 I kept a Hand with scooze and 3 removal into the blue.. t2 the scooze he could not answer, then goyf just eating and keep these two at home so he could do nothing.. malestrom pulse on prized amalgam and from this spot it was an easy game
    G2 i mulled to 5 with just an Grafdiggers Cage but it buys me a lot of time, i also stucked a long time on 2 mana and i missed a black source but he couldn´t finished me and after he cycled his first hollow one i knew i would win

    Game 3 against Dredge
    I dodged in both games my whole GY hate and he dredged like an lucky old basterd ^^ hits every dredge and had in both games the playsets of prized amalgam, bloodghast and moebe on the table

    Game 4 against Jund
    G1 noninteractive Keep on my side.. payed the price, discard, discard, lilli, BBE from my opponent GG
    G2 i mulled to five again, same play from my opponent

    Game 5 against Jund
    G1 he had me on 5 live with a LtlH on 5 but i drew 2 Lingering Souls in a row, then two goyfs
    G2 he kept a hand with 3 Dark Confident but i had 3 removal and raced him

    I had a lot of fun in this tournament, the deck feels great. I feld i don´t had big missplays and loosed to nutdraws from my opponents.. but thats magic
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  • posted a message on Abzan
    Hey Guys!
    I´m gonna pilot my most favourite Deck this Weekend on a 64 People Tournamen for my first time.
    Decklist is pretty similar to Reid Dukes list except the 2 Field of Ruins instead the Shembling Vent and Twilight Mire to be better in shape with Valakut and Tron.
    But my biggest Fear honestly is BBE and JTMS.
    I have no Clue about the Meta but i expect some Saheeli Combo, Affinity, Jund, Jace Controll, Zoo and Tron.
    What do you think about the Sideboard? How to deal with BBE? I have absolutly no Idea how to deal with it ^^
    Thanks for your advice

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