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  • posted a message on Mardu Pyromancer
    I don't know. I currently run 22 lands, with 8 fetches. From the remaining 14 cards, only 5 of them are mountain.
    If I start replacing basic mountains for Castle Embereth... The mana base is getting too clunky maybee.

    I also run 2 blood moons in the SB. Which reduces the impact of this new land in my deck.

    On the other side. The potential impact is amazing. Especially with the 1/1 flying tokens from lingering souls.

    Final thougts: the wins are bigger, number of losses increases. For me it's a no.
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  • posted a message on Mardu Pyromancer
    Thanks for your report!! It's competitive for sure Smile
    Like you said, Nahiri is indeed a removal magnet. But with her downtick on her first turn, it should be a 2 for 1 most times.

    I like you played with Chandra AoF. I think I will try one too soon!
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  • posted a message on Mardu Pyromancer
    Great list! Good luck with the deck. Hope it's doing well for you.
    I think the draw-spell vs 23th land is a good choice. The only replacement I would make, is switching Molten Rain for some Pillage. Better against Whir/Urza/Thopter decks and the Stoneforge Mystic decks.
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  • posted a message on Mardu Pyromancer
    Quote from AntaresRex »
    I have played nahiri/emrakul in a 8 players tournament...
    2/1 vs titanshift
    2/1 vs affinity
    0/0 vs jund (we haven't played, we were already quelified)
    Top 4:
    0/2 vs urza
    Bedlam is great but it's too heavy for this no looting version (x1 + 2 nahiri and 3 lands on g1 and 3x + emrakul on g2 made the day for urza). We can't reach the necessary number of spells in the GY that often so i think i will go with 3 SP (when i'll buy them XD and 1 bedlam as a second nahiri target).
    Btw the deck seems solid... I must decide if i want to go with 3 or 4 lingerings (21 or 22 lands) and if we need that much a wrath in mainboard. 2x chandra AOF is a must. What do you think?
    Congrats bij that result by the way. Bit unlucky in the urza matchup Uhh

    The Seasoned Pyromancer upgrade over Bedlam Reveler, will improve your deck a lot I guess. Without looting, Reveler is too hard to cast indeed.
    Chandra, Acolyte of Flame seems like a cool addition. It speeds up the Nahiri ultimate. And can protect herself with the right cards in the graveyard. Don't know what to cut yet. But if you got any test-results with her: please share them Smile

    About the Lingering Souls: play 4. It's one of the better cards in the deck and protects our walkers. Especially when you also run some Chandra's.
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  • posted a message on Mardu Pyromancer
    25 instants/sorceries feels fine. In previous Mardu builds, the pyromancer was part of the win condition. Killing the opponent with a token swarm. I used to play 29 instants/sorceries those days.
    But in my current build, Young Pyromancer serves as a defensive block against threats and protecting nahiri. If I'm able to get a least one token out of it, it already paid off. But many times, I fill the board anyways Smile

    Quote from ccc1522 »
    This list is super sweet. What are the more obvious flaws of it? Anything you feel its lacking apart from T1 looting..?

    * You preferibly hit your third land by turn 3 (for Spyro, or the sideboard threats like Blood moon, Kambal, Anger). With 22 lands it's 90.5% / 84.7% chance of that (on the draw/play). This is oke, but not fantastic.
    * Sometimes I did drop my 4th land, but missing a W for Nahiri
    * Sometimes I'm forced to discard Nahiri with Spyro. That's awkward. But mostly Spyro outperforms in this deck.

    Overall: I'm really really happy with it. And it plays out pretty sweet.
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  • posted a message on Mardu Pyromancer
    Hey Vilhatarn, I think Smallpox could be a great Mardu card. But the double black really sounds problematic occasionally.

    I did some Mardu nahiri/emrakul testing last weeks. This is list and I'm pretty happy with it.

    Thoughts on the first testings:
    * The deck feels more controlling, than the old build (looting+reveler build)
    * Without looting, our opening hands are a bit more clunky. But when you hit your 3th land, the Spyro- (and Nahiri)-draws are a good looting replacement
    * I really like some extra card draw in the early game. Thinking about 1 or 2 Tormenting Voice
    * Seasoned Pyromancer is a fantastic turn 3 drop, in front of a turn 4 Nahiri, the Harbinger
    * Emrakul feels like the win-condition Mardu never had. It plays out great (and is really fun :))
    * 1 Smiting Helix so far didn't disappoint. But it's definitely a flex spot when sideboarding
    * Sideboard feels really good. Wouldn't change a single card at this moment
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  • posted a message on Mardu Pyromancer
    Quote from part_timeMTG »
    TTB and Nahiri seems pretty good, I think I would run Seasoned Pyromancer over Bedlam Reveler because of ease of cost and the potential to drop chump blockers the turn before Nahiri hits the board to buy time for the ultimate. The closing power Reveler brings isn't needed as much because Emmy can shut people out pretty hard, especially since the deck still runs a pile of burn spells to close out the last 3-5 life your opponent likely has afterward.

    Thanks for your feedback! I thought about it, and you,re right. Spyro > Bedlam reveler in the Nahiri/emrakul build. Less graveyard dependent and bodies on turn 3 in front of a turn 4 Nahiri seems great!
    I just bought the playset and will test it soon Smile

    Spyro’s included, I have 10 discard outlets now (2x Coll Brut, 4x Spyro, 4x Nahiri). I’ll try some Smiting Helix too I think. Max 2 pieces.

    About the SFM build: I like that one. But it will eat an early removal spell for sure. A playset seems legitimate therefore.
    I don’t know yet, if Stoneforge Mystic fits the Mardu-style. But very interested in the first game results!!
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  • posted a message on Mardu Pyromancer
    Despite looting got banned, I won't leave Mardu. I just really like all the cards Smile
    Therefore, I came up with a build which only requires a small investment and is still competitive.

    I went for the Nahiri / Emrakul combination. The +2 from nahiri could give this deck the consistency in the late game. And Emrakul is the finisher Mardu never had ;-)
    Therefore I went up 2 lands. And threw Blood moon in the sideboard.

    I know Bedlam Reveler is a nonbo with Emrakul. But if I'm upticking Nahiri to discard Emrakul (to ult her next turn), it wouldn't have matter anyways.
    But if Bedlam feels wrong, I can replace them with Seasoned Pyromancer (or even a Dreadhorde Arcanist).

    I really regret the Looting bann, but wanted to share my thoughts. May it help mardu rebuild Smile
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  • posted a message on Skred Red
    I think you're right. It's positioned pretty well in the current meta.

    Bloodmoon is still very solid, especially with the 'canopy-lands' nowadays. And therefore line up pretty well against humans, jund, UW control etc.
    Anger and Relics fight most of the graveyard decks. Although, some are too fast for us (Hogaak).
    The burn and Phoenix matchups are a bit more problematic. But some Dragon's Claw really helps Smile

    The problem in the current meta is Force of Negation. Most of our threats and hate cards, could be countered out of nowhere.
    Therefore I still play 2 Stormbreath Dragon and a Hazoret in stead of the 4th Koth.
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  • posted a message on Skred Red
    In my opinion it's one of the most impactful cards from my sideboard.
    Oppononents will almost always board out their creature removal. A resolved Scab-Clan Berserker is game changing, because they can't interact with it.

    For Tron I'll have bloodmoon, pillage and sorcerous spyglass as hate. And hazoret, koth and stormbreath as tempo plays.
    For combo I'll have Spyglass. And yes, this doesn't shut down all the combo. But hey, you can't win everything Smile
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  • posted a message on Skred Red
    So I did some additional playtesting this week and watched a lot of youtube-skred.
    I’m on this list now:

    I think it’s pretty competative. I’m not gonna write a full report, but these were (in short) the friendly and FNM matches I played last week:

    - Grixis Death Shadow: lost 1-2. I only saw 1 Bloodmoon and 1 Relic in 3 matches. A bit unlucky. Gurmag angler is a problem for Skred. Hard to deal with. Overall: matchup does feel pretty ok, but you need a bloodmoon or relic.
    - Golgari Vampires: won 2-0. Skred is resilient against a lot of removal. But multiple Assassin's Trophy were a bit of a problem. Nevertheless I could resolve some late game Koth and Stormbreath for the win.
    - Blue Faerie / Sky Hussar deck: 1-1. he play’s a LOT of counterspells. Force of negation Flusterstorm, combined with Faerie control. Normally, blue control matchup’s are good for us. But this was a bit too much. Although Eternal Scourge almost won me game 1. In game 2 the opponent made a mistake and I got a free Koth emblem for the win. Overall: bad matchup for us.
    - Urza Thopter: lost 0-2. Very bad matchup. I left my Vandalblast at home. Which I regretted. Played a Spyglass on his Thopter Foundry. But it got killed in the end. Lost to the combo twice.
    - Merfolk: lost 1-2. Very close games. Bloodmoon did surprisingly a lot of work, but Aether Vial kept them in the game. We traded a lot of 1 for 1 resources and got into topdeck modus. I drew 6 lands in a row... game over. Overall: before Force of negation this matchup was favoured. Now it’s more 50/50.
    - Grixis control: won 2-0. Bloodmoon locked him out of game 1. Game 2 was funny. I played a scourge on turn 3 with a relic in play. He Logic Knot the scourge. I exile it and cast scourge turn 4. He respons with snapcaster en Logic Knot again. I play scourge turn 5. Opponent starts feeling desperate. Turn 6 I topdeck my second scourge and opponent scoops. Overall: easy matchup!

    So I got a 50% win in these matches. And it felt, with a little bit of luck, that percentage could have gone up easily.
    For me, this was a test to stick with this decklist or switch to the karn artifact variant. But I’m very happy with this list and keep playing it. If you can dodge some of the problematic matchups (Hogaak, Thopter combo, Tron etc), this deck could really swing Smile

    Thoughts on some cards:
    Abrade: I really like them in de main. The 2cmc slot had always been somewhat problematic for me. This cards feels great so far!
    Simian Spirit Guide: I tried them in the main for a while. But they feel better in the sideboard. They come in, when I’m on the play and need a fast threat on the table.
    Stormbreath Dragon: It’s just great. We need a hasty finisher to end games quickly, before we lose control of the game. So many decks can’t deal with this card.
    Sorcerous Spyglass: really happy with this one. Shuts off some combo and planeswalker decks. Better than Pithing Needle, because you’ll see there hand on turn 2. And helps your decision making on your crucial turn 3 and 4 plays.
    Ratchet Bomb: I don’t know yet. It’s a potential sweeper, token killer and universal permanent killer. I like the versatility of it. But it’s not game changing. Maybee I switch one or two for the Vandalblast

    That’s it. Would still recommend this deck to everyone. Price-quality ratio is amazing!
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  • posted a message on Skred Red
    I like your idea. But I'm not sure, if we need a splashed color. The painless mana base of Skred, is really something to embrace in modern.

    But if you go for a rakdos Skred build, it should at least contain some Prismatic Vista too for consistancy. Especially with 6 1cmc black discard spells. You need your black mana the first turn.
    I like Arcum's Astrolabe here. Great addition too Karn!
    Not sure on Chandra, Acolyte of Flame. I still would consider anger of the gods here.
    Not sure on 4/2 split between Skred / Bolt. Maybee it should be the other way around. Bolt is more versatile.
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  • posted a message on Skred Red
    Thanks, I’ll definitely will consider those cards! I like them working together indeed Smile

    I’m not sold yet on 4 Eternal Scourge. The +1 from Karn should rarely give you an exiled Scourge. Can’t imagine the opponent that kind of a fool ;-) But I’d like to hear your opinion on that!
    Eternal Scourge is the least performing card in my deck. Sometimes I doubt this should be an Etched Champion in a Karn based artifact build. It survives anger. And has protection from almost all modern removal (which is one of the characteristics from a skred deck; fatal push, path and bolt isn’t doing anything against us :))
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  • posted a message on Skred Red
    I’ll definitely would prefer the 4th Mind Stone over a Magma Jet. It enables a turn 4 dragon and replaces itself in the late game. Moreover, your threats are on cmc 4 and 5. With 23 lands, I think you need the 4th Mind Stone.
    I played Magma Jet in the past too and was happy with it. But in the current modern, it will be a bad burn spell many times.
    About Simian Spirit Guide: a turn 2 Blood Moon or Anger of the Gods is still killing in modern. Although, I’m not very experienced in Skred Dragons.


    I really really like your build with Karn, Scion of Urza. Considering to buy those cards and building the artifact skred deck Smile

    For now, I’m still on my traditional list. I’m really happy with this build:

    Taking this to an FNM soon. But still considering the artifact Karn version. Because it looks so much fun!
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  • posted a message on Collected Company Elves
    I'm not very experienced in that matchup. But we're definitely not favoured Wink
    Scavenging Ooze and Surgical Extraction seems to be the key cards.

    I also play a Stain the mind in the sideboard. It could be okay but (due to the spot removal) I'm affraid I'll often lack creatures for convoke.
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